December 10, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2687

Official Friday Sermons from Sudan: Our Son Obama Hussein is Taking the Same Path as His Predecessor & Has Succumbed to Zio-Christianity; He Should Acknowledge That the Jews Carried Out 9/11; The Twin Towers Will Be Rebuilt in Israel; Hurricane Katrina was Allah's Curse of the Jews on America; America Must Follow Benjamin Franklin's Warning Again

December 10, 2009
Sudan | Special Dispatch No. 2687

The following are official Friday sermons by Sudanese Sheikh Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri, the imam of the Shahid Mosque in Khartoum and a member of the Sudanese Islamic Scholars Authority, as well as one of the most influential preachers in Sudan. The sermons aired on Sudan's main television channel, from 2004 through October 30, 2009.

October 30, 2009: Since the Dawn of History, the Jews Are Destined to Spread Corruption In The World

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Sheikh Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri: "Our history with Christianity is one of friendship, while our history with Judaism is a history of war – not because of their sectarian affiliation, but because of the corrupt Jewish scheme. From the dawn of history to this day, they are destined to spread corruption in the land.

"We want the world to see Islam's relations with the other religions in the proper light, in order to achieve world peace. The bloody conflicts in the world today are because we live in 'Israeli' times. Israel is recruiting the Christian world against Islam, and this causes a rift in international relations.


"Just as the Jews tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad, they tried to kill Christ, and according to their faith, they indeed killed and crucified him. Despite this, the Jews were granted a pardon. Moreover, the West today is seeking absolution for the Holocaust by trying to serve the Israeli entity. They are seeking absolution for the historical Holocaust. The reason is that the Christian belief is linked to Judaism these days. It is called Zio-Christianity.

"This belief resides in the White House, regardless of who occupies it. Some believe in it, like the former U.S. president, and others succumb to it, like the current U.S. president. Therefore, the current U.S. policy is not in its best interests. [Benjamin] Franklin, one of the founders of the American nation, warned them about the Jews 200 years ago, but they did not heed this warning.


"We heard [Obama's] speech in Cairo and were pleased about it. From this podium, we welcomed our son, Obama Hussein, hoping that he would not take the same path as his predecessor. But he is taking the same path."

June 5, 2009: Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri Calls on U.S. "President Hussein" to Acknowledge That The Jews Carried out 9/11

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Sheikh Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri: "As usual, the media focused only on the political aspects of the speech by American President Hussein. They call a man after his father, don't they? Then why shouldn't we call him by the name [Hussein], which belongs to us? They stress the surname, rather than the first name. It wouldn't be a mistake for our media to call him President Hussein.

"What President Hussein said in Cairo... He knew he was being hosted by the Cairo and Al-Azhar universities, and he declared that while Cairo University is 100 years old, Al-Azhar University is over 1,000 years old – back in the days when America wasn't even a dream in the mind of Vasco de Gama...


"We want [Obama] to consider the reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan. Are 19 young men from the Islamic world really capable of destroying America? Can they really cause all that ruin there? Can such a thing happen, Mr. Hussein, President of America?


"We call upon him to examine publications issued in America, casting doubt on whether it was the Arabs and Muslims who attacked the two Manhattan buildings. Some of these publications went as far as to state 'No Plane Hit the Pentagon.'


"How could our young men – from our so-called 'backward' countries – possibly use American airplanes to destroy these buildings, the steel pillars of which are as large as the pillar of this mosque? Imagine this pillar made entirely of steel. Could [the burning] of the plane's fuel destroy such pillars?

"Some experts published photos showing that the buildings had been booby-trapped. Mr. President of America, this booby-trapping – you brought these fighters, who helped you defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan, in order to use them as a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. We want President Hussein to be fair and to study the 9/11 files.


"We consider this to be a Jewish conspiracy. 4,000 Jews were absent from work in this usury center – these two buildings in Manhattan were the World Usury Center. 4,000 Jews were absent from work, so that 4,000 Americans would die. The [Americans] must study the issue of 9/11, so they can apologize for it, just like they apologized for the invasion of Iraq.


