March 8, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1108

New Footage of Iran Nuclear Facilities on Hizbullah Al-Manar TV

March 8, 2006
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 1108

The following are excerpts from footage of a journalists' tour of the Bushehr nuclear facility in Iran, aired on Al-Manar TV on March 4, 2006.


It is followed by more footage of various nuclear facilities in Iran that aired on Arab and Iranian TV.

Al-Manar TV, March 4, 2006

Reporter: "For the sake of transparency, and in order to further reassure the international community and public opinion, about the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activities, the Bushehr plant authorities have allowed Al-Manar TV and a limited number of journalists to tour the nuclear facility, in order to learn about the final stages of its construction.

"The countdown to when it becomes operational was announced after the head of the Russian Nuclear Agency promised, while visiting Bushehr, to provide Iran with the nuclear fuel in the near future. The Iranian engineers and the project's supervisors made sure to answer all the journalists' questions, particularly the question directed at them more than once: Is there enriched uranium? The answer was that Iran has not yet resumed enrichment activities, and even when it decides to do so - Bushehr is a nuclear power plant, not a uranium enrichment site."


Engineer: "We use nuclear fuel at this plant to produce electrical energy. In addition, this fuel can be used for other civilian purposes."


Technician: "The plant's control room operates automatically under regular conditions, but it can also be controlled manually."


Reporter: "These professionals avoided political issues, and only clarified that there was no danger of environmental contamination from the nuclear materials in the plant, and therefore, Iran's neighboring countries have no cause for concern.

"On the diplomatic level, Ali Larijani, who is in charge of Iran's nuclear project, is expected to announce the results of his talks in Moscow. So far, it has been leaked that the two parties intend to continue negotiations, after Tehran agreed in principle to the Russian proposal. However, there are still many details that will require several weeks - not days - of discussion, according to what a high-ranking source in Iran's National Security Council told Al-Manar TV.

"Mohammad Shamas, Al-Manar TV, Tehran."

Additional Footage of Iran's Nuclear Facilities

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