March 9, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10518

With Op-Ed Titled 'Black Racists Ready To Destroy America,' Russian State-Owned Media Outlet 'RIA Novosti' Comes Out In Support Of 'Dilbert' Cartoonist Scott Adams And His Labeling Black People A 'Hate Group'

March 9, 2023
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 10518

In an article titled "Black Racists Ready to Destroy America," Dmitry Kosirev, the lead columnist of the Russian state-owned RIA Novosti outlet, which is part of the Russia Today media group, claimed that "Dilbert" cartoonist Scott Adams is the latest victim of cancel culture, and that he had correctly interpreted the findings of a Rasmussen poll and stated that African Americans harbor hostile feelings towards whites.

On his February 22, 2023 YouTube livestream, Adams had called Black people "a hate group" and added that white people should "just get the hell away" from them. He had previously faced criticism for his extremist views and online provocations.[1]   

The columnist charges the Democratic Party with harnessing the Black Lives Matter movement to engineer a takeover of power via anti-white pogroms. For Kosirev, America's subservient attitude to its Blacks citizens, which only compounds the racial problems, echoes America's slavish attitude towards Ukraine that likewise will result in disaster.

Kosirev's article follows below:[2]

Scott Adams with Dilbert (Source:

"Maybe America, filled with hatred as it is, won't collapse and devour itself tomorrow, but it is trying very hard. And if so, we should once again learn from America, using the principle of "doing the opposite," in other words, one should never do what they do to themselves over there.

"Here's the story: they 'canceled' cartoonist Scott Adams, who has been drawing his Dilbert cartoon strip, published simultaneously in hundreds of newspapers in the U.S. and abroad, every day (yes, every day) since 1989. The subject of these cartoon strips has nothing to do with our conversation, they are all essentially the same: a moronic boss, the long-suffering subordinate Dilbert, and a talking dog involved in their interactions.

"And now the satirist is epicenter of a scandal that has turned into nearly the biggest story in the country (as if the U.S. had no other problems). He [Adams] stated on his video channel that the country's Black population has turned into a hate group, that this is incurable, and that whites should just keep away from Blacks.

"Then, we got a visual primer for studying how 'cancel culture' works. Here is an ideal denunciation genre newspaper text from The Washington Post. From it we learn that Adams has been interested in conspiracy theories and other extremist ideas for a number of years. That he supported Donald Trump. Is this the limit of the nightmare? No, the limit is this: Adams has also said that Americans are being brainwashed into supporting Ukraine.

"What follows is simply classic. When you 'cancel' a talented and popular person, you have to explain that he is, in fact, a nobody and that his talents are a sham. So, they tell us that Adams's drawings have gotten worse and that no one was upset when he was 'cancelled.'

In general, this is not the way to behave towards opponents unless you want to lose the respect of normal people. Collective bullying is the weapon of disrespectful trash.

At the same time, we have once again seen what the Democrats' 'factory of lies' really is: it turns out that USA Today (which owns 300 newspapers and other media resources around the country) and a couple of other corporations of about the same dimensions, were involved in hounding [Adams].

"And now let's turn to racism, that classic line in the guilty verdict for 'cancelling a person.' The fact is that Adams was responding to a real sensation, i.e., to a recent Rasmussen poll. They surveyed Blacks by asking them a cunning question, literally, 'Is it OK to be white?' Although you could put it this way: Is it OK when a person is white? Another translation option: Are white people OK? 53% agreed with this statement, while 26% believe that there is nothing normal and good in whites. The rest remained undecided. Oh, I almost forgot, another 76% admit this fact: Blacks can be racist too. They know whereof they speak.

"'53%.' Is that glass sort of half-full or half-empty? Be that as it may, only half of the Blacks harbor a neutral-benevolent, not even outright positive, feelings towards other Americans. This is a real disaster for a nation.

"Well, given that the thoroughly racist Black Lives Matter movement got involved in the Democrats' 2020 takeover of power (done via pogroms and unmotivated beatings of whites), Adams' advice to 'stay away from them' is very appropriate.

"And what sort of racism is that? Racism (ask its main theorists, the British) is when it is said that a certain racial group is genetically superior to others, or vice versa. Our cartoonist said no such thing.

"The tragedy of America, of course, is not just that it has fallen victim to a 'cancel culture,' but also the failure of its attempts to integrate an entire racial community into the overall fabric of the nation. It shouldn't have been done that by showering all Blacks with privileges and simply money, let alone the expressions of verbal ecstasy towards them. It made them hate whites even more and feel that the latter owe them everything in perpetuity. And this lesson applies not only to people of color, but to any social group. But this is a story with a distinctly 'Ukrainian accent,' whose conclusion still lies ahead.

Dmitry Kosirev (Source:


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