December 6, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3427

Pakistani Columnist Matloob Ahmad Warraich Alleges Jewish/Christian/Indian Conspiracy Behind WikiLeaks Revelations, Says: 'The American and Jewish Lobbies, Whose Mouths have Tasted Human Blood, These Wolves Now Want to Create Confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran'; 'Ahmadinejad, Once Declared as Hitler by WikiLeaks, is... Fighting Valiantly'

December 6, 2010
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 3427

In a recent article, senior Pakistani columnist Matloob Ahmad Warraich alleged that the Jewish, Christian, European, American, Israeli, and Indian lobbies are behind the release of more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables by the website WikliLeaks.

Warraich, who has lived for 26 years in Switzerland and moved his family from the U.S. to Pakistan after 9/11, writes a regular column in the Urdu-language Pakistani daily Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt, a right-wing, pro-military media newspaper in Pakistan.

In his article titled, "WikiLeaks Revelations and Its Objectives in Global Perspective," Matloob Warraich said that the WikiLeaks revelations are aimed at causing conflict between Islamic nations, adding: "WikiLeaks and the Jewish and Christian lobbies should note that no rescue operation could save them if the jungle catches fire. India and Israel do not get mentioned in by WikiLeaks, and this is what [leads] us to wonder."

Following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"The Owners of the WikiLeaks Website are Purely Americans and Jews, Who from Time to Time Achieve Their Objectives by Causing Havoc to International Peace"

"The famous U.S. website WikiLeaks yesterday created a storm across the world by making some revelations. These revelations consisting of more than 250,000 documents are not only a news item; rather they also signify a moment of worry as to what were the circumstances based on which the purpose behind revealing these secret documents was realized. The facts are something like this: the owners of the WikiLeaks website are purely Americans and Jews, who from time to time achieve their objectives by causing havoc to international peace.

"The hidden interests behind the WikiLeaks revelations will come out with the passage of time, but when we look closely into the history connected to this, we find some bitter facts mocking us.

"After the incident of 9/11, the American government and its people seem to be getting trapped into the quagmire of instability. It seems impossible to compensate in the coming hundred years the loss that the Bush administration has inflicted upon international peace and inter-faith harmony during past eight years. In the name of homeland security, the lives of tens of millions of foreigners in the U.S., especially Muslims, who were part of the economic and social life of the U.S. before the incident of 9/11, have been turned into a curse."

"In the U.S., the Fast Growing and Prospering Religion of Islam was Giving Trouble to the Orthodox Christians and Jews [before 9/11]"

"In the U.S., the fast growing and prospering religion of Islam was giving trouble to the orthodox Christians and Jews. And according to a survey, by 2010 an added seven percent Americans would have converted to Islam if there had been no 9/11, and by 2050 Islam would have become the largest religion followed in the U.S. There is no way to deny such surveys and there remains no possibility of ignoring the truth behind these facts. One can understand the propagation and spread of Islam before 9/11 by the fact that a great number of newly converted Muslims made it to the parliaments of Germany, Switzerland, and France.

"Similar is the situation in the parliament of England, where a big number of native and immigrant Muslims made their place in the House of Lords and the parliament.

"Israel… at times kills thousands of Palestinian Muslims in a single day by bombarding the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon, and at times brings destruction on Muslims of Gaza and Al-Quds [Jerusalem], and at times occupies the Egyptian lands, and at times becomes a nightmare for the Arabs by trampling the lands of Syria and Jordon under its feet. However, the religion of Islam, on the basis of its truth, was succeeding in establishing its foothold in the U.S. and Canada, aside from Europe. Amid such circumstances, the occurrence of the controversial incident of 9/11 gives birth to innumerable questions."

"Israel, Which Used to Fear Us [i.e. Pakistan], Now Together with Our Enemy [India] is Grinning at Us"

"After the Twin Towers incident in America, we find a wave of transformation and hatred there, the brunt of which was borne only by the Muslim community there. I myself lived in the central European country of Switzerland for 26 years and took hundreds of journeys in Europe and throughout the world by plane, but never found any instance of disgrace and inhumane conduct with the travelers, which are being witnessed on a regular basis after the 9/11. And on the back of such factors, the U.S. is losing its position among the world community.

"In 2008, where there was not a single black governor in all the 52 [sic] states of the U.S. A newcomer in the Democratic party, Barak Hussein Obama, got elected as president in the elections; but there is no full stop to the international economic depression and economic instability. During 2009 and 2010, about 750 American banks and all other big national and private institutions have become bankrupt, and the process has not yet stopped.

"In order to boost the American economy, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait have agreed to a deal of more than 150 billion dollars with the U.S. to purchase weapons which they don't have even the arrangements to keep them. Thus they have played an important role in saving the U.S. economy from sinking.

