August 9, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6563

One Year After JCPOA: Iran-U.S. Relations According To Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

August 9, 2016
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 6563

To mark the first anniversary of Adoption Day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the office of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei released, on July 20 and 25, two collections, in English, of excerpts from his speeches in recent years about the U.S., its values, its attitude towards Iran, Islam, and humanity, and how to act with it. The collections, accompanied by graphics, included links to the full text of some of the speeches. Then, on August 1, Khamenei gave a virulent anti-U.S. speech, underlining that dealing with the Americans " is a deadly poison for us," that the Americans are "malicious," that the U.S. is an enemy that "has no scruples about breaking his promises," and that "it is not possible to negotiate with this enemy." He added, "The reason why I have been repeating for many years that we will not negotiate with America is this"; that "America is the Great Satan. This description is really an excellent description"; that the Americans "have acknowledged that they have helped create DAESH [i.e. ISIS] in order to create discord inside the Islamic Ummah"; and that "there is a serious accusation that the coup d'état that was launched in Turkey was masterminded by the Americans."

It will be recalled that in the past year Khamenei has reiterated several times his ban on relations with the U.S. except for on the nuclear issue, and that members of the Iranian negotiating team have repeatedly said that they had met the conditions set out by Khamenei.[1]

In the July 20 and 25 excerpts from speeches, Khamenei stressed that the U.S. says that it is acting in the name of the "American values" of democracy and progress, that is, for peace and stability in the world, but that in fact, he says, it is creating "civil wars, blind religious fanaticism, political instability, the spread of barbaric terrorism, the emergence of extremist groups and movements that cut at chests and chew the hearts of humans."  It "backs [the] most vicious, most barbaric terrorists in Syria," he said, along with the most tyrannical and barbaric regimes, as well as oppression, wars, rule over others, and terrorism. The slogan of "Death to America" is no longer unique to Iran but is chanted by many peoples, he added, noting that the U.S. and Israel are behind the worst crimes against the civilian population in Syria, including the beheading of children.

This paper will present the two collections of excerpts from July 20 and 25, 2016, as well as excerpts focusing on the U.S. from his August 1, 2016 speech, as released in English by Khamenei's office.


"U.S. Backs Most Vicious, Most Barbaric Terrorists In Syria: Ayatollah Khamenei," July 20, 2016

Five days previously, on July 20, 2016, Khamenei's office released a collection of excerpts, headlined "U.S. Backs Most Vicious, Most Barbaric Terrorists In Syria." The following are the excerpts, in the original English. [2]

"They are defending the most vicious and most barbaric terrorists. They are helping them, whether in Syria or in Iraq. And this help is given to them directly or indirectly. (Ayatollah Khamenei, November 25, 2015)."

"A glance at the situation in Southwest Asian countries, from Pakistan to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, to Palestine and the Persian Gulf countries, as well as countries in North Africa including; Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and a few more countries, will shed light on many realities. Civil wars, blind religious fanaticism, political instability, the spread of barbaric terrorism, the emergence of extremist groups and movements that cut at chests and chew the hearts of humans - the way barbarian tribes in history would do - armed individuals who kill children and women, behead men and rape women, in some cases they even commit all these despicable, shameful crimes in the name and under the flag of religion; these are all the products of the satanic and arrogant plots, committed by foreign security service and agents of their allied governments in the region. Additionally, they happen on the domestic prone fields of each of these countries, bringing about days of tragedy to these nations. Undoubtedly, under such conditions, it cannot be expected that Muslim countries compensate for their financial and spiritual shortcomings; achieving security, welfare, scientific growth and international dignity, which are gained as a result of awakening and self-identification. The grieving situation can abort the Islamic awakening and halt the spiritual preparations, created in the Muslim world; once again, pushing Muslim nations into recessions, isolation and decline for years; hence, making them forget about their main issues, like that of saving Palestine, and saving Muslim nations from U.S and Zionist encroachment. (Ayatollah Khamenei, October 14, 2013)."'

