May 5, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8738

Pakistani Taliban Document Accuses Jews Of Unleashing 'Virus War' On The World: 'It Is The Hand Of Jews Behind All These'

May 5, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8738

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Maktaba-e-Umar, the publications arm of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (The Movement Of The Pakistani Taliban, TTP), has released a PDF document titled "Coronavirus or Virus War?" by Mufti Abu Hisham Masood.[1]

In the document, Mufti Abu Hisham Masood argues that the coronavirus is part of a global war in the name of the "New World Order." Interpreting history to argue that Jews want to rule the world, the writer accuses the Jews of launching a "virus war" to rule the world.[2]

Throughout the article, Mufti Masood fails to distinguish between the Jews and Israel. However, he does not mention the word Israel anywhere in the document.

"Since It Is A Claim Of The Jews That They Are From Among The Descendants Of Prophet Sulaiman [Solomon] And Prophet Sulaiman Ruled Over The Entire World, Therefore The Right To A Global Governance Belongs To The Jews Only"

Mufti Masood writes: "There are some aspects of Coronavirus which it is necessary to understand. One is its religious aspect. Since this disease has acquired the form of epidemic, it is necessary therefore to undertake the remedies that are taught by the shari'a. These have been time and again discussed by Islamic scholars through audio and video lectures. Also, the shari'a has ordered that it is not correct to go to a place where epidemic spreads, nor it is right to leave from there."

"The other aspect of it is political which is not in contradiction with religion. Because, the real creator of the Corona is the personality of Allah. It is Allah who is the creator of everything. From whichever matter has the Corona been readied, its creator too is Allah. Because Allah has granted man this skill and power that he can make beneficial or non-beneficial, harmful or non-harmful things, so it is not abnormal or anti-shari'a of certain thing to become an epidemic after suddenly arriving in the world," the militant cleric notes.

He then goes on to cite that it is man who has created atom bomb or hydrogen bomb, which can kill millions of people. "Then it is not far-fetched to create such a virus which can spread across the world and begin to kill people," Mufti Masood says.

"In the light of this introduction, I would like to argue that the Coronavirus too is an important part of the war underway in the name of the New World Order. To comprehend this, it is necessary to understand a short background. Since it is a claim of the Jews that they are from among the descendants of Prophet Sulaiman [Solomon] and Prophet Sulaiman ruled over the entire world, therefore the right to a global governance belongs to the Jews only," he says.

"By Bringing The World To A Standstill Through The Virus War, [The Jews] Are Eager To Have Their Existence Accepted"

Mufti Masood says: "And this must be especially understood that the current military and political war is also being fought for achieving this objective which has, more than the Corona, burned down people to ashes, which has turned the entire world into a furnace of fire; it is the hand of Jews behind all these.

"The Jews made the Christians of America secular by turning them away from Christianity and began to use them in their objectives. With America as a front, it [Israel] is making a successful effort to make its weak human resources, and economic and geographical power strong."

The Taliban cleric observes: "This is a reality that the current war is a war for achieving of the Jews' Greatest Objectives – the construction of the Solomon's Temple at the site of Al-Aqsa Mosque, occupation on the Palestine and global government. In this war, the Jews are neither the friends of Christians nor of others. Yes, in the military war, Muslims are the open targets because Muslims are the biggest and open obstacle in their path.

"And now the Jews' biggest need is to manifest themselves in the form of an international power and have them accepted in the world so that the next stages of [the process to] achieving the Greatest Objectives can be travelled easily. Despite shedding the blood of the children of Adam on a large scale and occupying the international markets, their existence could not be accepted.

"Now, by bringing the world to a standstill through the virus war, [the Jews] are eager to have their existence accepted. Because, the world will see that even the vaccine for the Corona will be discovered by the Jews and then without accepting the existence of the Jews, this vaccine will perhaps not be available to anyone."

"The Jews Have Occupied The White House And The Pentagon; Therefore, As Much As The Entire World, Including America, Gets Affected By This Virus, It's A Lottery For Jews"

Mufti Masood writes: "We are seeing that it [Israel] has, using America as a front, tried to weaken Muslim powers through militancy [of ISIS]. This is another matter that Allah, through the Islamic Emirate [the Afghan Taliban organization, which signed a peace agreement with the U.S. in February 2020], has broken its pride to some extent. Now, it tries to subdue other big powers which stand, in non-militancy form, as obstacles in its path, with China at the top, through the virus war.

"And against the perspectives of history, there is no space to reject this reality that America's power is acceptable to the Jews only as a front, not with heart and mind. Therefore, no one should have any doubt today as to why America has been affected by this virus."

A page from the document.

He says further: "The reality is that the political and military think tanks of the Jews have occupied the White House and the Pentagon. Therefore, as much as the entire world, including America, gets affected by this virus, it's a lottery for Jews. As much as the world's economy is destroyed, the Jews benefit more and more. In the field of economics, the world will become a slave of Jews."

The Taliban cleric adds that the Jews have been masters of economics right from the pre-medieval times and will have their existence accepted by the world through their economic control in order to continue their march for achieving "the Greatest Objectives," which he says they will not achieve.


[1] A mufti is an Islamic scholar qualified to deliver a fatwa.

[2] (U.S.), accessed May 5, 2020.

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