October 24, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10279

Palestinian Authority Daily Praises Terrorist 'Uday Al-Tamimi: He Carried Out Heroic Acts For Sake Of The Homeland

October 24, 2022
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 10279

As part of its support for the ongoing wave of terrorism against Israel and its incitement of further violence, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the mouthpiece of the Palestinian Authority (PA), published an editorial glorifying terrorist 'Uday Al-Tamimi, presenting him as a hero and a paragon of patriotism. Al-Tamimi carried out a shooting at the Shu'afat military checkpoint in East Jerusalem in which an Israeli female soldier, Noa Lazar, was killed. Ten days later he carried out another shooting at the entrance to the Israeli settlement of Ma'ale Adumim, during which he was killed by the Israeli security forces.[1]

'Uday Al-Tamimi in poster produced by Fatah's Jerusalem branch (, October 22, 2022)

The following are translated excerpts from the editorial: [2]

"This article will not feature fantastical rhetoric about romantic dreams, nor will it feature political-partisan propaganda… It will only discuss reality: the reality reflected in the epic scenes of the Palestinian national struggle which, at each and every moment, continues to demonstrate the meaning of true heroism…

"Words cannot capture the scene of 'Uday Al-Tamimi confronting the security guards of the Ma'ale Adumim settlement!! This settlement is like a fortress, [surrounded by] guards armed with the most advanced weapons. But heroism takes no heed [of such matters], and in this case it was personified by no other than 'Uday Al-Tamimi, who was determined to keep confronting the security officers and the soldiers of the occupation, regardless of the power-relations and how strongly they were tipped against him. He no doubt realized that life under occupation is untenable and that being martyred in heroic battle is the certain way to [achieve] a life of freedom, power, honor and peace for Palestine, its people and even its neighbors, should they awaken [from their delusions]…

"In this new chapter of the Palestinian epic, 'Uday Al-Tamimi was the tragic hero. That is, he became one of the leading protagonists of this tale, like all the [other] heroic knights that people its numerous and steadily accumulating chapters, which will end  with  the fragrance of musk[3] [at an hour of] freedom and independence.  

"'Uday Al-Tamimi did not spew endless slogans and did not speak without acting, and this reflects his identity and affiliation. Such are the heroes. We are not alluding to his affiliation with Fatah, but to his glorious Palestinian nationalism, his patriotic upbringing and his ethic of struggle. 

"This is what satisfies Palestine and what Palestine demands. We have no doubt that whoever carries Palestine in his heart, his soul and his mind… wants only what Palestine wants: righteous action and patriotism until the occupation is gone and the free and independent state is established, with East Jerusalem as its capital."


[2] Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (PA), October 23, 2022.

[3] This is an allusion to the Islamic belief that a martyr's body exudes a fragrance of musk.

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