July 7, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8834

Palestinian Authority Presidential Advisor Nabil Shaath: Third Intifada Is Coming And Our Arab Brothers Will Support Us Financially Again; Trump Was My Student - He Is Unpredictable

July 7, 2020
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 8834

Nabil Shaath, an advisor to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, said in a July 3, 2020 interview on France 24 TV that a third Intifada may take place because the Palestinians have the right to confront Israel. He said that King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia had pledged $1 billion to support the Second Intifada when it took place, and that today, the Arabs and the whole world would stand by the Palestinians if things continue as they have been. He added that Europe will not tolerate an Israeli annexation of the West Bank. Shaath, who claims to have been U.S. President Donald Trump’s professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said that President Trump had been a poor student and that he is unpredictable, specifically with regard to the issue of Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank. In addition, Shaath said that Yasser Arafat had been "martyred" by Israeli poison because of his position and that the U.S. will cease to be the leader of the world within five years.

To view the clip of Nabil Shaath on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Saudi King Abdullah 'Pledged $1 Billion To Support  The [Second] Intifada... Our Brothers Will Stand By Our Side... The World Will Stand By Our Side"

Interviewer: "Is there a possibility of a third Intifada?"

Nabil Shaath: "Absolutely. We have the right to confront them on the ground everywhere.


"I will never forget that one day after [Ariel] Sharon entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the outbreak of the [Second] Intifada, [Saudi] King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz sent his plane to me, to Amman, and I flew to Riyadh, where he pledged $1 billion to support the Intifada. The offer came from him. If this continues and if the economic siege on us continues, our brothers will stand by our side and the world will stand by our side by imposing sanctions on Israel. Israel murders the peace process and international law.


'The Idea That A Country Can Occupy Land, Plunder It, And Then Legally Annex It Is Entirely Unacceptable In Europe'

"Europe cannot tolerate the word 'annexation.' This word frightens Europe, because if we return to annexations that rearrange all the borders in the world... I would like to remind you that all of Europe was once part of the Roman Empire. If the Zionist principle is applied to Europe, Italy will have the right to regain Europe in its entirety. I'm kidding. I don't think this will happen, but the idea that a country can occupy land, plunder it, and then legally annex it is entirely unacceptable in Europe."

'My Relations With [Donald Trump] As [My] Student Did Not Inspire Much Trust'

Interviewer: "Nabil Shaath, you were Donald Trump's professor at the University of Pennsylvania. As someone who knows this man, how do you explain his legalization of the annexation, and his recent decisions regarding the Palestinian cause?"

Shaath: "It is difficult to predict what he will do. He was not a good student. I taught him for three years at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. I taught him financial management and economics. He could not accrue enough credits to continue, so the university terminated him, and he returned later, after I had already left. This was not about me specifically – it happened in all his studies. He was not a good student and he was always surrounded by a group of friends on whom he spent money. After that, our relations were cut off. My relations with him as a student did not inspire much trust.


'We Are Moving Back To A Multi-Polar World, [Which] Will Allow For A Small Country Like Palestine To Fight The American-Israeli Influence'

"Abu Ammar [Arafat] had been ready to persevere until the last moment and he was martyred by Israeli poison because of his and his position at the time. I believe that the U.S. will not continue to be the sole leader of the world for longer than 4-5 years. China will become a giant. Putin's Russia is different than Yeltsin's. In spite of Brexit, Europe plays an independent role. Gradually, we are moving back to a multi-polar world, and this will allow for a small country like Palestine to fight the American-Israeli influence and the attempt to steal and attack its land."

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