May 24, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4749

Pakistani Security Analyst Zaid Hamid: '[After Constantinople] Prophet Muhammad's Second Hadith Is Regarding Ghazwa-e-Hind, That The Army Which Would Capture India Would Go To [Conquer] Israel'

May 24, 2012
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 4749

Zaid Hamid produces numerous videos

In a 7:47 minute video, Pakistani security analyst Zaid Hamid reminds an audience in Pakistan that Muslim military generals continued to launch numerous attacks on Constantinople for 900 years just to prove a hadith (saying) of Prophet Muhammad that the Muslim army would eventually conquer Constantinople, culminating in the Muslim victory in 1453.

A second such hadith, Zaid Hamid reminds his audience, is about Ghazwa-e-Hind (the Battle of India). He says that the people of Pakistan are destined for victory in Ghazwa-e-Hind, as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad himself, and that they would conquer India and that Muslims would then march onward to fight against Israel in Palestine.

The video was posted on YouTube on April 10, 2012, but the exact timing of its production is unclear. The context of the video is that in a coming war, the United States would attack Pakistan from Afghanistan and India would invade it from the eastern border, ushering in the Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Following are excerpts from his speech:[1]

"The Second Way [To Oust The Elected Pakistani Government] Is A Short-Cut, And That One Has To Go To Pindi [Rawalpindi, i.e. The Headquarters Of Pakistan Army, Alluding To A Military Coup]...."

"[The nation] is not capable of rising up again.... What will happen in such a situation? See, the thing that is happening is quite clear; a few weeks, at the most two, two and a half, or three months [after which] war would be thrust upon our borders. Make preparations. The war will come. As of today, the plans are ready for it.

"There is only one way to stop that: to bring in a government in Pakistan … that could give a tooth-breaking reply to the enemies and make it clear to them that if you watch Pakistan with malicious eyes, then the whole nation will be ready to give sacrifice. You would initiate this war, but we would conclude it.

"But there are two ways to convey this message if this government does not do this. One, the public rage comes to the point that through civil disobedience, the government is thrown out. The second way is a short-cut, and that one has to go to Pindi [Rawalpindi, i.e. the headquarters of Pakistan Army, alluding to a military coup].... This government could be thrown out this way too.

"We have to bear heavy losses if there is any war while this government is in power. But remember one thing! Bearing losses is one thing and the breaking of a country is another. Losing religion, faith, and honor is different. Allah willing, nothing would happen of this sort."

"When The Americans Enter Our Territory From... [Afghanistan]... Indians Would Try To Carve Out A Big Part [of Pakistani Territory] From Our Working Boundary…; They Would Begin The War And, By Allah I'm Saying It Again, We would Conclude It"

"Currently, the Indian plans are that when the Americans enter our territory from our western borders [i.e. from Afghanistan], taking advantage of this, Indians would try to carve out a big part [of Pakistani territory] from our working boundary from the Line of Control [i.e. in Kashmir]. The Americans' responsibility, basically, would be [to ensure] that Pakistan does not use its nuclear option.… The Americans have two aircraft battle groups, with many aircraft... stationed in our seas... which would impose naval blockade on us and would ensure that Pakistani aircraft don't inflict much harm to India....

"What options are we left with in such a situation? As I have said, I am making it clear for the first time. If the situation remains the same at the time of the coming war... The [Pakistani] nation was not with the army in the Kargil war [of 1999]. What happened in the Kargil war? Immeasurable sacrifices were given in the battlefield. Politicians were on one side, media on another, and the nation did not know what was happening in the northern mountains. Ultimately, when the troops were withdrawn, no one knew what happened there.

"The same crisis had occurred in East Pakistan [in 1971, now Bangladesh], as the army became alienated from the local population. But the odds were totally different there, as only 40,000 soldiers were there and at least about 500,000 Indian troops were surrounding us. It was impossible to fight over there, as a population of 60 million people were opposed [to us].

"The situation in East Pakistan is not now with our Pakistan... By the Grace of Allah, the army is one [united] unit; the nation as a nation is aware and restless. We have taken some beating; we have been sleeping but we are not unaware, by the Grace of Allah. The same spark is present in our people. Our rulers are certainly unholy; people are, certainly, sold out in the media. We are not doing any diplomacy at all; we are weak economically, too. But by the Grace of Allah, we are not a dead nation. We have our geography and that will remain intact.

"Even if we get a beating initially, beating means they might bomb our cities, and we'll have to leave some territories in the border areas; it may happen that we have to pull back in some areas because there would be great pressure from the two sides. But it is not a big deal, to take the territory back by regrouping, reorganizing, and launching counter attacks. Tilkal Ayyama nodawiloha bainannas [verse from the Koran]. This is not a big deal; there are ups and downs; beating is normal.

