January 6, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9125

Mouthpiece For Turkey's Ruling AKP: 'Russia Violated The Agreement' Between Azerbaijan And Armenia

January 6, 2021
Russia, Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 9125

A January 2, 2021 article titled "Russia Violated The Agreement" by journalist Aybike Eroğlu in Turkey's Yeni Şafak daily, which is a mouthpiece for the country's ruling AKP, quotes Azeri experts who accuse the Russian government of violating the terms of the ceasefire agreement signed in November 2020 between the governments of Azerbaijan and Armenia, which ended the two countries' recent fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh.[1]

The article quoted experts who commented on reports and photos from late December apparently showing Russian forces meeting and having cake with forces bearing the flag of the Republic of Artsakh,[2] an entity that formerly controlled most of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and is not recognized by any United Nations member state. The rest of the world, excluding Transnistria, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia, considered that territory to be part of Azerbaijan. International Eurasian Press Fund Chairman Umud Mirzayev said: "The Russian command headquarters is behaving very nicely toward Armenian intelligence officers. They are posing together under the flag of Nagorno-Karabakh, and these issues do not cheer anyone up." Dr. Ramin Sadıgov, a member of the faculty at Turkey's Bayburt University, said: "These actions are contrary to the agreement."

A photo apparently from a recent meeting between Russian and Nagorno-Karabakh-based forces (

Sadıgov also cited Russian journalist Maxim Shevchenko, who reportedly said that the Russian government was expected to build 32 "module outposts" along the Nagorno-Karabakh line of contact and the Lachin Corridor that will house 300 soldiers each. This would mean that, if these outposts are filled, the number of Russian soldiers in the area would pass 10,000, while the ceasefire agreement reportedly designates only 1,960 for this area.[3]

Following is a translation of the Yeni Şafak article:

Ceasefire Agreement Limits Number Of Russian Soldiers In Nagorno-Karabakh To 1,960, But "The Number Of Soldiers Will Pass 10,000"

"Russia, which is deploying to Karabakh in the form of a 'peacekeeping force' in accordance with the agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia, is departing from its purpose and transforming into an occupying force. According to the agreement, the number of functionaries in the contact line in Nagorno-Karabakh and in the Lachin Corridor was to be limited to 1,960. However, the number of Russians being sent, who are nominally soldiers, bureaucrats, technical experts, doctors, nurses, and construction workers, has passed 5,000. It has been specified that 32 'module outposts' that will house 300 soldiers each will be built. This means the number of soldiers will pass 10,000...

"Along with the available soldiers, the Russian government has sent, from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, bureaucrats, technical experts, doctors and nurses to work in health facilities, and technicians to work on construction projects. There is concern that Russia's presence in the region will be increased even more."

"The Russian Command Headquarters Is Behaving Very Nicely Toward Armenian Intelligence Officers"

"Some are puzzled by soldiers connected to the Russian peacekeeping force performing fully equipped drills in the steep and jagged regions of Karabakh. The friendly poses that Russian forces are giving, whether they be with Armenian forces or with the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh governors, are causing a great uneasiness in Azeri public opinion. Armenians still organizing various kinds of attacks and actively functioning in mountainous regions is also leaving question marks in the minds of some.

"International Eurasian Press Fund Chairman Umud Mirzayev, said: 'According to the agreement, there should be 1,960 soldiers in the Russian peacekeeping force. I do not think the number is five to ten thousand, but the Russians sent more men. The armed forces remaining from among the Armenians in the land under Russian supervision were supposed to be completely removed. The Russian command headquarters is behaving very nicely toward Armenian intelligence officers. They are posing together under the flag of Nagorno-Karabakh, and these issues do not cheer anyone up. The army of Azerbaijan is under the leadership of Turkey, priority should be given to their being many Turkish soldiers in the region. Decisions must be made on this subject.'"

Media reports include images of military personnel meeting under the flags of Russia and the Republic of Artsakh.

"These Actions Are Contrary To The Agreement"

"Dr. Ramin Sadıgov, a member of the faculty at Bayburt University, reminding [listeners] of the Russian peacekeepers' visit to Hankendi [i.e., Stepanakert], said: 'There the welcoming ceremony to the peacekeepers was performed. A cake was cut but there were two flags on the cake. The public does not welcome these poses struck with the flags of separatist forces [i.e., the forces bearing the flag of the Republic of Artsakh].' Sadıgov, saying that, because of the agreement, it was wrong for the Russians to see the separatist forces as parties to the agreement, continued: 'Though they do not give formal notice as such, their actions show that they are parties. The so-called state of emergency committee comes together with the so-called state authorities. These actions are contrary to the agreement. There [in the agreement], the parties are Azerbaijan and Armenia.'

"Sadıgov, calling attention to the recent statements of Russian expert Maxim Shevchenko, said: 'The Russian expert said that it was predicted that 32 module outposts would be built in the region. He says that 300 people will be placed at each of the 32 outposts, and makes a fine calculation. According to this calculation, the number of Russian soldiers that will go to the region reaches the tens of thousands.' Sadıgov, who said that two of the mentioned outposts had been built so far, said that it was not known when the others would be built."


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