February 17, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10495

Pakistani Writer S.A. Zahid: 'Terrorism Has Its Roots In India And Israel; These Countries Are Indirectly Promoting Terrorism'; 'India Is Providing All Kinds Of Aid To Terrorists In Pakistan'

February 17, 2023
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 10495

In a recent article, Pakistani writer S.A. Zahid blamed India and Israel for the continuing jihadi terrorism in Pakistan and accused the two countries of being "the worst enemies" of Muslims. The article was titled "Who Are Promoting Terrorism [In Pakistan]?" and published by the Urdu-language website of Geo TV.

Zahid's article followed the January 3, 2023 killing of two officers of the Pakistani military's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in the town of Khanewal in Punjab province. The officers were Naveed Sadiq, the director of the ISI's local unit, and Nasir Abbas, an inspector. The loss was so important that ISI's Director General Lt. General Nadim Ahmed Anjum joined in their funeral prayers.

In the article, Zahid states: "[India and Israel] train terrorists and provide them with all kinds of facilities including financial assistance. These two countries jointly create riots in the respective areas through provocative statements and actions and then take unilateral and cruel action against those who demand their rights and raise their voices..."

A screenshot of the article

Following are excerpts from the article, as translated from Urdu:

"India And Israel Are Undoubtedly At The Top Of The List Of The Worst Enemies Of Muslims – India Has Forcibly Occupied Kashmir For The Past Seven Decades"

"It is a concrete fact that terrorism has its roots in India and Israel. These countries are indirectly promoting terrorism. They train terrorists and provide them with all kinds of facilities including financial assistance. These two countries jointly create riots in the respective areas through provocative statements and actions and then take unilateral and cruel action against those who demand their rights and raise their voices against incitement and oppression.

"India and Israel are undoubtedly at the top of the list of the worst enemies of Muslims. India has forcibly occupied Kashmir for the past seven decades. The residents, who are Muslims, have been held hostage at gunpoint for so long. The entire valley has been turned into an open-air prison and those who raised their voice for the right to self-determination, including important Kashmiri leaders, have been imprisoned.

"Among them, Yasin Malik and some other innocent imprisoned leaders are seriously ill, and their lives are in danger. Women's dignity is insecure. The lives of children, the elderly, and especially the youth are always at risk. Thousands of Kashmiris have been killed. India's military goons go around and intimidate people at will.

"By abolishing the special status of Kashmir under a well-thought-out plan, millions of non-Kashmiri Hindus are being settled in occupied Kashmir with privileges. The genocide of Muslim Kashmiris and the populating of the area by bringing in non-Kashmiris has goal of turning Kashmiris into a minority.

"Kashmiris cry out and ask the world whether the laws of the United Nations and international organizations regarding human rights and the right to self-determination have been changed, has it become a crime to raise your voice for your rights? If not, then why is the world silent on this heinous act of India, which crushes those under its feet who demand human rights and the right to self-determination in occupied Kashmir. What is this criminal silence if not the support of the oppressor and the open hypocrisy of the human rights leaders?"

"Israel And India Are Tyrants And Terrorists; There Is An Urgent Need For Concrete Action Against Them, Not Just Statements Of Condemnation"

"India is providing all kinds of aid to terrorists in Pakistan to fulfill their nefarious ambitions. In this regard, there is a dossier submitted by Pakistan in the United Nations office in which all the details are recorded with evidence and proofs but unfortunately, the United Nations has not taken any concrete steps against India and that is why India is still trying to spread terrorism in Pakistan.

"Those who come for terrorism in Pakistan are formally trained and are familiar with the targets. India provides them with information, money, arms, ammunition, and facilities. Terrorists come from Afghanistan and commit acts that are supported by India. There is someone in Afghanistan who is providing them residential facilities and hideouts. It is the responsibility of the Taliban government to find these facilitators and bring them to an end.

"There is no point in America, other international powers, and the Taliban government releasing statements of condemnation; [doing so] cannot end terrorism in the region, especially in Pakistan. Two days ago [on January 4, 2023], two officers of a sensitive institution were martyred near Khanewal. This is a serious incident of terrorism on which the entire nation is saddened. May Allah raise the ranks of these two martyrs and grant patience to their survivors. No matter how much you condemn this sad incident, it is not sufficient. But the sentiments of the nation cannot be defeated with such heinous incidents and efforts, nor can the resolve of the institutions against the terrorists be shaken. 

"DG ISI [the Director General of the Inter-Services Intelligence], by participating in the funeral of these martyrs, has sent the message that the institutions are always willing and ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the nation and the country and the top leadership of Pakistani military is with its brave soldiers. As a nation we are one and will remain one and will not sit in peace until the last terrorist is eliminated.

"It is hoped that the investigation of this tragic incident will be done quickly and swiftly, and the people involved will not escape from the grip of the law. My personal view is that the links of people involved in this incident will be found connected to India because India is a supporter and shelter of terrorists. In recent days, the Israeli Minister of National Security Alor Tamrin Gower, who belongs to the extreme far-right group, forcibly visited Al-Aqsa Mosque by inciting incitement.

"Last Tuesday [January 3, 2023], Minister Gower made a Satanic attempt to hurt the sentiments of Muslims by spreading agitation in the area and disgracing the holy land with this visit. Muslims of Pakistan and Arab countries and the world have strongly condemned this visit. The militant group of Palestine, Hamas, has called this Satanic act a crime. China and the United Arab Emirates have demanded an urgent meeting of the Security Council on this visit... Israel and India are tyrants and terrorists; there is an urgent need for concrete action against them, not just statements of condemnation, and for this, all Muslim countries must take action together; this is the only way to end oppression and terrorism."

Source: (Pakistan), January 6, 2023.

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