July 2, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5351

New Arab Antisemitic TV Series: Jews Of Khaybar Instigate War Between Arab Tribes

July 2, 2013
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 5351

Following are excerpts from the first two episodes of a Syrian anti-Semitic TV series, titled "Khaybar," which is scheduled to be aired during the month of Ramadhan in a few weeks' time. The first two episodes were unofficially posted on the Internet on June 13, 2013.

Scene showing Jewish workers making swords

Click here to view this clip on MEMRI TV.

Huyay, a Jewish leader: "You are still working on it, Shmuel?"

Shmuel, a sword maker: "We will be done today."

Shmuel's son Yousuf (to Huyay): "When will these wars be over, sir?"

Huyay: "Your son is asking you, Shmuel. Answer him."

Shmuel: "Stop babbling, and get back to work."

Huyay: "Listen, Yousuf. We supply the demand. When there is no demand, we will have no livelihood. Get it?"

Yousuf: "Then our daily bread is soaked with the blood of others."

Shmuel: "I told you to stop babbling and get back to work."


Scene showing Huyay discussing the use of a non-Jewish fighter as a mercenary with the Jews of Khaybar

Jew from Khaybar: "I refuse to use non-Jews [as mercenaries]."

Huyay: "What harm can there be in using strong non-Jewish fighters? If we arm and train them, they will be loyal to us. We are busy with our industry and trade. We are not cut out for fighting."

Jew from Khaybar: "Mercenary soldiers?"

Huyay: "Why not?"


Another Jew from Khaybar: "The truth is that [Miqdad] is a true warrior, but using him or men like him will not get us to a safe haven, oh Jews of Yathrib.

"First Jew from Khaybar: That is the question, Huyay. We shouldn't be arguing this way. You have a weapon mightier than the sword."

Huyay: "What do you mean?"

Jew from Khaybar: "Cleverness. You can instigate civil strife. This is the source of their weakness and our strength."


Scene in the marketplace

Servant of Shas bin Qays (a rabbi and rich merchant): "Oh merchants, Shas bin Qays has come to the market to prophesize good fortune to whoever deserves it. My master, the master of rabbis, and the greatest merchant, Shas bin Qays, has come to the market to prophesize good fortune to whoever deserves it."

Jew from Yathrib: "Welcome, blessed one. May your visit bring us good fortune."

Shas bin Qays: "Good fortune for whoever deserves it, obeys the God of Moses and His priests, and does not deny the prophecies.


"Nobody listens to me. I prophesize your fate, which does not please you. Greed blinds you, oh Jews. I foresee days as dark as night ahead of you, oh sinners."


Scene of Huyay trying to persuade Miqdad to instigate war between Arab tribes

Huyay: "I want you to set fire to the place where most of the Khazraj tribe lives, and to kill whoever you want from among them."

Miqdad, a nomad from Hadhramaut: "You want me to kill them and burn down their homes?"

Huyay: "This will be very beneficial to others. Didn't we say we shouldn't argue?"

Miqdad: "I have no quarrel with them, and even if I had, it is not in my nature to let defenseless women, children, and elderly pay the price."

Huyay: Fine, so you have to decide if you want to buy your freedom, or stay here until you die.

Miqdad: Soil your own hands. I won't do it.

Huyay: Lock the door.

Miqdad is locked in


Scene showing masked figures setting fire to homes under cover of darkness

Yousuf, sitting with Afra, a non-Jewish girl, gets up to see what is going on

Yousuf (to Afra): "Stay here, or go home."

Yousuf sets out on horseback to see what is happening and encounters people fleeing from the village, some being slaughtered by masked men

Yousuf: "I can't believe my eyes. They are all wearing masks. I swear that this is a conspiracy."


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