"When we listen to such a speech, we should encourage this president, who has certain roots. As I said to a certain TV channel, Obama's arrival in the region is like the arrival of Alex Haley from 'Roots' in Africa in search of his forefathers. [Obama] has ideological roots, because his father is one of ours, and his religion, originally, is our religion. He has a longing for these roots. Otherwise, he would not display such a yearning."

September 2, 2009: Allah's Curse on the Jews Afflicted America; New Orleans Is No Longer "New"

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Sheikh Al-Karouri: "From this mosque we send a message conveying our best wishes to America. If America wants to maintain what is left of its civilization, it must free itself, as we say in Sudan, from the curse of the Jews.

"Our Koran says that this [Jewish] nation is accursed – those who have incurred Allah's wrath. The curse of Israel has afflicted America. In the south of the U.S.....

"The state [sic] called New Orleans is no longer 'new' at all. Four-fifths of this state is underwater, like the relation between land and sea in the world. The insurance companies are asking for over $20 billion to cover what the people of this city or this state insured. Now it has become poor. I was pleased to hear that some Islamic countries have sent a message to America, saying they want to help. "We alternate these days between the people." I hope that Sudan would do the same. Sudan has a lot to offer. Even if we have a shortage of grains, we have a lot of meat. We can offer America sheep, so that it can choose sheep that don't have Mad Cow disease. They like that kind of food. At the very least, we could repay the donors part of what they give us all the time.


"All these are signs. If people want their countries to prosper, they must make peace with Allah and avoid disputing Allah and His prophet."

April 22, 2005: The Jews Are Responsible for the Killing of Christ; The Twin Towers Will Be Rebuilt in Israel

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Sheikh Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri: "We want a pope who will link the suffering of Christ with that of the Jews, because when the pope who just died became very ill, he asked to be read verses from their scriptures about the suffering of Christ. These are the verses that gave him comfort before he died.

"When he went to Israel – and he was the first pope to do so – he cried over the Jews' suffering in a note he inserted in the Wailing Wall.

"How can the Christian world group together the suffering of Christ and the suffering of the Jews? My brother, these sufferings are mutually exclusive. Who caused the suffering of Christ? Who sentenced him to death? Who killed and buried him?

"The pope tells us that Christ was buried. This is according to their scriptures. Our faith is different: '…They did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so…' Who killed Christ and buried him, after his trial? The Jews did.

"Therefore, if the Jews suffered in Germany and in Europe, it was because of the Christian world's hatred of them. The Jews caused the suffering of Christ. So how can a pope ask to be read verses about the suffering of Christ, and then read verses for Israel in order to absolve it of the blood of Christ?

"One of the Pope's achievements was that he absolved Israel of the killing of Christ. Then who did kill Christ? This question can be the topic for a doctoral dissertation: 'Who Killed Christ?'

"If he was indeed killed – and this is documented in the scriptures – who killed Christ? The acknowledgment that Israel is innocent of Christ's blood has strengthened its position and earned the sympathy of the Christian world.

"[The Jews] are now destroying Christianity in America for the sake of Israel. Even the Twin Towers, which were destroyed in Manhattan, are planned to be built in Israel. This tiny people of four million living in a small territory has managed to bring the entire Christian world to ask for forgiveness for what happened to the Jews in Europe."

November 19, 2004: Americans Are Fleeing to Canada Following Bush's Reelection; 1,000 Jews, 37 Rabbis Are Fighting in Falluja

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Sheikh 'Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karuri: "The theory of social liberty was created in the 19th century. A number of writers and philosophers support it, and we won't mention them by name from this pulpit. Whoever studies science and visits libraries knows who they are.

