August 27, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3194

Pakistani Websites Accuse CIA of Causing Pakistan Flooding: U.S. Research Program 'HAARP is being Used in Pakistan [to Cause Artificial Floods]'; 'They Can't Win a War with Nuclear-Armed Pakistan ... So They Have Other Ways to Do It'

August 27, 2010
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 3194

Although the U.S. has been leading flood relief efforts in Pakistan, where nearly 20 million people have been affected by the worst floods in 80 years, the Pakistani media continue to publish anti-U.S. conspiracy theories regarding the floods. On August 6, 2010, a Pakistani website released a report titled "Pakistan Flood: HAARP Used in Pakistan? – Urgent," accusing the CIA and its alleged use of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the Alaska-based U.S. Air Force program, to artificially cause the flooding.

The website,, was registered on May 4, 2009 and is one of a family of new websites which have been propagating anti-U.S. conspiracy theories in Pakistan in recent years. Further examples of such websites and blogs are, and These websites are also involved in conspiracy theories against Israel and India, and the tone of their content is pro-Pakistani military and pro-militant organizations. Some of these websites identify themselves with Zaid Hamid, a Pakistani demagogue who advocates Islamic revolution in South Asia and beyond. A collage of images on the homepage of announces its plan to launch a radio station from the Indian capital, declaring: "Coming Soon – Radio Pakistan Delhi."[1]

The unidentified authors of the August 6 report, which has been subsequently republished by several other websites, observed: "We have investigated this matter and concluded that HAARP is being used in Pakistan [to cause artificial flooding]..."[2] The published another report on August 18, titled "Is the CIA playing the HAARP in Pakistan?" – alleging indirectly that the U.S. military is using HAARP to cause flooding in Pakistan. It observed: "We are now seeing another phase of floods targeting Pakistan."[3]The report went on accuse HAARP researchers of experimenting with different types of weather weapons in recent years: 2005 – hurricanes; 2004 – tsunami; 2007 – floods; 2008 – tornadoes; 2009 – earthquakes.

The following are excerpts from these reports:

"We Have Investigatd This Matter and Concluded That HAARP is Being Used in Pakistan [to Cause Floods]"

Following are excerpts from an August 6 report titled "Pakistan Flood: HAARP Used in Pakistan? – Urgent:"[iv]

"All started suddenly and thousands died, millions displaced, hundreds of villages vanished in the matter of just four days!... Strangely, there were no weather warnings, no alarms... none of the global offices were able to predict the torrential downpours that precipitated the worst floods in Pakistan's history. Was HAARP involved?

"We have investigated this matter and concluded that HAARP is being used in Pakistan; and of course how can we ignore India's Baglihar & Kabul's Sarobi dams' contribution in this perfect plan!

"'This Flood Disaster is More Manmade than Natural' [cites another report released by]‏. The choice of starting point was perfect... all the flood is going in downstream i.e. Khyber (Hills) to Karachi (Sea)... It is designed to submerge all of Pakistan and produce the worst crises and chaos ever... They know they can't win a war with nuclear-armed Pakistan – it would be mutual destruction, so they have other ways to do it!

"'Andrei Areshev, a renowned Russian scholar and the deputy head of the Strategic Culture Foundation, warns that the current devastating fires raging throughout Russia could have been triggered by American weather weapons – what is now becoming the infamous HAARP Technology... [cites website link]'

'"It isn't just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. The European Union called the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks. Despite those concerns, officials at HAARP insist the project is no more sinister than a radio science research facility [cites a TV documentary on HAARP by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation].

"'HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in certain circles. Though denied by HAARP officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of HAARP are designed to forward the U.S. military's stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more... [cites a video weblink]"'

"Each Year They [HAARP] Pick a New Disaster to Play With until They've Honed It into a Finely Tuned Instrument"

"I [the author's name is absent from the report] have noticed a trend. Now, many skeptics will come in here and make gratuitous claims that what we are experiencing weather-wise is simply Mother Nature, and others will claim that global warming is taking its affect.

"I am under a different impression. For instance, has anyone noticed that almost every other year there is a new weather crisis that stays focused merely on that particular phenomenon? For instance, in 2005, the only thing that was occurring was hurricanes. You didn't hear about tornadoes, mudslides, tsunamis or volcanoes... it was simply hurricanes. Let's take a look at some of this stuff... shall we?

"2005: We had Hurricanes Katrina, Dennis, Emily, Rita, and Wilma...

"Let's back up and look at 2004: 2004 marked the year of the tsunami. Remember the nonstop media coverage? It was as if nothing else existed, and the only real weather was tsunami weather...

"2007 brought one of the worst flood seasons in the history of mankind. No one was discussing hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes... This year was all about floods....

"Now, let's look at 2008: 2008 brought the most and deadliest tornadoes in the past decade. There were no floods that year. There weren't any Hurricanes happening, and if there were, no one cared because tornadoes were the main topic of interest...

"Now let's look at the end of 2009 into 2010. Earthquakes.

"This seems to be a fad like no other. Not only are they increasing in power, but, they are also increasing in frequency. Chicago as well as Indiana, Chile (twice), Haiti, Turkey, Afghanistan, China, Okinawa, etc.,

"Now, skeptics will tell you... 'No big deal. Earthquakes happen all the time'... and, for all intents and purposes, they're right. But, there aren't too many average people out there who haven't noticed that there seems to be a weird trend with all of these earthquakes that just keep popping up.

