March 22, 2019 No.

Online Incitement Against Jews, People Of Color, Muslims, And LGBTQ – Executive Summary

The following research was conducted over four months (November 2018-February 2019) and it offers an in-depth look into the online incitement by neo-Nazis, white supremacists, separatists, racists, fascists and other groups and individuals of similar worldviews in the U.S.

The research focused on three main categories of incitement: Hate Speech, Demonization, and Calls to Action.

While most of the content online targeted Jews and African-Americans, hate and demonization were directed also towards LGBTQ, women, feminists, and Muslims. We found that there are similarities between incitement from Islamist and jihadi sources, and incitement from the hate groups listed above – not only against Jews but also against Muslims.

Both groups, though vastly different in composition, follow similar lines of thinking and disseminate similar types of incitement – incitement that, as we have seen, can prompt those exposed to it, whether they are jihadis or white supremacists, to take up a weapon and attack members or communities of a target group.

The content reflects a) a prevalence of neo-Nazi, fascist, and white supremacist ideologies; b) a sense of victimization and paranoia, especially following violent crimes against white people, thus blaming Jews and people of color for all their problems; and c) a belief that all their ills and unhappiness is caused by the targeted groups – Jews, people of color, and LGBTQ.

The content proposes specific forms of action as part of a general discourse of hatred and demonization. Those proposals are diverse, and include terrorism, online hacking, calls and guides for ethnic cleansing with weapons (including manuals for manufacturing and using various weapons and firearms).

Two forms of intersectionality appear in the online incitement: a) when a neo-Nazi/fascist/white- supremacist/segregationist (for example, David Duke) praises a member of a targeted group (for example, Ilhan Omar) because they share a hatred for another targeted group (in this case, Jews in the U.S.) and b) when a member of a targeted group (for example, Louis Farrakhan) joins another (for example, Ilhan Omar) because both share hatred for another targeted group (i.e. the Jews in the U.S.).

Examination of the material prompts two questions:

  1. What is the scope of this phenomenon?

  2. Does it constitute a real threat to the targeted groups?

To answer these questions, one must recall 20th-century history, and even current events. Racism and anti-Semitism have always begun in sporadic, disorganized, and seemingly marginal form. Then they grew into a threatening phenomenon due to failure to notice it, intentional neglect, and failure to take countermeasures. Furthermore, since in the past decade there have been attacks by so-called "lone wolves" – solitary perpetrators who are not connected to any organization and who are merely impacted by the ideology of hatred and the calls to action and take up arms – as in the many attacks jihadis in the West, as well as in the Pittsburgh synagogue attack and the Charlottesville vehicular attack (and recently in the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque attack). In all these cases, the perpetrators were exposed to online incitement and calls to action.

What is very urgently needed is a dedicated, comprehensive effort to monitor, identify, and, most importantly, document the calls to action, and, as pointed out above, find out who is saying what and who is funding it. Only an effort of this scope can enable legislators and decision-makers to take effective action to stop these attacks before they happen.

Below are examples of the online incitement:

Ethnic Cleansing Operations Guide, the Purity Spiral Library [1]

Hidden LOL, March 11, 2019 [2]

The Purity Spiral, January 26 [3]

Fascist Forge, February 7, 2019 [4]

Fascist Forge, February 7, 2019 [5]

David Duke, March 7 2019 [6]

Stormfront, October 31, 2018 [7]

Article: "Proposal for The American Vanguard Union"

"By any available means we aim to achieve the reassertion of our European race as authorities over our shared destiny as Europeans. In the lands our forefathers conquered, built & cultivated we will regain our rightful position of power over the realms of politics, media, academia, finance, spirituality, industry and the military. We will bring to justice every single traitor who has chosen to aid the enemies of our nation & people, and weed out by force every corrupted element embedded in the fabric of American society. We recognize the futility extant in the accepted norms of present day political discourse and will cleave the pathway to our noble objective primarily by means of willful action. We will have no regard, nor will we have the slightest bit of tolerance for those resigned to the stagnant trappings of trite convention. We will completely uproot & efface all traces of both communism and capitalism from the nation, as both of these materialistic frameworks have functioned in tandem to destroy European traditionalism and the European peoples' sense of group cohesion."

"5. All moneyed influence in politics will be outlawed and any elected official who is suspected of receiving outside money while in office will be tried for high treason and executed of found guilty."

"6. All political officials over the past 30 years who have received moneyed donations for themselves or their campaigns from private interests outside of individual American citizens & constitutional right advocacy groups will be tried for treason and executed if found guilty."

