December 24, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8434

Neo-Nazi White Nationalist Singles Mingle On Dating Website

December 24, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8434

A dating website billing itself as a platform for "reformed Christian, Quiverfull, Confederate, Home-schooled, Christian identity, White Nationalism, Alt-right, Sovereign Grace Singles" is an an online meeting place for singles looking for love. The free site has members describing themselves as "conservative" from around the world. While some merely prefer to date others of the same race, the website is also used by neo-Nazis and white nationalists. The site also offers niche groups, where members can join "patriots," "National Socialists," and others to discuss various topics.

The following report will feature some of the dating profiles on the website.

U.S. Members: 'The Events Of The Last Few Years... Have Woken Me Up To The Need For Reviving National Socialism'

W.M. of Washington classifies his political views as "American Nationalist" and says he believes in "taking back America and passing it on to OUR posterity!"

H. of California labels himself a moderate national socialist. He writes: "I have travelled all over the world and I have recently gotten involved in European Identitarianism. The events of the last few years have forced me to rethink my political ideas and ...  have woken me up to the need for reviving National Socialism..."

H. from Arizona, describes her political views as "conservative white nationalist, right wing except for animals and the environment." She says she is committed to the cause of White Nationalism, and that she wants to help save the white race.

S. from New York calls himself an "American Fascist/National Socialist." He says his personal goals include having a large family and fighting for his nation's future.


S. from New York City, calls his political views "white separatism, nationalism, and esoteric fascism." He says he listens to death metal music and white power country music, and underlines the importance of securing "the existence of our people and a future for white children."

B. from New York City lists her political views as nationalist socialist and says she likes white power music. She also has a profile with the same photo but a different name on VK.

C.P. from Texas describes himself as a National Socialist.

M. from Missouri is a self-described national socialist.

J.H. of Minnesota calls himself a national socialist, and adds that he is finding it hard to get a job because of his ideology.

K.B. of Pennsylvania states that he is a Ku Klux Klan member and a truck driver, that he believes in "Christian Identity," and that he is very active in the white power movement. He has appeared on other sites under different names.

D. from Texas says he is a fascist/nationalist and states that preserving the Aryan race is essential for the U.S. to "remain the country we once knew." He adds that he hopes to run for public office one day.

S.C. calls herself an extreme national socialist.

J. from Florida says he is a former Marine and describes himself as an Alt-right, white nationalist socialist. He writes that the country needs a Christian authoritarian government to stand up to the Jewish bankers.

J.R. of Pennsylvania calls himself a National Socialist and a Moseleyite – i.e. a follower of the ideology of British politician Oswald Moseley, founder of the British Union of Fascists. He says he believes what he does because he came to an understanding that there are differences among the races and that whites are being actively wiped out by the Jews and a list of others.

Foreign Members

F. from France describes his views as anti-Zionist, anti-immigration, anti-Globalist, and Alt-right.

S. from the Netherlands calls himself a national socialist/fascist.


M.H. from Canada calls himself alt-right and pro-white and specifies that he is seeking a younger woman with blue eyes. 

A.A. of Australia says he is a National Socialist, says he can't stand what once-dominant white Australia has become. In his photo he holds a Nazi flag.


The website has groups where members with common interests can discuss topics. The groups focus on topics such as national socialism, alt-right, Christian identity, cities and states, and more.


While the website's Donate page is not operational, Google Cache shows that it had previously solicited donations in cryptocurrency.


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