July 31, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4858

In Multiple Op-Eds In Saudi Paper, Egyptian Writer Focuses On Jews – Presents 'Rabbi's' Statements On Islam As Religion Of The Future, Quotes Holocaust Denier

July 31, 2012
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 4858

In a June 28, 2012 op-ed titled "Islam is the Religion of the Future," in the Saudi Gazette, Hassan Tahsin, who according to the paper is an Egyptian writer and political analyst, discussed what he said were statements by a "Jewish rabbi" who "has spoken out about Islam and has said that it is the religion of the future."

In a previous op-ed, published in the same newspaper June 14 and titled "Israel's Human Rights Violations," Tahsin discussed works by the late convicted Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy.

The following are the first op-ed in full and excerpts from the second, in the original English: [1]

"Islam Is The Religion Of The Future," June 28, 2012

Do Israel And The West Fear Islam Due To "What They Call 'Islamic Terrorism' Or... Because Of Religious Hostility As A Result Of Jewish Superstitious Myths[?]"

"When it became clear that the Egyptian presidential runoff offered a stark choice between an Islamist and a liberal, Israel and the United States were restless for fear of the victory of an Islamist. Though they held two meetings with a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood, the results of the meetings were not announced and it was not known whether or not they were meaningful.

"Here, the embarrassing question is: Why are Israel and the West afraid of Islam? Is the real reason for this fear what they call 'Islamic terrorism' or is it because of religious hostility as a result of Jewish superstitious myths that are believed by some poor Jews and Christians?"

A Jewish Rabbi... Said That [Islam] Is The Religion Of The Future," And That Neither Christianity Nor Judaism "Provide A Clear Governing System" – But That Islam "Has A Strong Ideology That Can Withstand Changing Developments In The World"

"While the children of Israel are spreading these myths, a Jewish rabbi has spoken out about Islam and has said that it is the religion of the future. He spoke about the three major religions of the modern world and their ability to survive and about which one would eventually prevail, and become the religion of the future.

"In the beginning, the rabbi speaks about Christianity, saying that it does not provide a clear governing system. The case, he says, is similar with Judaism. Both of them have become politicized. There are several Christian democratic parties. As far as Israel is concerned, it is governed by Jewish religious parties. This means, he says, that Christianity as a religion that provides a spiritual base for the people has died.

"As for Islam, the rabbi said, it has a strong ideology that can withstand changing developments in the world. Islam grew up in a way that was different from the emergence of Christianity. It had a real and living leader to whom the Koran was revealed. There is not an iota of doubt in this. This was not the case with Christianity. There are differences of opinion about the growth of the religion even among its followers.

"However in Islam, he said, it is very clear that there was one Prophet (pbuh) to whom the Qur’an was revealed and he established a religious society, and on the basis of this a new society was developed with new teachings."

"The Rabbi Said... Islam As A Whole Is The Religion Of The Future"

"Today, the rabbi said, we live in an era when rampant atheism is engulfing the world and when Christianity prevails only in certain heritage buildings and little remains of Judaism by virtue of it having fallen under the influence of Zionism. Hence, in the present world, nothing prevails except Islam. Muslims are in constant contact with their Creator. As far as a Christian is concerned, if he goes to church every Sunday, then it is good. As for a Muslim, he kneels down to pray five fixed times a day.

"The rabbi said: 'When I traveled to Europe, there was a quiet prayer corner at the airport. When the time of prayer came, I went there. Then, two Muslims also came. I stood to perform prayer while the other two spread out newspapers and knelt down while praying. This is Islam and it has many implications. A man performs prayers five times daily and these prayers are not long.'

"The rabbi continues: 'I had access to the prayers of Muslims and looked at what is written in the Koran. It is not long, but is very serious and profound. While performing prayer by bowing, kneeling, and reciting from the Qur’an, within a few minutes, a man is actually addressing Almighty Allah. This is an important thing and this has great implications. Hence, Islam, as a whole, is the religion of the future.'"

"Disaster Is Inevitable Unless There Is An Elimination Of This State [I.E. Israel]... If It Were Eliminated... More People In The World Would Embrace The Religion Of Islam – Because This Religion Is True And Strong And Can Lead People In The Right Direction"; In Addition, "Problems Between [Shi'ites And Sunnis] Would Disappear"

"If the world is heading precipitously toward disaster, the rabbi said, it is because the state of Israel does not have the right to exist. Disaster is inevitable unless there is an elimination of this state, which is, in fact, the origin of evil. If it were eliminated, I think, after 70 years, more people in the world would embrace the religion of Islam, because this religion is true and strong and can lead people in the right direction.

"'Yes,' he adds, 'there are some problems between Shiites and Sunnis, and there is disagreement between them in some matters. Now, this is understandable, but I hope that if the origin of evil (i.e. Israel) was eliminated, then such problems between them would disappear. Then most people on the earth would become followers of Islam. Today, this is clearly visible.'

"The rabbi concludes: 'They (Muslims) have begun to spread and grow to the extent that a European country has banned the construction of new mosques. The future of the world is in Islam and this is the truth provided the prevailing problem was put to an end.'

"This is what the rabbi said about Islam. He endorsed the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh) and the truthfulness of the Koran, and he explained how Islam is the religion of future and will prevail in the world."

"Following The Victory Of The Muslim Brotherhood [Presidential] Candidate [In Egypt]... I Am Not Sure Where The U.S. Sixth Fleet Is"

"Throughout the Egyptian presidential election campaign, Israeli armored forces were standing on the Egyptian-Israeli border, and the American Sixth Fleet violated the sanctity of Egyptian territorial waters. Only after the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate did the Israeli forces withdraw, but I am not sure where the U.S. Sixth Fleet is."

"Israel's Human Rights Violations" – June 14, 2012

Garaudy "Said The Holocaust Was A Myth"

"When famous scholar and philosopher Ragaa [sic] Garaudy published his most controversial book The Founding Myths of Modern Israel in 1998, a French court sentenced him to a suspended jail term and a fine. The main charge against him was his denial of the Holocaust. He said that the Holocaust was a myth, stating that the large numbers of European Jews claimed to have been killed in gas chambers by the Nazis was invented as a myth and that it had not taken place."

Until Garaudy's Book Was Published, "Few Realized That... Ben Gurion... Himself Came Forward To Reveal The Names Of The Sick And Elderly Among The Jews To The Gestapo"

"Until this book was published, few realized that it was the Jewish terrorist and Israel's first head of state, [David] Ben Gurion, who himself came forward to reveal the names of the sick and elderly among the Jews to the Gestapo, the official secret police of Nazi Germany. This was done with the aim of cooperating with the Nazis during that critical period, as well as to facilitate the creation of a state for Jewish people without the sick and the elderly. The German Zionist group, though it was a small minority at the time, followed a policy of compromise and even of collaboration with the Nazis..."


[1] The English in both articles has been lightly edited for clarity.

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