"The corrupt hands of U.S., NATO and Zionism, with the help of their agents in the region, created the Syrian crisis; they created it, in order to make the nations forget about the main issues of their own countries, and the dangers that await them; therefore, they divert their attention to the bloody event they have, deliberately, created. The civil war in Syria and the murder of Muslim youth by their peers are transgressions created by the U.S. and Zionist, including the states that obey them and fuel the conflict. (Ayatollah Khamenei, October 25, 2012)."

"Do 'American Values' Still Exist Out There? Ayatollah Khamenei Asks," July 25, 2016

The collection of excerpts released July 25, 2016 on Khamenei's website was titled 'Do 'American Values' still exist out there? Ayatollah Khamenei asks' and headed with a graphic of the Statue of Liberty, a man with a bloody knife bearing aloft a severed head, and the heading: 'U.S. Backs Most Vicious, Most Barbaric Terrorists In Syria - Ayatollah Khamenei.' The following is the image and the text, in the original English:[3], July 25, 2016.

"As for America's intellectual and rational state - after all, a government or a nation relies on the intellectual principles that it presents. Money alone does not bring about credibility for nations: there is a need for ideas. The Americans used to say that they had a set of 'principles,' that they had a set of 'values,' 'American values.' They used to create uproar in the world for the sake of these principles and values. Notice what has happened to American values today. (Ayatollah Khamenei's Speech to Students, October 31, 2012)."

"America is condemned in the world. The American government does not enjoy widespread credibility among the people of any country. 'Death to America' is not just a slogan that is particular to the Iranian nation. This slogan is chanted in many other countries as well. A government that supports oppression, war, accumulation of weapons, domination of nations, bullying and interference in the affairs of all countries has acquired such a bad reputation and this is another sign. Therefore, change in the world is inescapable. There are other signs as well, but I will not discuss them in this meeting. This is one point. (Ayatollah Khamenei's Speech to Professors, August 12, 2012)."

"The enemy's weak points - his ideological and practical weak points - should be identified and presented to those individuals who require such presentation. The enemies of the Islamic Revolution are the same people who entered the region 10, 15 years ago with the slogan of providing security. Take a look today and see where in the region security exists! Insecurity has engulfed the entire region. West Asia and North Africa are filled with insecurity.

"When they attacked Afghanistan, their slogan was fighting against terrorism, but today, terrorism has engulfed the entire region - and what terrorism it is! It is a kind of savage and violent terrorism, one in which individuals burn people - their enemies - alive and in front of everyone. And then they use different technical means to display this directly to the people throughout the world. It is this kind of terrorism. Today, takfiri elements are like this. They kill a child in front of its mother and they kill parents in front of their children. They had come to eliminate terrorism from the region with this slogan and claim. I am not saying that this was their real goal, rather this was their slogan- but where in the region does terrorism not exist in the present time? "They had come - as they claimed - to establish democracy. Today, the most reactionary, dictatorial and tyrannical regimes are standing upright and continuing their crimes with the help of America and its allies. This is really one of the major problems of America. Today, this problem has entangled American politicians as well. They have really gotten stuck in it. They are supporting such regimes. Over the course of many years, their anti-dictatorship slogans and claims to support human rights have been repudiated because of the existence of such regimes. In the present time, this issue has posed serious questions among American intellectuals, political personalities and thinkers and they have no answers for them.

"This enemy is such a creature! This is how the issue of human rights, democracy, terrorism, security and peace has worked out for the enemy who is in front of us. They used to say that they were fighting for peace, but which peace? They have polluted the whole region with war. Where in the region does war not exist? This is the enemy. He whom the Revolution is confronting and he whom you are standing up against is this! It is this creature with all these contradictions, all these weak points and all these ideological and practical shortcomings. One of the characteristics of guarding the Revolution is to open our eyes and to see these things. (Ayatollah Khamenei, September 16, 2015)."

