May 5, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8735

'Once Upon A Virus' - Arabic-Language Chinese TV Airs Animation Mocking U.S. Response To COVID-19

May 5, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8735

On May 4, 2020 CGTN Arabic (China) published an Arabic-subtitled version of an animated clip titled "Once Upon a Virus," which was originally posted by Xinhua News Agency (New China TV) on Twitter on April 30, 2020. In the animated clip, a facemask-wearing Lego figurine of a Chinese terracotta soldier, representing China, warns the world about the dangerous new COVID-19. It says that people should wear masks and stay at home and that China's response successfully brought the situation in China under control. At the same time, a Lego figurine of the Statue of Liberty, representing the United States, argues against and mocks the Chinese figurine's statements and says that making people stay at home is a violation of human rights, that China didn't warn the U.S. about the coronavirus, that a new hospital that China built is a concentration camp, that China is a backward third-world country, and that the coronavirus will "magically go away" in April. The Statue of Liberty figurine is then shown "getting sick," and it subsequently accuses China of having lied to the world, and of having omitted information and provided false data. The Statue of Liberty figurine said: "Because the WHO agrees with China, we're cutting [its] funding… We are always correct, even though we contradict ourselves." The Chinese figurine responded: "Gosh, just listen to yourself… That's what I love about you Americans – your consistency."

To view the clip of the Chinese animated clip on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

China: "Building Temporary Hospitals"; U.S.: "It's A Concentration Camp"; China: "Time To Lock Down"; U.S.: "How Barbaric"

Narrator: "December."

China: "Strange pneumonia cases reported."

World Health Organization: "Roger that."

Narrator: "January."

China: "We discovered a new virus."

United States:  "So what?"

China: "It's dangerous."

U.S.: "It's only a flu."

China: "Wear a mask."

U.S: "Don't wear a mask."

China: "Stay at home."

U.S.: "It's violating human rights."

China: "Building temporary hospitals."

U.S.: "It's a concentration camp."

China: "Built in ten days."

U.S.: "Show off!!"

China: "Time to lock down."

U.S.: "How barbaric."

China: "It's Overwhelming Our Medical System"; U.S.: "Look How Backward China Is"; China: "Everyone Stay At Home"; U.S.: "Violation Of Human Rights"

Narrator: "February."

China: "It's overwhelming our medical system."

U.S.: "Look how backward China is."

China: "The virus is killing doctors."

U.S.: "Typical third world."

China: "It's airborne."

U.S.: "It will magically go away in April."

China: "Everyone stay at home."

U.S.: "Violation of human rights."

U.S.: "You Lied To Us"; China: "We Made Our Data Public"; U.S.: "You Kept Everything Secret"

Narrator: "March."

China: "Our numbers are now dropping."

U.S.: "Impossible!! Look at Italy!"

China: "We wore masks."

U.S.: "You lied to us."

China: "We made our data public."

U.S.: "You kept everything secret."

China: "Your people are now dying."

U.S.: "You didn't warn us."

China: "We said it was dangerous."

U.S.: "You lied!"

U.S.: "We Are Always Correct. Even Though We Contradict Ourselves"

Narrator: "April."

China: "We said it was airborne."

U.S.: "You gave false data. Why didn't you warn us?"

China: "We said it was dangerous."

U.S. "The virus is not dangerous, but millions of Chinese are dead. Even though the virus is not dangerous. We are correct. Even though we contradict ourselves."

China: "Gosh!! Just listen to yourself."

U.S.: "That's right. You lied! We did nothing for three months, and because the WHO [World Health Organization] agrees with China, we're cutting funding for the WHO."

China: "Are you listening to yourselves?"

U.S.: "We are always correct. Even though we contradict ourselves."

China: "That's what I love best about you Americans. Your consistency."

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