March 22, 2019 Special Reports No. 44

Online Incitement Against Jews, People Of Color, Muslims, And LGBTQ – Appendices

March 22, 2019
Special Reports No. 44


Cartoons And Memes

Hidden LOL, March 11, 2019 [214]

Goyim Defense League (GDL), February 2, 2019 [215]

Random Anon Channel, Telegram, Jan 24, 2019

Daily Stormer, January 15, 2019 [216]

AZL [217]

AZL [218]

Daily Stormer, December 31, 2018 [219]

Daily Stormer, December 26, 2018 [220]


"Hang a traitor from every light pole on Pennsylvania Avenue and the next bunch will think twice as they drive to work seeing the decaying carcasses dangling…"

Daily Stormer, December 21, 2018 [221]

Daily Stormer, December 15, 2018 [222]


Daily Stormer, December 3, 2018 [223]

Quotes: "Moslems at least do this equally – mutilating the genitals of boys and girls alike. You gotta give them that."

Daily Stormer, November 22, 2018 [224]



Niggermania Banner [225]

Niggermania Banner [226]

AZL [227]

AZL [228]

AZL [229]

Dindu Plantation [230]

Dindu Plantation [231]

Tight Rope Records [232]


Chimpmania, February 2019 [233]

Jew World Order [234]

American Renaissance on GAB, February 2, 2019 [235]

Ordo Evangelistarum, January 30, 2019 [236]

Daily Stormer, January 21, 2019 [237]

Red Ice, January 18, 2019 [238]

"So the kike occupation government (KOG) has officially made it ILLEGAL to bash faggots. What's next? I'll tell you what's next: soon enough it'll be a crime to lynch niggers. Then it will be illegal to rape an unaccompanied and uncovered slut. Next – who knows? Probably they'll start injecting children with tranny hormones or something. That might sound crazy now, but just you wait, partner. We've got a long road to go before we hit the bottom of the slippery Jew slope."

"We must understand: there is no use in bashing faggots or whatever other tentacle of the Jew system: instead, we must cut the snakes head off at the root: the Jewish root. And the great thing about that is: all you have to do to defeat the Jew is talk about the Jew! That's it!"

Daily Stormer, January 10, 2019 [239]

Daily Stormer, December 21, 2018 [240]

Article: "Jewish Merchants of Sin and Porn, part 9: Jews and Porn"

"The bottom line, as far as I see it, is this: Yes, the Jews are largely responsible for the mess we're in. But, it is up to us to get ourselves out of it — nobody is going to do it for us. If we are not strong enough to reject pornography and degeneracy in our own personal lives, then we will perish as a people and will not have deserved to live in the first place. If this is our fate, going to our grave pointing at the Jew as the reason for our downfall is not going to cut it, and frankly is a weak and pathetic way to go down. We know what the Jews are. This series and endless amounts of other books and articles unmask them, as do their own words and actions. They are our enemy. Will we again find who and what we are and overcome them, or will they succeed in destroying us and everything we hold dear? Only time will tell. I know I for one will die on my feet before kneeling to these parasites, and I know plenty of other men who are filled with the same resolve. Our numbers are growing by the day. I hope you will join us in this great struggle, if you haven't already. It will be the best choice you've ever made. I promise you that."

National Vanguard, December 16, 2018 [241]

Daily Stormer, December 16, 2018 [242]

Daily Stormer, December 4, 2018 [243]

"After they get rid of the faggots, they should do something about this witch epidemic"

"[the surveillance team would be using social media to hunt down same-sex couples in his district.]. [He also encouraged people to hand over names of anyone they suspected of being gay so authorities could investigate.]. I never thought the day would come when I wished politicians in my own country would be more like those in Tanzania."

"Giving these monkeys the White man's medical technology is one of the worst mistakes in the history of this planet, and them giving it up themselves is great news no matter how you look at it. We need to start a trolling campaign telling these niggers that vaccines turn you into a faggot and aspirin turns their good juju into bad juju. It's time to correct the historical mistake of helping these things breed to infinity."

Daily Stormer, November 3, 2018 [244]



Registration Question for the Niggremania Forum [245]

Chimpmania, February 2019 [246]

Article: "Is the Zionist Movement Leading Global Dominance?"

