August 18, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1255

The Mufti of Egypt: The True Face of the Blood-Sucking Hebrew Entity has Been Exposed

August 18, 2006
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 1255

In an article in the Egyptian government daily Al-Ahram, Egyptian Mufti Sheikh Dr. 'Ali Gum'a expressed his support of the resistance in Lebanon and stated that the lies of the "Hebrew entity" expose "the true and hideous face of the blood-suckers... who prepare [Passover] matzos from human blood." [1]

The following are excerpts from the article:

"Greetings to the Lebanese people, to the Lebanese government, and to the Lebanese resistance - to the small and beautiful country that has proved to the world that the ideals of determination, bravery and self-dignity still exist in this era that has been taken over by the blood-sucking murderers.

"Anyone who follows the news will discover that the Hebrew entity has turned into a [source] of [empty] talk, while the Arab discourse, which was characterized in the sixties [as empty talk], has developed significantly. [The Arabs] have learned a lesson and have moved from talk to action, and from the fostering of illusions to honesty, transparency, realistic goal-setting and ability to change. The Israeli discourse, [on the other hand], has turned to false declarations based on illusions, with wishful thinking taking precedence over facts.

"These lies have exposed the true and hideous face of the blood-suckers who were described by Filmange in his book The Treasure Hidden in the Talmudic Laws [sic], which tells how [the Jews] planned [to prepare] a matzo [unleavened Passover bread] using human blood. [2] If we follow events, the most important thing [that we discover], in my opinion, is that the war going on [today] plants hatred in the next generations, as though one of its goals is to perpetuate the conflict for many years to come.

"A number of questions have been echoing in my mind. I tried to put them out of my mind several times, but they would not let go: Why do these foreigners come from all over the world, [speaking] many different languages, [and settle] in this small and narrow region of Palestine, in order to create so much mayhem and spill innocent blood in such a stupid manner? Why do they so unjustly insist on harming and rejecting the peace process, attacking their neighbors and occupying their lands, [while] constantly hollering that it is they who are threatened and oppressed? [Why do they insist on] destroying property, killing people, keeping the [entire] world busy [with the conflict], and violating all the principles accepted by the human [race]?

"Why are they here? Why do they receive all this support, which costs the U.S. [so much] money? What emotional or practical benefit does [the U.S.] gain [from this support]? Is it [trying to appropriate] the region's natural resources? After all, [it obtains these resources] anyway with the [full] consent [of the countries in the region], based on accepted agreements with which it is satisfied. Is this a clash of civilizations, or [is America acting] out of fear that some force will return to the region? [Is it acting out of] crazy fundamentalist tendencies, in anticipation of the [second] coming of the Messiah? Why is there need for such a large number of Israeli nuclear weapons, which threaten the existence of the entire region?...

"[I convey my] greetings to Lebanon, to the resistance, and to the [Lebanese] people, so unified and dignified, and say to them: You are writing the pages of the nation's history, [pages of] jihad that will not be in vain. The blood of those you have lost will be a curse on your enemies. You are not only a model for people living [today], you are also lighting the path for the future generations and finding the way to repulse aggression and set priorities, teaching [us] how to fight honorably and fairly, and how to endure the crimes and sins that have taken hold of people's minds...

"All the Lebanese victims of the [Israeli] crimes were civilians, while those killed on the enemy's [side] were all soldiers. This is reality that speaks for itself, and not [empty] talk [that comes to] justify [actions], and will later be exposed as lies..."

[1] Al-Ahram (Egypt), August 7, 2006.

[2] The Treasure Hidden in the Talmudic Laws (1899) is a compilation of two books, translated into Arabic by Dr. Yusuf Hana Nasrallah. The first is Der Talmudjude (1871), by the antisemitic professor August Rohling, and the other is a history of Syria from 1840, edited by Achille Lorraine.

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