"So... here's my point. We've been through all this before in many threads discussing the possibilities of whether there are governments who have the capabilities of weather control. After looking at these trends that continue to occur, it seems that every year, or every other year, a new phenomenon of weather jumps out, and consistently pounds the earth, until another one takes its place. You could look at this as something that is merely seasonal and that, indeed, there are natural weather changes that are taking place on the planet that are increasingly getting worse (some love this idea and grip to it as if it were the only possibility), or, you could look at it as someone playing with a toy that they are trying to perfect. And each year they pick a new disaster to play with until they've honed it into a finely tuned instrument...

"There is something going on, folks. For those out there not familiar with HAARP, SURA, Eiscat, and some of the other electromagnetic facilities that are on earth, you really should research the patents that the developers have made and what their purposes are for..."

On Floods in Pakistan – "Is the CIA Playing the HAARP in Pakistan?"

Following are excerpts from an August 18 article titled "Is the CIA playing the HAARP in Pakistan?"[v]

"Following up on and keeping pace with HAARP technology is a ponderous and monumental task. Most analysts feel that there is more to the bizarre freak weather anomaly causing such devastation across Russia, China, and Pakistan/Kashmir. Almost every year there are strange and focused disastrous weather anomalies causing untold destruction and damage and all have been 'anomalies' and freak weather conditions.

"1) We have seen hurricanes;

"2) We have seen earthquakes target Pakistani Azad Kashmir;

"3) We have seen landslides;

"4) We have seen tsunamis target Indonesia;

"5) We are now seeing another phase of floods targeting Pakistan;

"HAARP must be looked into. There are some of the few article on"

"The U.S. Navy and Air Force Have Joined with the University of Alaska... to Build a Prototype for a Ground-Based 'Star Wars' Weapons System"

"It is poignant to read Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla [Technology]

"Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning have written a prodigious article titled 'The Military's Pandora's Box.'

"This article was prepared to provide a summary of a book written in 1995 which describes an entirely new class of weapons. The weapons and their effects are described in the following pages. The U.S. Navy and Air Force have joined with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, to build a prototype for a ground-based 'Star Wars' weapon system located in the remote bush country of Alaska.

"The individuals who are demanding answers about HAARP are scattered around the planet. As well as bush dwellers in Alaska, they include: a physician in Finland; a scientist in Holland; an anti-nuclear protester in Australia; independent physicists in the United States; a grandmother in Canada, and countless others.

"Unlike the protests of the 1960s, the objections to HAARP have been registered using the tools of the 1990s. From the Internet, fax machines, syndicated talk radio and a number of alternative print mediums, the word is getting out, and people are waking up to this new intrusion by an over-zealous United States government.

"The research team put together to gather the materials which eventually found their way into the book [by Begich and Manning] never held a formal meeting, never formed a formal organization. Each person acted like a node on a planetary info-spirit-net with one goal held by all – to keep this controversial new science in the public eye. The result of the team's effort was a book which describes the science and the political ramifications of this technology."

"HAARP Is the Test Run For a... Radiowave-Beaming Technology; Electromagnetic Waves... Bounce Back onto Earth and Penetrate Everything – Living and Dead"

"That book Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, has 230 pages. This article will only give the highlights. Despite the amount of research (350 footnoted sources), at its heart it is a story about ordinary people who took on an extraordinary challenge in bringing their research forward.

"HAARP Boils the Upper Atmosphere – HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an 'ionospheric heater.' (The ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere surrounding Earth's upper atmosphere. It ranges between 40 to 60 miles above the surface of the Earth.)

"Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; antenna sends out signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything – living and dead."

"[On HAARP's Success, the University of Alaska] can Brag about the Most Dramatic Geophysical Manipulation since Atmospheric Explosions of Nuclear Bombs"

"HAARP publicity gives the impression that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is mainly an academic project with the goal of changing the ionosphere to improve communications for our own good. However, other U.S. military documents put it more clearly – HAARP aims to learn how to 'exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes.' Communicating with submarines is only one of those purposes.

"Press releases and other information from the military on HAARP continually downplay what it could do. Publicity documents insist that the HAARP project is no different than other ionospheric heaters operating safely throughout the world in places such as Arecibo, Puerto Rico, Tromso, Norway, and the former Soviet Union. However, a 1990 government document indicates that the radio-frequency (RF) power zap will drive the ionosphere to unnatural activities...

"If the [U.S.] military, in cooperation with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, can show that this new ground-based 'Star Wars' technology is sound, they both win. The military has a relatively-inexpensive defense shield and the University can brag about the most dramatic geophysical manipulation since atmospheric explosions of nuclear bombs. After successful testing, they would have the military megaprojects of the future and huge markets for Alaska's North Slope natural gas...

"The military knows how it intends to use this technology, and has made it clear in their documents. The military has deliberately misled the public, through sophisticated word games, deceit and outright disinformation...

"[T]he possible uses which the HAARP records do not explain, and which can only be found in Air Force, Army, Navy and other federal agency records, are alarming. Moreover, effects from the reckless use of these power levels in our natural shield – the ionosphere – could be cataclysmic according to some scientists...

"[G]eophysicists recognized that adding energy to the environmental soup could have large effects. However, humankind has already added substantial amounts of electromagnetic energy into our environment without understanding what might constitute critical mass. The book by Begich and Manning raises questions:

"Have these additions been without effect, or is there a cumulative amount beyond which irreparable damage can be done?

"Is HAARP another step in a journey from which we cannot turn back?

"Are we about to embark on another energy experiment which unleashes another set of demons from Pandora's box?

"However, the book by Manning and Begich gives hope that the military industrial academic bureaucratic Goliath can be affected by the combined power of determined individuals and the alternative press. Becoming informed is the first step to empowerment.

"I urge people reading this to look into this devastating technology that can destroy the world, destroy civilizations."


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