"I do want to state this, as far as the global Zionist movement, Israel is not running it. Israel is a project… it's just a working project… [the] Zion movement is run out the United States of America (a member of the panel replies "The Shah of Iran said that").. the power is in the USA… Zionist power is in America."

"Theodor Hertzel, the father of Zionism…  the early Zionists said 'we have no need of a Massiah… we're tired of waiting for a Massiah… we don't need a Massiah… we will be our own Massiah' That's what Israel's all about. Jews saying 'we will be our own Massiah, we don't need god and we don't need a Massiah. We will build our own Zionist empire.' That's exactly what they were trying to do two-thousand years ago, it is why they crucified Jesus Christ. (panel comment: 'Isn't that literally what Satan did?')."

"Zionism is, in my view… I have come to the conclusion that Zionism is the evil force that takes over the world in the last days and persecutes the body of Christ and makes war against the saints.. Jesus said… he told his disciples 'they will drag you into the Islamic mosque… they will drag you into the Shinto-shrines… he said they will drag you into Buddhist temples… he said they'll take you into the Moose-Club… they'll take you into the synagogues!' We were warned by Jesus Christ what's gonna happen to us, and who's gonna do it… and it's not Muslims who're gonna kill us, it's Jews! That's what the lord Jesus Christ told us." 

Truenews, February 20, 2019 [247]

Red Ice, February 5, 2019 [248], February 4, 2019 [249]

Article: "Colored Savage Stomps on White Nurse's Head Almost 40 Times, Leaves Her to Die Underneath Car"

Quote: "This creature totally babooned out on this poor nurse. Presumably, it was her punishment for being white."

Comment: "This is why every state needs the death penalty."

"he spent a lot of time with her body. Did they run a rape kit. Niggers often rape dead and near dead people. Probably told him 'Piss off. I'm married.'''

"This woman's picture should be on the front page of this site for everyone to see with a headline that says beautiful white nurse killed by nigger savage or something similar. We cant let stories like this get swept under the rug. The Daily Stormer should be raising hell over this one,not just business as usual"

"These apes WANT to go to prison and hang around and be faggots with their monkey chums. Need to fix that and just bring lynching back. Or just an efficient death sentence that gets carried out right after sentencing. In cases like this, where the homicidal chimp proudly admits the crime, just fucking shoot them on the spot."

Daily Stormer, February 1, 2019 [250]

Article: "Congoid Space Fantasies"

Quotes: "Racism by a more capable race, with respect to an inferior race, is sensible and, usually, defensive. Racists have learned a lesson about slavery — namely, that it doesn't last; the slaves eventually are freed, and that is when the trouble begins. So today White racists don't want any slaves. They just don't want to have any other race around them, so they can be in their country all by themselves."

"The point, however, is that the superior races (Whites and Asians) are the key to getting these things done. The inferior races (Blacks and most Browns) aren't necessary. If the inferior races were to disappear entirely, the superior races would still go into outer space. If the superior races were to disappear entirely, the inferior races would be stuck on Earth, with crumbling infrastructure that they don't know how to fix or to replace, and within a few generations they would be back in the Stone Age."

"No African country has ever launched anything into orbit. And, probably, no African country ever will. Their brains are too small. Their IQs are too low."

"The superior races can figure out how to achieve space flight. The inferior races cannot. It's the classic example of separating the high from the low, the good from the bad, the men from the boys."

National Vanguard, January 28, 2019 [251]

Diversity Macht Frei, January 27, 2019 [252]

Article: "Her name is Brooke Joiner: Young White Mother Murdered by Black Career Criminal in Southern Georgia"

National Vanguard, November 26, 2018 [253]

Article: "TruNews Looks at Jewish Contribution to Legalized Abortion (part 2)"

"Judaism teaches that an unborn baby is merely water; Jews do not believe an unborn baby is a human being; they don't believe the unborn baby has a soul; Judaism teaches that a baby may be killed seconds before birth. And this is the law in the land of America today."