"Our Problems With America Are Not Solved By Negotiations" - August 1, 2016, August 1, 2016.

In a particularly virulent anti-U.S. speech on August 1, 2016, published, in English, under the headline "Our Problems With America Are Not Solved By Negotiations," Khamenei spoke at "a meeting with people from various social backgrounds" whom he addressed as "different groups of our dear people [who] have come from the four corners of the country and from various provinces... from the southeast to the northwest of the country and from various tribes - Fars, Turk, Kurd, Baluch."  He said:[4]

"...Sometimes, the enemies create some obstacles. It is a wise course of action for us to go and eliminate these obstacles with acumen. But the enemy cannot be trusted. One example of this is the nuclear negotiations and the Bar-Jaam [JCPOA]. Today, the officials in charge of our own diplomacy and those who were present in the nuclear negotiations from the first day to the last are saying that America has broken its promises. With its calm appearance and with the soft and glib tongue of its officials, America is damaging us from behind the scene. It is preventing our country from establishing economic relations with other countries. This is being said by the officials in charge of the Bar-Jaam. Of course, this is something that I have been repeatedly saying since a year, a year and a half ago. I have been saying that the Americans cannot be trusted. It was difficult for some individuals to accept this, but today, our officials themselves are saying this.

"Just last week, our honorable negotiators had a meeting with the other sides in Europe. Our officials said the same things to them and they had nothing to say in response. Our negotiators said to them that they have broken such and such promises, that they have committed such and such wrongdoings, that they have failed to do what they were supposed to do and that they have stabbed us in the back in such and such ways, but they had nothing to say in response. Six months have passed since the Bar-Jaam was signed, but no tangible and palpable effect has been witnessed in the living conditions of the people. This is while the goal of the Bar-Jaam was to lift the sanctions. Its goal was to lift the oppressive sanctions. Was its goal something other than this? Well, those sanctions have not been lifted.

"Now, they are saying that things are becoming better gradually and little by little. Was the issue about little by little? On that day, officials said both to us and to the people that in the negotiations, the goal is to lift the sanctions at once when Iran fulfils its commitments. In other words, the goal was to eliminate the obstacle that America had created on the path of the people of Iran in an oppressive and vicious manner. Now, six months have passed from that day, but that obstacle has not been eliminated yet. Is six months a short time for an eighty-million country? During these six months, if it had not been for this American viciousness, would the honorable administration have done little work?

"The Bar-Jaam became an example and an experience for us. Last year - it was last year or a year and a half ago: I do not remember the exact date - I said in a public speech that the Bar-Jaam and the nuclear negotiations will serve as an example for us to see what the Americans do [Supreme Leader's speech delivered on April 9, 2015, in a meeting with the panegyrists of Ahlul Bayt]. I said that we should see what these people - who use soft and glib words, who sometimes write a letter to show their respect and their cooperation and who speak to officials with a glib tongue in consultative meetings and in negotiations - do in practice.

"Now, it has become clear what they do in practice! On the face of it, they give promises and they speak with a soft and glib tongue, but in practice, they hatch plots, damage us and prevent the progress of our affairs. This is America and this is an experience. In the present time, the Americans are asking us to go and speak to them about regional matters. Well, this experience tells us that this is a deadly poison for us.

"This experience showed us that we cannot speak to them, on any matter, like a trustworthy party. Sometimes, you speak to your enemy, but you do it with an enemy who is committed to his statements so much so that you can be sure that he will not violate his promises and his commitments with any excuse. You can speak to this enemy. However, when it is proved that the enemy is malicious, one that has no scruples about breaking his promises, that smiles and speaks with a soft and glib tongue, and that justifies his actions when you ask him why he has broken his promises, then you should know that it is not possible to negotiate with this enemy. The reason why I have been repeating for many years that we will not negotiate with America is this. This shows that our problems with America and the likes of America on this matter, on regional matters and on various other matters are not solved through negotiations. We ourselves should choose a path and then take it. You should make the enemy to run after you. You should make him to run after you.

