November 13, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 5048

Pakistani Urdu Newspapers Sympathetic To Taliban, Islamists: U.S. Muslims Voted For Obama Because 'He Does Not Have A Soft Attitude Towards The Muslims' Worst Enemy - The State Of Israel'; 'Romney Called Jews A Nation Superior To Muslims'; Aren't The Increasing Drone Attacks Against Pakistan 'A War?'

November 13, 2012
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 5048

Following are excerpts from November 8, 2012 editorials in three Pakistani Urdu-language newspapers, penned following the reelection of U.S. President Barack Obama. All three newspapers – Roznama Ummat, Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt and Roznama Jasarat – are broadly sympathetic to the Taliban and other Islamist forces in the country, as is most of the Urdu-language media in Pakistan.

Of these, Roznama Ummat, which is published from Karachi and Hyderabad, is popular in Sindh province. Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt is a major newspaper published by veteran editor Majeed Nizami, who is known for his long-standing work in the defense of the Ideology of Pakistan, a theoretical framework based on the idea that Muslims and Hindus, or other non-Muslims, cannot live together. Roznama Jasarat belongs to the Jamaat-e-Islami, the largest religious group in Pakistan.

"Obama's Reelection And Relations With Pakistan," Roznama Ummat

"The Original Population Of The U.S. Was Made Up Of The Black People.... The Reelection Of A Black Person... [Is] The Sign Of [America] Going Back To Its Roots"

"Barack Obama has been elected president for the second time by defeating his rival Mitt Romney. Unlike Pakistan and other developing countries, the Republican Party candidate did not allege any misappropriation in the election process and congratulated Obama on his victory and admitted his defeat with large heartedness. More than 100 million American citizens exercised their voting rights by braving the hardship of weather and other difficulties. They expressed their confidence in Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama and elected him president for a second term (four more years). His electoral symbol was a donkey, while his rival Mitt Romney's electoral symbol was an elephant. Women voters played an important role in the elections, who voted for Obama in the majority.

"If it is a thing of honor to become the American president for a second term, it is also like walking on thorns because many of the countries in the world look towards the U.S. for justice and rights. There is no superpower opposed to the U.S. at present. It looks like dominating every forum, including the UN and international monetary institutions. On behalf of Pakistan, the U.S. may be reminded at this juncture that if Pakistan had not played its role in defeating the other superpower of the world, the Soviet Union, and in getting other Muslim countries freed from its grip, the U.S. would [now] be facing a threat from the Soviet Union. Similarly, the U.S. had the chance to end the Taliban government and stabilize its foothold in Afghanistan due to the extraordinary cooperation of former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf, which is still being continued by the present government.

"Obama is the first black president of the U.S., and the American citizens have accepted him as their president for a second term. Every student of the U.S. knows that the original population of the U.S. was made up of the black people. White people went there from Britain, and later from other countries, and resided there. The reelection of a black person could be taken as the sign of [America] going back to its roots. The Holy Koran, 1,400 years ago, explained that everything returns to its roots."

"American Muslims... [Voted For] Obama Because, Unlike His Rival Mitt Romney, He Does Not Have A Soft Attitude Towards The Muslims' Worst Enemy – The State Of Israel... Romney Called Jews A Nation Superior To Muslims"

"American Muslims also exercised their voting rights in favor of Obama, because unlike his rival Mitt Romney, he does not have a soft attitude towards the Muslims' worst enemy – the State of Israel. Mitt Romney openly declared his support for Israel during his presidential campaign, and called Jews a nation superior to the Muslims.

"Barack Obama is committed to working under the policies of the U.S. policymakers, but has tried to lessen the terror and brutality of his predecessor George [W.] Bush, and to resolve international issues in a better way. That is why he was able to maintain his popularity among his people and around the world. He made possible the return of the U.S. and allied troops from Iraq, and now the withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan will also be completed, in his term only.

"Contrary to the wishes of the American war hawks, Obama has to date held back on attacking Iran. George Bush would have targeted Iran, after Iraq and Afghanistan, and Pakistan would also have come under [fire].