"The great divide in America over abortion isn't political, it's actually a clash of two religions – Judaism and Christianity. Christians believe life begins at conception, Jews believe life begins at birth. And that is the great divide. When American culture was deeply influenced by Christian morality and values, abortion was illegal; after American culture transitioned over the past 50 years to Jewish morality and values, abortion became legal. Jews, who compromise 2% of the American population, overcame their numerical disadvantage in the United States, and successfully persuaded the American people to change their views and adopt and accept Jewish morality and values. Consequently, that's why America has taken a sharp, extreme turn to the political left, and now accepts abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, pornography, transgenderism, socialized health-care, gun-control and banning of Christian prayers and crosses and emblems in public places. All of these issues are heavily supported, promoted and funded by America's Jewish population." 

"The simple truth is that American Jews outsmarted and outworked American Christians over the past 100 years, and they radically transformed American society. Evangelical Christians lost the culture war. We now live in a post-Christian society that is now a Jewish dominated culture."

Trunews, January 24, 2019 [254]

"…listen to the fucking hubris of that statement 'Donald (Trump), I'd like you to hold back and give us some time to talk about it…' who the fuck are you, Jared Kushner?.. .you're a 35-year-old little fucking piss-ant, but because he's a Jew and because he thinks he's better than everybody else and he's got this Jewish supremacy, he can sit there and tell Donald what to do."

FTN, January 22, 2019 [255]

Article: "A National Emergency Needs to be Declared to Shut Down the Lying Jewish Media"


"If you are tired of fake news, you should be angry at the Jews. They are the racial group responsible for spreading the vast majority of all the lies and propaganda we see on a daily basis. The Jewish media is very harmful to the country and needs to be shut down by the government."

"The Jewish media has gotten so out of control that a national emergency needs to be declared to shut them all down."


Daily Stormer, January 21, 2019 [256]

Minds, January 10, 2019 [257]

YouTube comments in 'Demographics: Policy, not Destiny', TRS (The Right Stuff) Radio, Jan 8, 2019 [258]

David Duke and Eric Striker Discussing President Trump

Duke: "It's amazing he's done what he's done, you know, Eric, because I mean he's so surrounded by this deep embedded Jewish deep state… all around him. Even his in-laws… people have been saying 'Trump's no good because he let his daughter marry…'"

Striker: "You can't control who your daughter marries..."

Duke: "Well exactly. Yeah, I don't think he likes the fact that his daughter married into a Jewish crime family, right? Convicted fraudsters and all the rest..."

Eric Striker: "No, absolutely. Do you think Trump likes the idea of his wealth someday being in some Jew's hands? Of course he doesn't."

David Duke and Eric Striker Jan 3, 2019 [259]

Quotes: "The Hippocratic Oath was altered in the 1960s by the Jews. It used to read: 'Do no harm, except to the kikes, those you should kill with impunity.''

"By necessity, we are forming a secret army."

"right now, most people do believe this insane gibberish about fake shower room insecticide chambers. But more and more, people are thinking 'that doesn't really seem like such a bad idea.'"

"The day is coming when all our people will stand together against this satanic menace."

Daily Stormer, January 2, 2019 [260]

Quotes: "Jews should be kept away from children – including their own. Their urge to molest them is simply too great."

"Stories like these should serve as a reminder that every single pogrom of Jews in history has been completely justified."

"Jewish infestation of your local community is a constant threat. If you see something, say something. Remember, only you can prevent kikery, kids"

Daily Stormer, December 15, 2018 [261]

Article: "Jews Get Another Holocaust Day: the Portuguese Must Bow Down"

"I've made the point before but it needs reiterating because the Jews keep lying about it: the inquisition had no power over Jews. Its powers applied only to professing Christians. So when modern Jews claim their ancestors suffered under the Inquisition, they are implicitly admitting that these Jews were not real Christians, but only pretending to be. In other words, they are admitting that the Inquisition was right when it punished them for being fake Christians. Either that, or they are using a definition of Jewishness based purely on genes and not faith."


National Vanguard, December 13, 2018 [262]


"If there's one thing I can say about Palestinians, it's that they're really bad at killing Jews. Seriously, they live right next to them, they have nothing to live for and their only goal in life is to kill Jews, and they can't even manage to kill any Jews. Finally a guy shot some."

"This guy has a gun. And is able to access a crowd of Jews. And kills zero Jews. He shoots a pregnant woman in the stomach and the baby survives. This people are absolutely terrible at killing Jews."