"According to a survey, if machine guns are fixed over each and every rooftop in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, and tanks and cannons are installed on all the roads of the region and the latest U.S. fighter planes fly birds in the skies, even then this defense budget of 50 billion dollars is much more than what is needed to meet the dangers in the region."

"Israel and The International Organization of Jews have Once Again Tried to Hatch a Conspiracy to Cause Instability in Islamic World"

"After the tragedy of 9/11, which is in fact a tragedy for Muslims, the alliance between our eternal enemy India and Israel has prospered so much that Israel, which used to fear us [i.e. Pakistan], now together with our enemy is grinning at us. And we keep quiet at times due to the allegations [against us] for the Mumbai attacks [of 2008] and at times for the allegation of the attack on Indian parliament [in 2001].

"If the present WikiLeaks revelations are seen in international context, it comes near to the possibility that Israel and the international organization of Jews [WikiLeaks, probably] have once again tried to hatch a conspiracy to cause instability in the Islamic world by making Muslims fight against each other."

"Ahmadinejad, Once Declared as Hitler by WikiLeaks, is Not Only Fighting Valiantly Against the International Conspiracy of the U.S., But has Also Been Successful…"

"On the one hand, there is an attempt to pit Saudi ruler Shah Abdullah against Iran. The world knows that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, once declared as Hitler by WikiLeaks, is not only fighting valiantly against the international conspiracy of the U.S., but has also been successful in briefing the world opinion about the truth in his last UN address.

"The U.S. could not dare to attack Iran … despite all efforts, while in the past it has achieved its goal by bringing Iran and Iraq to the battlefield. The two big Muslim forces were weakened not only in their defense and economy by the Iraq-Iran War [of the 1980s], but over two million people were killed in this war, which lasted for more than 10 years.

"Even then the thirst of these white wolves [i.e. Western nations] was not quenched. And the U.S. unleashed a reign of barbarism on the defeated Iraqis, and trampled the remaining Iraqis under its defiled feet."

"India is Engaged in Its Unpious Gameplan [against Pakistan]; Indian-Born Hindus are Occupying Major Posts and Positions in the U.S., including in the Daily Life There"

"The American and the Jewish lobbies, whose mouths have tasted human blood; these wolves now want to create confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Iran… According to WikiLeaks, the Saudi ruler has suggested to the U.S. to attack Iran's nuclear program.

"And on the other hand, India is engaged in its unpious gameplan [against Pakistan]; and the world knows that Indians residing in the U.S. make the second largest community and these Indian-born Hindus are occupying major posts and positions in the U.S., including in the daily life there."

"When It Comes to the People of Pakistan, the Saudi People have Always Been Ready to Give Free Oil and Blood to Pakistani"

"On the other hand, Pakistan, which is trapped in its internal trouble and economic instability, has been getting monetary benefits from its friendly country Saudi Arabia. In every difficult situation, be it the wars of 1965 and 1971 or be it the Pakistani nuclear program or the earthquake of 2006 [sic] or the flood of 2010, the Saudi government has always stood by Pakistan; it has never left the Pakistani people alone in a difficult time.

"There might be some truth in this fact [revealed by WikiLeaks] that Saudi Arabia may have had differences of opinion on the issue of woman ruler [i.e. Benazir Bhutto being the prime minister of Pakistan] or due to personal dislike of [her widower] President Asif Ali Zardari; but when it comes to the people of Pakistan, the Saudi people have always been ready to give free oil and blood to Pakistani."

"Through WikiLeaks, Jewish and Indian Lobbies have Tried to Kill Many Birds with One Stone"

"Through WikiLeaks, Jewish and Indian lobbies have tried to kill many birds with one stone. Similarly [is the case of] Afghanistan, where who does not know that an American[-raised individual] has been imported as the ruler. The U.S. keeps mum when the volume of European banks is increased by a deposit of 62 million dollar in cash [from a country like] Afghanistan, where every dollar counts and people are living under the extreme poverty.

"Similarly, there are some rich people in Pakistan as well, who are swelling the belly of foreign banks. They should do the favor [to the nation] of returning the wealth of their countries to their people and should not develop the trend of living on alms.

"In these circumstances there remains no place for any explanation that the U.S. and Europe keep staging such dramas [like the WikiLeaks revelations] to boost the Israeli and Indian conspiracies so that the Muslim community keeps fighting among themselves, and the wheel of their progress could not move.

"WikiLeaks and the Jewish and Christian lobbies should note that no rescue operation could save them if the jungle catches the fire. India and Israel do not get mentioned in the WikiLeaks and this is what [leads] us to wonder."


[1] Roznama Nawa-i-Waqt (Pakistan), November 30, 2010.

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