March 3, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8601

Muslim Brotherhood-Affiliated Canadian Imam Hussein Amer: The Chinese Eat Aborted Human Fetuses; Coronavirus Is Allah's Punishment For Their Treatment Of Uyghur Muslims

March 3, 2020
Canada | Special Dispatch No. 8601

Canadian Imam Hussein Amer said in a Friday, January 31, 2020 sermon that the coronavirus spread because of a bat soup that was eaten in China, and he criticized the Chinese for eating "everything in the world that moves." He claimed that the Chinese even eat aborted human fetuses and that families abort and sell the remains of female fetuses because they prefer having male children. Imam Amer also said that the coronavirus is Allah's revenge against the Chinese for how they treat the Uyghur Muslims, and he expressed hope that the effects of the coronavirus will cause China to wake up and see the human side of its treatment of the Uyghurs. Imam Amer belongs to the Muslims Association of Canada, which describes itself as an organization that has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood and in the beliefs of the Brotherhood's founder, Hassan Al-Banna. Imam Amer posted the sermon on his personal YouTube account.

To view the clip of Canadian Imam Hussein Amer on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"In China They Believe That They Can Eat Anything... I Would Have Said That This Excludes Eating Human Beings, But It Turns Out That They Even Eat Fetuses"

Hussein Amer: "Those who have spoken about this subject have said that the reason for infection with [coronavirus] is that the virus was transferred from one animal to another animal, and then to human beings. They claim that the virus came from bats. The soup that they drink... Of course, in China they believe that they can eat anything in the world that moves. I would have said that this excludes eating human beings, but it turns out that they even eat fetuses. By Allah, this is freakish. They eat fetuses – aborted babies...

"Since there is a limit to how many children [a family] can have, in families in which the woman gets pregnant with a girl, they abort the baby because they want a boy, and then this aborted baby is sold and eaten!


"They eat everything that moves. They eat anything, even if it is harmful, beneficial, or poisonous, or if it is an animal, an insect, or a worm. They eat everything."


"When The Uyghur Muslims Are Gripped With Fear With Every Step They Take, Whether [Fear] Of Being Arrested, Of Being Killed, Of Being Exiled... Can It Not Be A Punishment From Allah?"

"Over the past week, there has been an argument about whether what is taking place in China is revenge from Allah [for how they treat] the Uyghur Muslims, or if this is a normal thing that could take place in any country...


"When you pull the hijab off of the head of an Uyghur Muslim woman, and when you violate her honor and attack her until she is on the verge of death... Don't you see, as I see, that people in China are now wearing masks that make it so you can barely see anything? When the Uyghur Muslims are gripped with fear with every step they take, whether [fear] of being arrested, of being killed, of being exiled, or of being separated from their children – do you see this now? Do you see this fear now? When you confine people – the reports say it is only one million people – to 're-education centers' – don't you agree with me about this entire blockade that is being enforced against [China]? Can it not be a punishment from Allah? This is possible. This is conceivable."


"May This Deter Them And Cause Them To Wake Up And See The Human Side Of What They Are Doing To The Uyghur Muslims"

"The blockade we are all talking about, and the economic ban on China... May this deter them and cause them to wake up and see the human side of what they are doing to the Uyghur Muslims."


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