"The officials of our political and diplomatic affairs are explicitly saying that the Americans want to take everything, but give nothing in return! If you take one step backward, they take one step forward. When we constantly say that we will not negotiate, some people say, 'What is wrong with negotiations?' Well, this is the problem with negotiations. Such negotiations will make you deviate from your correct path and they will take concessions away from you. When you negotiate, this means that you should give a concession and get another in return. This is the meaning of negotiations. Negotiation does not mean gathering somewhere to engage in a friendly chat and to tell jokes. Negotiation means giving something and taking something else in return. However, he takes from you what you should give, but refuses to give what he should give to you. He acts in a bullying manner.

"'Arrogant' means this. 'Global arrogance' means this. It means bullying, considering oneself as superior, refusing to be committed to one's promises and regarding oneself as free of any commitment. This is the meaning of arrogance. Arrogant individuals go back on their promises.  Well, our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) said that America is the Great Satan. This description is really an excellent description. Allah the Exalted quotes Satan saying to those who followed him, 'And Satan will say when the matter is decided, "It was Allah Who gave you a promise of truth. I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you."' (The Holy Quran, 14:22). On Judgment Day, Satan says to his followers, 'God gave you a true and genuine promise, but you did not follow His promise and you did not stick to it. I gave you a false promise and you followed me! I broke my promise to you. I gave you a promise and I violated it.'

"Satan blames his followers on Judgment Day like this. Then, Allah the Exalted quotes Satan saying to his followers, 'Then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls' (The Holy Quran, 14:22). He says to them that they should blame themselves, not him. In the present time, this is completely true in the case of America. Satan says this on Judgment Day, and the Americans say it today in this world. They give promises, but they do not act on them. They take a concession that is in cash, but they do not give the one that is on credit. This is America's condition. Therefore, others should not be trusted...

"As for regional matters, the region has become a turbulent region today. When we take a look at it, we see America's footprint again. The Saudi government has publicly established relations with the Zionist regime and it has made its comings and goings official. This is stabbing the Islamic Ummah in the back. There is no doubt that what the Saudis have done - overt relations with the Zionist regime - is really a dagger that has been pushed into the body of the Islamic Ummah from behind. They have committed high treason. They have committed a sin. However, on this matter too, America's hand is involved. Because the Saudi government follows America, because it is possessed by it, and because it obeys its orders, it has made this grave mistake. America is involved on this matter too.

"Or when you witness that it is almost a year and a half now that Yemen has been under bombardment, is this a minor event? They are constantly bombarding a country. And they are not bombarding its military centers, rather they are bombarding its markets, hospitals, public squares and schools and the people's houses and gatherings. This is not a minor event, rather it is a very grave crime. They do not understand what the month of Ramadan and a month of haraam are and they do not differentiate between children and adults. They have murdered so many children! Well, this is a grave crime as well which has unfortunately been committed by the Saudi government. However, they have done so with the support of America, with its approval and with its weapons - the weapons and ammunitions that are from America.

"It is they who are providing them will all the resources. Even when the United Nations wants to say something in this regard - now, after a lifetime of silence, it has decided to say something true and to condemn this course of action - they shut its mouth with money, with threats and with pressure. This poor and infamous Secretary General of the United Nations acknowledged that they have exerted pressure on him. Well, if they pressured you and if you cannot fulfill your duty, why do you not resign? Why do you stay there and betray humanity? This is betraying humanity! America is involved on this matter as well.

"On the issue of Bahrain, when a foreign army comes to Bahrain from another country in order to pressure the people of Bahrain, here too, America has given its green light. The Saudi government is a government that is being managed by children: by silly children in the real sense of the word. The Saudi government is in their hands. However, what one understands after analyzing and witnessing all the issues is that this is really being done by the Americans and with their support.

