March 16, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9236

Novosti Commentator Akopov: Russia And China Will Successfully Vaccinate The World Against The 'Political Virus' Of American Exceptionalism

March 16, 2021
Russia, China | Special Dispatch No. 9236

The conservative Novosti commentator Petr Akopov counterposes Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's attempt to build an alliance against the Russian threat and Chinese challenge to the words of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi about Sino-Russian solidarity in the fight against the coronavirus and the "political virus". The globalist American elites are trying to portray China and Russia as the aggressors invoking Navalny and the plight of the Uyghurs. Their efforts will merely serve to drive Russia and China closer together. Russia and China will successfully " vaccinate the world not only against the coronavirus and the "political virus" of American exceptionalism, but also against a falsified reality; the reality in which a defender is made out to be an aggressor, and hegemonic dreams and provocations are passed off as protection of a just world order."

Akopov's column follows below:[1]

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Source: Bigasia.rui

"'China and Russia stand together shoulder to shoulder, and cooperate hand in hand in the fight against the coronavirus infection and the political virus,' said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. He mentioned the 'political virus,' which is being spread amid the pandemic, but did not decipher this concept. However, it is easy to understand what was meant by these words. Because at the very same press conference in Beijing, Wang Yi spoke not only about a need to expand and intensify Russian-Chinese relations (emphasizing that, 'the greater the global turbulence and commotion, the more important it is to promote Sino-Russian cooperation'), but also recommended to the Americans to come to their senses:

"For a long time, the United States has impertinently and continuously interfered in the internal affairs of other countries under the pretext of democracy and protection of human rights. This generates many problems in the world, and in some cases leads to turbulence and conflicts. It is important for the United States to understand this as soon as possible.”

"The last phrase was rhetorical. Obviously, Beijing nourishes no illusions about the possibility of a fundamental change in American policy after the pandemic's conclusion.

"Just the opposite - the pressure on China and Russia will only increase. The term 'political virus' is a complex component, it includes both speculations about the the coronavirus' origins ('the Chinese have infected everyone!'), the competition between vaccines ('the Russian [vaccines] are dangerous!'), the pandemic’s effect on geopolitics ('the vaccines are a new method of Russian and Chinese expansion!'), as well as the very essence of American foreign policy strategy, where interference in a country’s internal affairs is but a means for maintaining US global domination. It is but one technique in a policy of containing competitors. The forms of intervention may change, but the globalist-minded American elite cannot renounce this approach, especially in relations with countries such as Russia and China, the only way of defeating those is to destabilize and weaken them from within.

"Beijing, as well as Moscow, is well aware of this fact. As Wang Yi put it, 'we will jointly fight against any attempts to falsify reality, we will defend our sovereignty and political stability.'

"The falsification of reality also concerns a campaign in the West to present Putin as a poisoner (this campaign lasts for a decade and a half) and Navalny - as a savior, as well as the 'genocide of the Uyghur people' in China's Xinjiang.

"'Russia threatens Europe and the entire world,' 'China threatens Asia and the entire world,' these too are elements of the fake reality, which is being created precisely by those who not only pursue a policy of containing Russia and China at their borders, but in fact pretend to global domination. They don’t even hide their plans and attitude towards China and Russia.

"Lately, the Biden administration published the 'Interim National Security Strategic Guidance.' The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained what is the 'greatest geopolitical test for the United States in the 21st century,' or in other words, 'what is the biggest problem in relation with China'. It is, 'an approach to China from a position of strength.' 

"And the problem here is not China per se, but a desire to maintain the vanishing American world:

"'Whether we like it or not, the world does not organize itself. When the U.S. pulls back, one of two things is likely to happen: either another country takes our place, but not in a way that advances our interests and values; or, maybe just as bad, no one steps up, and then we get chaos and all the dangers it creates. Either way, that’s not good for America.'

"Washington is convinced, that China is the main competitor for the world domination, and therefore it poses the main threat for America:

"'China is the only country, with the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to seriously challenge the stable and open international system — to all the rules, values and relationships that make the world work the way we want it to, because in the end it serves the interests of the American people and reflects their values.'