Daily Stormer, December 11, 2018 [263]

Article: "New Jersey: The Blatant Jewish Takeover Continues"


"How much more will Jews — who are unquestionably the world's, nation's, and state's wealthiest ethnic group already — steal from increasingly impoverished Whites? Answer: as much as they can, until we organize and put a stop to it."

National Vanguard, January 9 [264]

Diversity Macht Frei, December 22, 2018 [265]


"This vile Jew is just angry this child died so he couldn't rape it. Look at him. Why do you imagine a man who looks like that has an interest in 7-year-old children? Jews are child-rapists. And these known child-rapists want to pretend like white Border Patrol agents would literally murder a child on purpose."

Daily Stormer, December 15, 2018 [266], December 10, 2018 [267]


Daily Stormer, November 24, 2018 [268]

Article: "Kristallnacht as a Jewish False-Flag Operation"

"The violence of Kristallnacht has been greatly exaggerated…."

"A conspiracy of Zionist Jews instigated the violence [of  Kristallnacht] so that the British government would not ban Jewish immigration to Palestine."


National Vanguard, November 24, 2018 [269]

Article: "Broadway Jews and Darwinian Selection"

"The Jewish power structure created this sick display, and choreographed it in detail for White families and children to see — and embrace its sick message, and feel demoralized and outnumbered if they oppose it. The play was written by Matthew Sklar, a Jew, and Chad Beguelin, a homosexual. Jews may have miscalculated, though. They often do. True, they have massively reduced the number of normal, healthy successful marriages among White people. Their program of White genocide is real and ongoing, and the promotion of abnormal sexuality is part of that. But they are also forcing a kind of Darwinian selection on our race."

National Vanguard, November 24, 2018 [270]

Article: "Oz: Faggots Shut Down Wedding Magazine Run by Normal People"

"[Photographer Lara Hotz said she felt 'extremely hurt' by the magazine's rejection of same-sex wedding shoots following the introduction of same-sex marriage]. Why would you expect normal people to treat degenerates the same way they treat other normal people, you filthy dyke? Going by the name and the whining, she might also be a kikette, but I couldn't find anything for sure about that."

"Its actually really easy to understand once one properly views homos for what they are… mentally ill individuals. They aren't normal and they know it. That's why they have to demand people accept them constantly. Its a constant battle against the natural order."

Daily Stormer, November 19, 2018 [271]

"Where's a raghead [i.e. a Muslim] with a truck of peace [referring to "religion of peace"] when you really need one [to run over the marchers]?"

"Such a glorious achievement… Brainwashing children into disgusting degeneracy."

" …this isn't about MEN being taught to desire other men, this is about rewiring children's brains to think that homosexual sex is just as good and valid as heterosexual sex, before the child's identity or sexuality has properly formed. You sow a few seeds into a child's mind, and he will be less resistant to an older boy's requests, or if he has a moment of sexual insecurity with his hormones raging at the age of 15, he might be tempted to experiment, where previously social censure would have kept him away from such a life-destroying decision. Even if he doesn't cross the rubicon into sexual inversion, a gay-agenda education will help to lower his barriers against seeing gays or gay behaviour as a problem, when so much of the gay nature is naturally subversive and society-wrecking. A strong society has a healthy prejudice against those who cannot be trusted to uphold its norms, and a marxist education would remove these natural defences. This is all about the state abusing its power of authority to fuck with little children's minds and their perceptions of what is good and wholesome, not about persuading 30-year-old men to start sucking D."

Daily Stormer, November 12, 2018 [272]

Article: "Did Jews Provoke the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting?"

"…influential Jews understood that suppression of perfectly legal mass-demonstrations would lead to illegal alternate activities: sporadic acts of violence that could be prosecuted. Apparently, a synagogue-shooting is just the kind of thing that they wanted. Of course, the crime is also exploited as an impetus for intensified censorship."

"An activist who correctly believes that Whites have a right to exist can feel a bit apprehensive about distributing flyers and may even become frustrated to the point where someone (like Robert Bowers) just snaps. So yes, that Jews themselves create the conditions on a large, nation-wide scale for a mass shooting does seem to have merit."

National Vanguard, November 7, 2018 [273]

Tight Rope Records, 'Nigger Jokes' [274]

*Michael Davis is a Research Fellow at MEMRI.

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