February 4, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5170

Pakistani Columnist On The Holocaust: 'The Jewish Race Would Have Become Extinct… But Allah Had To Keep This Symbol [i.e. The Jews] Of The Slayers Of Prophets, Of Ingratitude, Of Humiliation, And Of Misery As A Lesson 'Til The End Of This World'

February 4, 2013
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 5170

On January 28, 2013, the Urdu-language daily Roznama Islam published an article by Pakistani columnist Dr. Sajid Khakwani about the Holocaust. The daily is simultaneously published from the cities of Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Multan and Muzaffarabad.

Following are excerpts from the article, which is titled "Yehud Be-Behbud" ("Jews, Not to Prosper"):[1]

"The Greatest Accusation That The Holy Koran Makes Against Jews Is That They Are The Killers Of Prophets… [Including[ The Benefactor Of Humanity, Prophet Muhammad"

"The Holocaust is the aggregate of lesson-learning incidents during the World War II about Jews. The Jews are a nation about whom no one around the world has a good opinion. A playwright like Shakespeare also created the character of Shylock, who is a usurer and a stain on the face of humanity, and depicted him as a Jew.

"The greatest accusation that the Holy Koran makes against Jews is that they are the killers of prophets, and to this extent they didn't even refrain from making their intentions to kill the benefactor of humanity, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

"Jews lived peacefully during the thousand-year reign of Muslims, and at the end of this period they targeted Muslims with their conspiracies and plunged a knife into the waist of the Palestinians. Every nation of the world is afraid of their hidden mentality and wants to keep them at a distance. That is why the Western nations thrust them upon Muslims instead of keeping them with themselves. Their mentality, their history, their beliefs, and their end follow this Koranic verse: '[Allah says] I have thrust upon them humiliation and misery.'

"The Holocaust is a mixture of Greek words which means 'to burn completely.' Regarding this, the Jews claim that approximately six million people of Bani Israel [Jews] in Europe were killed during the World War II; and the accusation of genocide is levelled against Nazi Germans. According to some researchers, the term 'Holocaust' is used for all those who were killed during World War II intentionally as per a Nazi program, and does not only include Jews but also people from other communities, religious leaders, war prisoners and other military and political opponents. According to this definition, the death toll in the Holocaust reaches up to ten millions. Which of these two opinions is most believable? Are the Jews are telling the truth, or are the other researchers? Did the Jews include other slain people [in their count] to get the world's sympathy and to prove themselves as the victim? Only Allah knows better."

"According To Zionists, Plans Were Being Made For Years Before World War II To Eliminate The Jews From [Global] Civil Society"

"According to Zionists, plans were being made for years before World War II to eliminate the Jews from [global] civil society. In the 1930s, laws were made so that economic, communal, and legal rights of Jews were undermined and they were isolated from the European German community. The objectives of those laws were to cleanse Europe of non-Europeans.

"In 1933, a set of laws was approved under which important localities and posts were emptied of the Jews. Therefore, Jewish farmers were driven out of Jewish farms, and Jewish lawyers and judges were thrown out of courts and were brutally beaten. In 1935, Hitler deprived the Jews even of their remaining civil rights through a speech... The term that the German Nazis used for the Holocaust was 'the Final Solution of Jews'….

"According to Zionist historians, every institution of Germany was involved in this big killing program of the Jews. According to them, Jews were massacred in all areas which were under the control of Nazi Germans. Before this, Jewish settlements were thronging and prospering there, and seven million Jews were living in happy homes there in 1939. Of them, five millions were killed; the number of Jews who were killed in Poland and Russia is separate.

"According to the Jewish claims, Freemasons were also arrested and sent to the killing camps. Hitler had a firm notion that Freemasons were also from the Jewish community, and therefore they were forced to wear red dresses in those camps and 100,000-200,000 were massacred by the Nazis in those killing camps. The Nazi Germans used to eliminate the Jews from the areas they used to conquer; so that when they conquered Poland it was not very easy to kill the Polish Jews who were in great numbers. Therefore, after much consideration they used poisonous gas to kill them in less time and at lower cost.

"The Holocaust killing camps, which began with six camps, grew into more than 15,000 camps in all the occupied countries, including Poland. In these camps, Jews were forced to do the worst kinds of hard labor, and when there was no need for them they would be killed, while innumerable Jews died during the work itself. In the beginning, these camps were away from cities but due to heavy cost of transportation these camps were transferred near to the Jewish settlements only."

"According to Jewish claims, far more severe situations came up on them in the conquered areas of Russia. The Jews were put alive into the fire, and when resources of killing them by shooting and burning alive were reduced or it was considered costly, then hundreds of thousands of Jews were left in the extreme cold areas on their own where they succumbed to the killing cold winds.

"Despite all this, only 15 percent of Russian Jews were killed by 1941, and to speed up this process once again poisonous gasses were used on a wide scale. It is obvious that the experiment was not possible in the civilian areas; so vast areas were created outside cities where the process of annihilation of the Jews was kept repeating for years."

"No Voice Was Raised [Against The Holocaust] At That Time And [No Voice Is Raised] Even Today In Favor Of The Jews From Any Corner Of The World; The Reason Is That This Nation [Of Jews] Made Holes In The Utensils It Ate From"

"However, one aspect of this [persecution] is also that no voice was raised at that time and [no voice is raised] even today in favor of the Jews from any corner of the world. The reason is that this nation [of Jews] made holes in the utensils it ate from; they tried to bite every nationality; blackmailed every group; put humanity at state for the sake of wealth. The painful and dark aspect of World War II is that the biggest firm that sponsored the two warring factions of the World War belonged was owned by the Jews only. Couldn't they stop the funding after watching the extreme oppression and persecution of their relatives and fellow men?

"It was very near that the Jewish race would become extinct from the face of the globe, but Allah had to keep this symbol [i.e. the Jews] of the slayers of prophets, of ingratitude, of humiliation, and of misery as a lesson 'til the end of this world. Perhaps, because of this strategy, the will of God has given them a temporary place in Palestine so that their race could remain intact.

"If they had a little wisdom they would have lived there in peace, considering the place a boon. The Palestinians would not have devoured them. But fie on their wisdom, that even today they have made the life of their hosts miserable. We are watching with our own eyes in the light of the ascending sun that the land of Palestine would again be in the possession of its real inheritors; and the Jews would again become a sign of humiliation and misery in the world as a lesson, Allah willing."


[1] Roznama Islam (Pakistan), January 28, 2013.

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