"18. All Zionist Christians who have morally and financially supported the terrorist state of Israel will be rounded up & put to work in hard labor camps as punishment for their treason."

Goy Talk, December 7, 2018 [8]

GAB, February 3, 2019 [9]

Niggermania Banner [10]

Jew World Order, Disclaimer Page [11]

Order 15, February 23, 2019 [12]

Minds, January 10, 2019 [13]

GAB, February 6, 2019 [14]

Dindu Plantation, February 27, 2019 [15]

Article: "Is the Zionist Movement Leading Global Dominance?"


"…it's how the Zionists break down and destroy societies. They use sexual revolution to destroy a society. This is what's been done to America, the sexual revolution was a Zionist operation to break down American culture (panel comment: 'to the families! Pornography, abortions…')... this is what they've done to America. This is why millions of Americans are hooked to pornography… the Zionist have been bombarding this country for decades with sexual perversion…"

Truenews, February 20, 2019 [16]

Niggermania Forum, February 15-17, 2019 [17]

Article: "TruNews Looks at Jewish Contribution to Legalized Abortion (part 2)"


"Judaism teaches that an unborn baby is merely water; Jews do not believe an unborn baby is a human being; they don't believe the unborn baby has a soul; Judaism teaches that a baby may be killed seconds before birth. And this is the law in the land of America today."

"… Jews, who compromise 2% of the American population, overcame their numerical disadvantage in the United States, and successfully persuaded the American people to change their views and adopt and accept Jewish morality and values. Consequently, that's why America has taken a sharp, extreme turn to the political left, and now accepts abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, pornography, transgenderism, socialized health-care, gun-control and banning of Christian prayers and crosses and emblems in public places. All of these issues are heavily supported, promoted and funded by America's Jewish population."

Trunews, January 24, 2019 [18]

Article: Jewish Judge: US Can't Ban Female Genital Mutilation


"Feminism was started by Jewish women, and Jewish women still control it." 

"That's why feminists supported President Bill Clinton, a probable rapist. That's why feminists have supported, both overtly and tacitly (by their silence), the importation of Muslim immigrants. It's a Jewish thing. The Jews are opening the doors of America to Muslim invaders, just as Jews opened the gates of Constantinople in the 15th century, just as they opened the gates of Granada and Toledo in the 8th century."

National Vanguard, November 26, 2018 [19]

Siege Culture, January 21, 2019 [20]

Dr Duke & Eric Striker: By Defiance to Z.O.G. Ilhan Omar is NOW the most important Member of the US Congress!

Quote from David Duke's radio show:

Eric Striker: "Nazi-Germany 'euthanasia program', is often times sited as one of the worst crimes the Nazis ever committed, but you know, if you actually look at the details of it, 1939 – 1941, it was actually a way to… when the war started, they were trying to ration healthcare, so what would happen is that instead of giving… people that were dying, instead of giving them treatment that was useless, they would euthanize them…".

David Duke, March 7, 2019 [21], [22]


"However, these is one brown whore I am really excited about: Ilhan Omar of Swedesota. I'm excited about her win for one reason and one reason only: she has pledged to start exterminating the Jews."

"It's time for Allah to awaken and begin the slaughter, dear sister. You need to fulfill your campaign promises and introduce your promised 'gas the kikes' bill, immediately. We do not have time to waste. We need to build these gas chambers yesterday, and we need to start filling them up last week. Get on it, Ilhan. Do it now. Don't go to the dentist first."

"Get the gas chambers built, then start thinking about how fucked up your sick teeth are."

Daily Stormer, November 7, 2018 [23]

GAB, February 2, 2019 [24]

GAB, February 2, 2019 [25]

Siege Culture, January 21, 2019 [26]

Quotes from Louis Farrakhan's speech at the Nation of Islam's Saviours' Day 2019 Convention, February 14, 2019:

"[The] pedophilia and sexual perversion [that are] institutionalized in Hollywood and the entertainment industries can be traced to Talmudic principles and Jewish influence. Not Jewish influence – Satanic influence under the name of Jew."

"Members of the so-called Jewish community brought our fathers out of Africa, owned the ships, owned

the plantations, were the number one buyers and sellers of slaves…"

"Planned Parenthood is there waiting for you. Margaret Sanger, a so-called Jewish woman – she didn't want black babies in the world. She worked to get rid of as many as she could. Native American women… And in Israel, Ethiopian black women subjected to sterilization…"

MEMRI, February 17, 2019 [27]

Stormfront, January 27, 2019 [28]

Random Anon Channel, Telegram, Jan 23, 2019

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