"This theory evolved until the writers of existentialism in the 20th century. Various schools of thought stemmed from it, such as permissiveness and existentialism. Even economic schools of thought adopted social liberty. Socialism was also a school of social liberty. They put their trust in Man's downfall. They didn't say 'downfall,' but they said that society limits people. Especially in the case of sex.

"The first theoretician we mention on this pulpit is Freud. He is the one who claimed that all of Man's urges revolve around the sexual urge. He even claimed that babies have sex when they breastfeed from their mothers. Meaning they don't breastfeed out of hunger or thirst. No, they breastfeed due to a sexual urge. This is extremism. They claimed that the restrictions on this urge have created repression.

"Brothers, I got the following numbers from American sources: There are currently 1,000 Jewish soldiers in Falluja. This is according to American sources. Among them are 37 rabbis. The rabbis raise the morale among the Jewish soldiers fighting in Falluja.

"So America is fighting for Israel. It is not fighting for Iraq's oil, since it has been drilling it for some time.

"The Jews are fighting now. Even before we read the information about Jewish presence in Falluja we thought that storming houses with boots from one house and moving from one house to another by explosions are actions we have already seen in Balata, Jenin, and Rafah. The Jews came to conduct urban warfare on behalf of America, and America is supporting them in exchange. What is America's interest in this mess?

"Many Americans, after their president won a second term, opened a small window towards Canada: The electronic escape window [sic] to Canada has become increasingly popular, because they want to escape the land of freedom and democracy. If America wants to preserve the country it has established, it must listen to [Benjamin] Franklin's advice, who warned them against the Jews. Now the Jews are leading them into these battles and this mess."

August 27, 2004: The U.S. is a Mosquito, The Jews Are a Malaria Microbe

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"All this talk about mosquitoes and microbes reminded me of a political parallel: the [relationship] between the Jews and their patrons in the U.S. The relationship between Israel and the U.S. is like the relationship between the mosquito and the malaria microbe. The mosquito's interest is to suck blood, while the microbe's is to corrupt. It rides on this mosquito and corrupts.

"We advise the U.S. from this pulpit, and it will do as it sees fit. The microbe settles in the mosquito's stomach and tears it up… The malaria microbe settles in the mosquito's stomach and eventually kills it.

"Our advice is like that of [Benjamin] Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers: The malaria microbe known as the Jews, which the U.S. carries in its stomach, will kill it sooner or later.

"I also heard yesterday on TV that the new year budget that the [American] President will present has a deficit of more than $300 billion. Allah be praised, the U.S. budget has a deficit of more than $300 billion. You have all heard what the price of a barrel of oil was. When we in Sudan produced oil, some of the opposition said that it was a mistake because it was only $10 a barrel. Today, the price of a barrel is almost $50.

"Who suffers from this? The mosquito, who needs 20 million barrels a day. The U.S. is the largest importer. It drank up all these barrels of oil from the Gulf and Saudi Arabia even when it was okay, but now the U.S. is not okay. The malaria microbe deludes it into thinking that its interest is to invade Sudan and carry out recurring invasions, because this is the age of imperialism. The microbe has penetrated the body to the marrow. With no comments.

"Let's move to another story about an American state called New Jersey. This official [in NJ] forced the governor to resign because this Israeli was planted in his office, just like they planted that woman for the former U.S. president. The governor of this state admitted in a press conference that he was depraved, and gave up his position in order to protect it.

"This microbe has reached the American bone marrow. Some journalists and intelligent people know this but they can only write a few words. I must read between the lines in order to learn the truth about America's sufferings from the Jews.

"When September the ninth [i.e. 9/11] comes, we will again review the material we handed out about the Jewish thumbprint. Let's say in brief that whether the 9/9 [sic] events and the destruction of the two famous buildings in the U.S. were carried out by Israel's enemies, as the U.S. claims, or by Israeli agents, as we claim, the outcome is the same: the Jews are the cause.

"These Jews hasten America's death. The U.S. must beware. We offer this advice via the TV channels so they won't wake up when it is too late. They must understand this now and dismantle this alliance with the Jews."

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