"The same is true of these takfiri groups. In the present time, they claim that they have formed a coalition against takfiri groups. Of course, even right now, they are not doing anything against them. According to the reports that we have received, they even help them in some places. However, the creation of these groups goes back to America. Some American officials have acknowledged this. They have acknowledged that they have helped create DAESH [i.e. ISIS] in order to create discord inside the Islamic Ummah and in order to promote Umayyad and Marwani Islam. This Wahhabi and takfiri Islam is the same as Umayyad and Marwani Islam! It is a kind of Islam that is miles away from real Islam. They have made Islam disreputable. Of course, they themselves are suffering from the consequences of their actions as well. It is well-known in Farsi that 'Anyone who plants a wind will reap a storm.' Now, they are gradually reaping a storm. But this is their fault anyway. It was they who did so.

"The same is true of other matters. The Americans claim that they want to solve regional problems, but in reality, it is the opposite of this. They themselves have created or intensified these problems. They are a barrier to solving the problems. If things are in the hands of regional peoples, they will resolve the problems on their own. Once more, we would like to invite the Islamic and Arab governments which are around us to avoid trusting America. They should know that America is not trustworthy. America looks at them as a tool: a tool for preserving the Zionist regime and their own arrogant outlook and interests in the region. In reality, America is not interested in them in any way. It uses their money and their resources for its own interests. It uses them in order to create a rampart for itself, to preserve the Zionist regime and uphold its own arrogant goals in the region. This is what they are doing.

"On the issue of regional events, in my opinion, the solution is that Muslim nations and Muslim governments become united and show resistance in the face of the goals of arrogance, America and some European governments. Some European governments made themselves disreputable by following America. This way, they made themselves fall out of favor with regional nations. Well, some European governments were even respected by our people - the people of Iran - but they made themselves disreputable by following America. Their goals should be identified and then our movement should be launched against their goals. Nations can do so. And of course, our nation has stood firm.

"I should add that despite all these statements and analyses, America is becoming weaker in the region on a daily basis. Its plans have been revealed and it is clear what it is after: It is after interfering in the affairs of different countries. And it is not the case that it only shows enmity towards us and that it is friends with others. This is not the case. You witnessed what happened in Turkey. Of course, in our opinion, it has not been proved yet that America was involved there, but there is a serious accusation that the coup d'état that was launched in Turkey was masterminded by the Americans. If this is proved, this will be a big scandal for America.

"Turkey was a country that had good relations with America. It used to say that it is America' ally in the region, but they are not even prepared to get along with Turkey. This is because there is an Islamic orientation there. They are opposed to Islam and to an Islamic orientation. This is why they launch a coup d'état even in that country. Of course, it was put down. They were defeated and they fell out of favor with the people of Turkey as well. The same is true of other places. Thankfully, they are becoming weaker on a daily basis in Iraq, in Syria and in different other countries as well.

"If we people of Iran are optimistic about the promise that Allah the Exalted has given and if we prepare the ground for that promise, then problems will be solved. God has said, 'If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you' (The Holy Quran, 47:7). If you help God's religion and if you strengthen and aid divine motives, Allah the Exalted will undoubtedly help you. No creature in the world can weaken a person who is helped by Allah the Exalted. Such a person will become stronger and more victorious on a daily basis. I hope that Allah the Exalted will help the people of Iran to succeed in all arenas - security, economic, military, political, cultural and scientific arenas - God willing. I hope that He will make you dear people happier and more victorious on a daily basis.

"Greetings be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings."




[1] See statements by Khamenei on anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, June 3 and June 5, 2016; March 10, 2016, and October 16, 2015, See also September 9, 2015 statements warning that the U.S. is "worse than Satan," MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6156, Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei: 'In 25 Years There Will Be No Such Thing As The Zionist Regime In The Region'; America Is Worse Than Satan, September 9, 2015.

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