April 29, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6040

Pakistani Urdu Weekly: 'Will The Group Of 32 Jews Hovering Around The American President Keep Filling His Ears [Urging Him] To Attack Every Country Of The Islamic World?'

April 29, 2015
Special Dispatch No. 6040

A screen grab of the translated article

The following are excerpts from an article in Zarb-e-Momin (Strike of the Faithful Muslim), an Urdu-language jihadi weekly. The article, titled "Oil's Story" and authored by Anwar Yousaf, who appears to be based in Saudi Arabia, laments that the Muslim wold's natural resources are being controlled by Jews.

"There Are Seven Big Oil-Producing Countries... But The Companies Selling And Distributing Their Oil - ExxonMobil, The Netherlands' Royal Dutch Shell, Britain's BP Amoco... Are Non-Muslim And Are Directly Controlled By Jewish Investors"

"How do oil prices fluctuate? It is an interesting story. Oil is the life of this industrial era. Even now, whoever controls oil wells rules the world. Even in the future, whoever controls liquid gold [oil] and oil-producing countries will be the sole ruler of the world...."

"When I was researching about this organization [OPEC, or the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries] a few things appeared very strange to me. One is that there are seven big oil-producing countries in the world but that the companies selling and distributing their oil - ExxonMobil, The Netherlands' Royal Dutch Shell, Britain's BP Amoco, France's Total Fina, America's Chevron Texaco, Italy's ENI, the Russian Yukos and Sibneft - are non-Muslim and are directly controlled by Jewish investors.

"Even now, before me are pictures of the Jewish company Aramco in Tabouk [Saudi Arabia], which is transporting the 'water of life' extracted from Muslim lands to America. Later on, this oil, after reaching imperialist countries, is [pumped into] the jets that are used to rain explosives on the oppressed Muslims of the Islamic world.

"Whenever I see a picture of the imperialist countries' tankers being filled with oil at the ports of Muslim countries at a throwaway price, these sentences come to my lips spontaneously: 'In exchange for oil, America is conducting politics of blood in the Islamic world.'"

"When I See A Map And Sketch Drawn By Some Jew Dividing Muslim Lands Into Pieces... It Becomes Comprehensible Why The Arabian Peninsula Was Divided Into 12 Pieces After World War II"

"When I see a map and sketch drawn by some Jew dividing Muslim lands into pieces, suddenly the situation after World War II comes to my mind, and it becomes comprehensible why the Arabian peninsula was divided into 12 pieces after World War II. Keeping international affairs in mind, ponder [this]: Is the Islamic world about to be further broken into pieces? Will the imperialist armies continue to encircle the wells of the Islamic world that are  brimming with oil wealth, in the name of security?"

"Will The Group Of 32 Jews Hovering Around The American President Keep Filling His Ears [Urging Him] To Attack Every Country Of The Islamic World?"

"Will the group of 32 Jews [reference unclear] hovering around the American president keep filling his ears [urging him] to attack every country of the Islamic world? Will the Islamic world be kept conflicted with callousness, neglect, and a civil war-like situation? This and scores of other, similar unanswered questions spring to my mind."

"Wherever [America] Smells Mineral Reservoirs, Diamond, Jewels, Or Gold Mines Greedy Powers Start Using Every Tactic To Strangulate The Governments Of That Region"

"The height of America's greed and lust is that wherever in the world, be it the Middle East or Africa, that they smell mineral reservoirs, diamond, jewels, or gold mines, greedy powers start using every tactic to strangulate the governments of that region. You may remember that American president Bush visited five African countries in 2002, in the guise of a welfare objective. Impartial analysts with an eye on international politics said at that time: 'Bush's visit is for getting oil.'

"If any Muslim country tries to raise its voice, it is thrown into blood and dust, sometimes on the pretext of possessing dangerous weapons and other times by enacting self-staged 9/11-like drama. To control oil wealth, the imperialist invades sometimes on the pretext of possession of weapons of mass destruction, and other [times] on it being an abode of terrorists. Sometimes it kills democracy and encourages dictatorship, and at other times, by finishing [off a] monarchy, displays its puppet rulers as a showpieces. Sometimes it supports civil war by distributing weapons via its agents, and at other time it incites people to rebellion."

"Allah Has Allocated Two-Thirds Of The Wealth [i.e. Natural Resources] To Muslim Countries - Despite This, They Are Being Beaten Up Everywhere"

"On the one side, the situation is this; but on the other side, the situation of the oil-exporting countries is so weak that they cannot decide on their own to raise prices, nor they can extract more oil - meaning that they are bound by quantity and quality.

"It is ironic that the imperialists provide forces for the security of oil installations in these countries. If OPEC countries do not succumb to pressure on quantity and price of oil, a lot can happen.

"Allah has allocated two-thirds of the wealth [i.e. natural resources] to Muslim countries. Despite this, they are being beaten up everywhere. Although they have innumerable treasures, most of the Muslim countries are backward. If oil-producing countries are really sincere about implementing the proposals presented in the third meeting of the heads of state [of OPEC], they should spend their oil wealth not only on education and health, but on acquiring the latest technology.

"They should establish universities of latest information and scientific knowledge in their countries. Beside new research and invention to improve human life, [oil wealth] should be spent on acquiring military power. Not only that, it [oil wealth] should be spent on brother neighboring countries, to end poverty and illiteracy."

Source: Zarb-e-Momin (Pakistan), February 6-12, 2015.

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