"The morale of a nation should be high at such a juncture. The nation which is alive, whose morale is high, who has the confidence of victory and who has faith in his Allah, will win in the end. They would go enter [the battlefield] with this belief that we have to take the revenge of '47 [1947 India's partition] and '71 [1971 war, creation of Bangladesh aided by India] and of every single blood [i.e. death].

"They would begin the war and, by Allah I'm saying it again, we would conclude it. But for this it is required to keep the morale high; there is no need to be hopeless. No Pakistan is breaking up, by the Grace of Allah. We have committed our own mistakes; our deeds are our deeds and we will be punished for that and we have to give Kaffara [expiation for sins]. But only Kaffara, and in return of the Kaffara Allah will forgive our past and future sins. There will be good in this, Allah willing.”

"During The 1,400 Years Muslims Have Never Won Any Battle On The Balance Of Power; If We Have Won The War, We Have Won It On That Character, On That Morale ... And On That Craving For Martyrdom Which Is Our Legacy"

"At present, if we compare technologically, then the Pakistani Air Force is weaker than the Indian Air Force. Our armed forces don't have the latest weapons that the Indian forces have, which they are procuring from Israel, Russia, and the U.S. Therefore, we can never compete with them on the basis of weapons.

"Our history is witness that during the 1,400 years Muslims have never won any battle on the balance of power. If we have won the war, we have won it on that character, on that morale, on that valor, and on that craving for martyrdom which is our legacy. Let me narrate you a strange incident from the history of Islam. Before the War of Yarmouk [against the Roman-Byzantine Empire in 636AD], Syed Khalid bin Waleed (RA), just keep it in mind that the best battlefield commanders and war strategists of Muslims – Hazrat Abu Obaida ibn Jarrah, Hazrat Zarrar, Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA) – were present there.

"The War of Yarmouk was going on and Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed says that he will decide the fate of these Christians tomorrow. There was the army of Christians on one side with 60,000 troops. When Syedna Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed was asked what was his battle plan and what would he do with them [the Christians], he replied that he would go with 30 mujahideen and would attack the army of 60,000 [soldiers]. What do the others say: Khalid your plan is not right, please rectify it. Khalid said, ok suggest to me. They said, 30 is too few, take out 60! And they were the greatest strategists of the Ummah....

"They were not talking without any reason; they had something and because of that they were talking like that. Then the next day history witnessed that 60 mujahideen pushed back the army of 60,000.... There is no parallel to that in history. We are, by the Grace of Allah, their progeny. Our names are also Khalid, Tariq, Tipu and Salahuddin [the great Muslim warriors through the ages]. We have the same lineage and legacy. And Allah willing, we will revive the same tradition of our ancestors. Allah willing, Pakistan is in the safeguard of Allah…."

"Allah Has Destined The People Of Pakistan FOR That [Victory In The Ghazwa-E-Hind]; Don't Spoil Your Luck"

"We have the belief on this hadith [saying] of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).... If it is disclosed before examination that you would score 100 percent in this paper, then the tension of the paper gets reduced. Let me tell you the result of this war [Ghazwa-e-Hind] in the light of the saying of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that this will be the beginning of the Ghazwa-e-Hind, and the end of Ghazwa-e-Hind would be with the Indian Muslims once again capturing power. This is the Prophet's hadith, like the hadith regarding victory over Constantinople for which Muslims continued to carry out military campaigns for about 900 years….

"From the era of Hazrat Umar (RA) [the second Caliph of Islam] to Sultan Mohammad the Victor in 1453, [numerous] attacks were launched just to prove the single hadith of Prophet Muhammad that Constantinople would essentially be conquered and the army [which would conquer it] and its emir would be the dwellers of the paradise.

"And Prophet Muhammad's second hadith regarding Ghazwa-e-Hind is that the army, which will capture India, will go to [conquer] Israel in Palestine, and this is yet to happen for it has not yet happened…. And Allah willing, the martyrs of this war are the best of the martyrs and the ghazi [victors] of this war are the highest in rank among the victors.

"Allah has destined the people of Pakistan with that [victory in Ghazwa-e-Hind]; don't spoil your luck. We have committed mistakes but it is time to show repentance and ask forgiveness, and it's time to show bravery and valor. Make dua [ask prayer] to Allah. One should not ask for war, but when it is there [upon us] we should not show our back. Be in the safeguard of Allah. Allah is the aid and helper of Pakistan, Allah willing..."


[1], accessed May 21, 2012.

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