September 24, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2541

PA President's National Affairs Advisor Omar Al-Ghoul: Rogue Country Israel is Trafficking in the Organs of the Palestinians It Kills

September 24, 2009
Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 2541

Following are excerpts from an interview with Omar Al-Ghoul, national affairs advisor to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas; the interview aired on PA TV on September 1, 2009:

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The Arrested New Jersey Rabbis "Were Trafficking in Human Organs"

Omar Al-Ghoul: "Italian Foreign Minister Frattini told the Israeli Haaretz newspaper that Italy is exerting pressure on Sweden, in its capacity as current EU president, to issue a statement during a special session of the EU government next week, denouncing the report by a Swedish newspaper about the IDF's killing of Palestinian prisoners and trafficking in their organs.

"You know, as the whole world knows, about what happened in New Jersey, where a group of Jewish and Zionist rabbis were arrested, along with some other people. All these people were in direct contact with Lieberman and other IDF commanders, and were trafficking in human organs.


"Europe, and the West in general, has been very weak vis-à-vis Israel, since its establishment. The [West] is being extorted. Who established Israel? Europe and the U.S. did, by means of their support of this country, at the expense of the interests of the Palestinian people and the Arabs. Europe still has a guilt complex towards this country, and so, whenever there is a crisis, they come up with this ready-made accusation of antisemitism. Who are the Semites? We, the Arabs, are the Semites.


"If Europe wants a political settlement and peace, and if it wants to live in harmony with the spirit of European, Western civilization, and with the ideas of Enlightenment, developed by great European philosophers, it must unbridle freedom of speech, and must demand that all newspapers investigate this report more thoroughly, in order to expose this racist, rogue country, which is above the law." [...]

"Israel And Its Army Are Trafficking in the Organs of Palestinians... Why is Europe Trying to Stop This [From Being Exposed]?"

"The facts show that Israel and its army are trafficking in the organs of Palestinians. There are documents to this effect. Why is Europe trying to stop this [from being exposed]?

"Why must the Palestinian people pay the price under occupation? Why must it be tortured and the organs of its martyred sons used for trafficking? This is the result of the [moral] bankruptcy of the U.S. and Europe and the cover they provide [Israel]. These countries must rise to their responsibility, if they are interested in making peace and reaching a settlement in the region.

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