"At this time, Barack Obama faces two great challenges: firstly, the unemployment of the millions of Americans due to the destruction of the U.S. economy in the wake of the international terrorism initiated by George Bush; and secondly, the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan with peace and ease.

"The role of Pakistan will be important here again. If Obama, under pressure from the [U.S.] Department of Defense and the CIA, gives India the opportunity to play a greater role [in Afghanistan] instead of showing confidence in Pakistan, it will become a source of increasing tension in the region, rather than ending it. In order to renew U.S.-Pakistan relations, Obama must devote attention to the real Pak issues – energy and the economy. It is possible that Obama may wait for this until the general elections in Pakistan, and that only then will he give a final shape to his policies for Pakistan."

"Obama's Reelection: Victory Of Democracy And An Example For Pakistan" – Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt

"The Reelection Of A Black American As U.S. President Against A White Candidate Backed By The American Jews Is In Itself A Sign Of Revolution In American Society"

"Obama ran his first presidential election campaign on the slogan of 'change,' and while he achieved clear victory in that, he could not keep up with his slogan in realizing the aspirations of the American people. During his four years of rule, he also faced some challenges with regard to the war on terror and in maintaining relations with the Muslim world. For these reasons, commentators were of the view that he would not obtain the positive appreciation from Americans for a second term. There was an atmosphere of a close contest during the campaign also, and while analysts with deep insight into American elections were cautious about making any kind of prediction, the election results came in with a clear majority for Obama against all analyses and predictions – a clear indication of the American people's prudence and farsightedness.

"The reelection of a black American as U.S. president against a white candidate backed by the American Jews is in itself a sign of revolution in American society [editorial note: media reports indicate that 69% of American Jews voted for Obama in 2012, and 78% in 2008[1]]. It also shows that the American people still have hope in Obama for the improvement of the U.S. and accomplishment of his slogan of change.

"By describing the American people as a family, Obama himself has tried to convince his opponents of his link with that family, and his loyalty to America; whereas the Americans have found his announcement that 'the decade of war is nearing its end and we will take the U.S. to a new height' very appealing. According to Obama, Americans want to make and see their country peaceful, and they have expressed their views by electing him for a second time."

"Insofar as the two-party system in the U.S. is concerned, the two parties, Republicans and Democrats, keep the American interest before them, despite their differences in policies, and they also refrain from making such allegations against each other, which could harm the U.S. interest. This was the third presidential election in the U.S. fought in the name of safeguarding the American security and interest in the war against terror. Therefore, both the candidates ensured to bring in all possible measures regarding this in their election manifestos. And in this regard the two candidates were unanimous in continuing the drone attacks in Pakistan. Of course, Romney took a more aggressive stance in this regard, and he found it necessary to announce during his second debate with Obama that he would not only continue the drone attacks on Pakistan but would also expand it."

"Obama's Reelection Seems Beneficial For The Muslim World – Because The Republican Mitt Romney Was Formally Nominated... By The Jewish Lobby"

"Drone attacks are certainly an open challenge to the security of Pakistan, and both the Democrat and Republican candidates are pledging to continue the drone attacks on Pakistan. So it can be taken from this that they have no concern for the security of the U.S.'s frontline ally in the war on terror, Pakistan. In this regard, we should not hope for any change from whoever holds power in the Washington administration, because there will be no change in the U.S. policy on the war on terror….

"However, when Obama and Mitt Romney are compared, the reelection of Obama seems beneficial for the Muslim world, because the Republican Mitt Romney was formally nominated as a candidate by the Jewish lobby, and, if elected, he would have been busy making life difficult in the Muslim world, in the Middle East, the Arab countries, and the [Indian] subcontinent, under the influence of that [Jewish] lobby. New kinds of atrocities would have been unleashed on the Palestinians, and the journey of the Kashmiri people would have been made difficult, while the extension of U.S. and NATO forces on Afghan land would have taken practical shape.