"Just great, everything is turned upside down! China is challenging the American-built world order? – Yes. But Beijing does not lay claim to world domination. Russia, Iran, the Muslim world, Latin America and Africa are also challenging the global Atlantic project. The majority of the world countries are dissatisfied with the “stable and open international system,” which allowed the Atlantic West to dictate its rules of the game to the entire world.

"Furthermore, an increasing number of Americans are dissatisfied with this world order, because, contrary to Blinken’s statements, it does not serve the American people's interests nor does it reflect their values”.

"The globalist project serves the interests of the supranational Atlantic elites, while devouring America itself from within. For that reason, Trump appeared, who clashed with China not as the 'leader of the free world', but as the head of the national state (which he wanted to revitalize) - the United States of America.

"But now they brought Biden to power, and the they [the Atlantic elites] want to turn the conflict with Beijing from an American-Chinese [conflict] into a global one. That is, “the entire world is against the PRC, which, as it turns out, 'intimidates other countries' and against Russia, which also threatens everyone and is a revisionist (or in plain Russian– 'uncontrollable') power too.'

"Blinken stated this openly, when addressing how the Chinese policy of the new administration differs from what Trump did, 'we will put cooperation with our partners and allies at the forefront.' Or did he mean, 'we will line up everyone we can against China?'

"We’ve already heard this somewhere... Ah, of course! This is the old American strategy to contain Moscow, which was deployed in Soviet times and remained the same after 2014, 'we will block, isolate and punish'. Never mind that this strategy didn’t work with Russia (and it couldn’t possibly work). It doesn’t matter that via this policy, the United States only strengthened the Russian-Chinese alliance.

"Now the US will try the same thing with China. The only difference is that they spoke of Russia deprecatingly ('regional power', 'gas station country'), but China is not yet openly named as an enemy. [The US] prefer to rely on fear of the surrounding countries' fear  of China’s growing power, while, not forgetting to remind these “surrounding countries” about their dependence on America.

"The Anglo-Saxons in NATO, still searching for the wording of new strategic concepts, are already calling China’s rise a threat and talking about the need to contain it. They try to break the European countries' resistance, as they do not want to call China even a potential adversary.

"However, the state of affairs in Asia is even tougher.

"The Pentagon proposed to double spending on the US Indo-Pacific Command in the next year in order to strengthen its potential for conventional containment of China deterrence by deploying a network of precision-guided missiles along the “First island chain” in the PRC’s close proximity. The First island chain includes Taiwan, Japanese Okinawa and the Philippines. Over the next six years this program will spend most of the 27 billion USD requested for the Indo-Pacific Theater of War.

"It is not a slam dunk that the United States will be in fact able to deploy a network of missile launchers along the entire First island chain and create an integrated missile defense system in the second chain of islands (which includes islands from southeast Japan to Indonesia). There will be big problems with national governments.

"But the very existence of such a strategy will no doubt aggravate the situation, including the China’s relations with its neighbors. And the Americans are wagering on this, “We are protecting you from aggressive China. Let’s deploy new missiles? But the Chinese will be against it you say? That is because they are aggressive!”

"It’s just like the dialogue between the Anglo-Saxons and the Europeans, “Russia wants to attack you. So let’s also make Ukraine and Georgia part of NATO in order to stop the Russian threat.”

"The globalizers don’t care for the fact that Russia and China see that the Americans have not only closed in on them around the borders, but are also increasing their [military] presence.

"After all, they believe that the rest of the world will see only their version of reality. However, Moscow and Beijing will vaccinate the world not only against the coronavirus and the “political virus” of American exceptionalism, but also against a falsified reality; the reality in which a defender is made out to be an aggressor, and hegemonic dreams and provocations are passed off as protection of a just world order. And there are no grounds to doubt the success of the Russian-Chinese 'vaccination' campaign."

Petr Akopov (Source:


[1], March 9, 2021.

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