"In contrast, Obama has given a message of a peaceful society to the Americans with regard to the Afghan war especially, and has included in his manifesto the withdrawal of the U.S. forces as per the timetable decided by the NATO summit…. After his election as president, he gave the Americans the good news that the decade-long war was about to end…. This second term for Obama is good tidings that he will play his role in ending the war in Afghanistan and will recall the U.S. Army from Afghanistan….

"Since the presence of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan in itself has been a cause of increased terrorist activities and the promotion of corruption in the region, it is definite that this withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces can only ensure peace in the region. Therefore, Obama's reelection can be termed a guarantee of the establishment of peace in the region, and it can also be hoped against this backdrop that we will get rid of drone attacks during this second Obama term. Perhaps the majority of Pakistanis living in the U.S. supported Obama on the basis of this constructive thinking, and on the basis of his declaration [that he is] part of the U.S. family and that his being a child of a Muslim family [means that] a better relation with the world is expected from him….

"In any case, whatever Obama's policy may be, it will be in the American interest. That is why we should not be living in any vain hopes, and why our rulers should make policies on relations with the U.S. under the best interest of the country. They should learn something from the U.S. rulers regarding the safeguarding of the country's security and national interests."

"Obama's Victory" – Roznama Jasarat

"The Drone Attacks... [Against] Pakistan, Whose Numbers Have Increased Many Times Over During Obama's Inauspicious Term – Is This Not A War?"

"U.S. President Barack Obama has once again been elected for four years, after a tough fight. The American people preferred Democratic Party candidate Obama over Republican candidate Mitt Romney, though [Romney] had the edge in various states and his loss was mourned there. There was an impression that Romney represents elites, and is inclined towards business, while it was said about Obama that he was the people's representative. However, it is the American people's choice, and it has nothing to do with Pakistan or other countries. It is a fact that foreign policy is not changed when the president changes – though there may be a change in its implementation.

"It is strange that the two candidates targeted Pakistan during their campaign this year, like the previous time. There has been no ambiguity in Obama's policy regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan, and this will continue. After the victory announcement, Obama said in his address that 'war is not solution of any disputes and peace is the right of everyone.'

"It is strange that this talk is coming from the war-loving president of a war-loving nation, who four years ago continued the war initiated by his predecessors Bush Junior and Senior, and extended the circle of destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama has said that he would withdraw the troops from Afghanistan by 2014. Perhaps this will be so; but when war is not the solution of any issue, then why weren't the forces withdrawn immediately? The question is: What are the forces of the Crusader countries doing there under the American leadership? Are they distributing peace to everyone?

"Whatever Obama said might be meant for the American people only; otherwise his statement is mere hypocrisy for the world. Perhaps he meant that peace is the right of every American only, and that other people of the world, especially Muslims, do not come under the category of humans, and that is why they are being deprived of peace and why war is thrust on them. The drone attacks [on militant hideouts] that are being carried out against Pakistan, whose numbers have increased many times over during Obama's inauspicious term – is this not a war? And wasn't the [May 2011] attack on Abbottabad [killing Osama bin Laden] in the darkness of night a call for war?

"It was the Pakistani rulers who maintained silence, and the country's president [Asif Zardari] and prime minister [Yousuf Raza Gilani] appreciated it instead; a different, self-respecting government would not have tolerated this attack on the country's freedom and sovereignty. Furthermore, the spirit of Salala martyrs [i.e. Pakistani soldiers killed in a U.S. attack on border post] still wait for justice. The Pakistani people should not hope for any good from the U.S. rulers..."

"It Is Commendable That The Candidates In The U.S. Presidential Elections Did Not Hold Any Enmity Against Each Other"

"It is commendable that the candidates in the U.S. presidential elections did not hold any enmity against each other. Traditionally, they tried to convince people through debate, but on Tuesday [November 6] Obama halted his campaign in Chicago and congratulated his rival Mitt Romney for his spirited campaign, and also praised his supporters. After his victory, too, Obama said that the two are working for the U.S. This is a thing of great magnanimity, and Pakistani politicians should learn from it."


[1] Wall Street Journal, November 8, 2012.

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