December 9, 2022 Special Announcements No. 1281

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) Updates Webpage Dedicated To World Cup 2022 Hosted In Qatar

December 9, 2022
Qatar | Special Announcements No. 1281

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 9, 2022 – The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) continues to update its new webpage dedicated to translations and analysis of media content from the Arab and Muslim world and beyond about the World Cup 2022, hosted in Doha, Qatar.

The new webpage features all the latest MEMRI reports about the World Cup: criticism of host country Qatar's human rights records and Qatari responses to it, reactions from inside and outside Qatar to its commitment to ensuring that the events are LGTBQ+-friendly, and reactions, commentary, and threats from jihadi groups about it, among other topics.

The World Cup 2022 webpage features MEMRI research from the Reform Project, the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM), and the MEMRI TV Project, among other research projects.  

Additionally, the MEMRI Trending page is continuing to highlight the most important news and trends in the Middle East and beyond with tailored content on a broad range of issues, such as the "Reactions To The World Cup" section that links to the new World Cup 2022 webpage.




Australian Hizb ut-Tahrir Scholar Mohammad Alwahwah: Qatar Is Going to Hell for Spending Muslims’ Money on the World Cup Instead of Financing Islamic Armies, Liberating Palestine

Israeli Islamist Leader Sheikh Raed Salah Praises Qatar's Proselytizing Efforts At The World Cup, Adds: Over 50 Preachers From The Jerusalem Area Are In Doha As Part Of This Effort

Dr. Hafez Al-Karmi, Chairman Of The Palestinian Forum in Britain, Criticizes German Interior Minister For Wearing LGBT Rights Armband At World Cup: This Shows Her Colonialist, Arrogant Mentality

Qatar's BeIn Sports Commentator Mohamed Aboutrika: Separation Of Politics And Sports Is A Lie Invented By The West, Applied Using Double Standards

Iranians Celebrate Loss To U.S. At FIFA World Cup

Ahead Of Iran-U.S. Match In FIFA World Cup, British-Palestinian Journalist Abdel Bari Atwan Pledges Support For Iran: I Support Iran Because I Hate America

In Viral Animated Video, Iranian-Led 'Resistance' Soccer Squad Beats U.S.-Led 'Human Rights' Team Consisting Of Trump, Bush, Obama, Bin Laden, Netanyahu, And ISIS; World Cup Match Ends With Execution Of Trump

Egyptian Islamic Scholar Younes Makhioun: Muslims Who Watch The World Cup Are Wasting Their Time, It Diverts Them From Waging Jihad; Messi Is An Enemy Of Islam; Instead Of Hosting The World Cup, Qatar Should Have Produced A Nuclear Bomb, Like Iran

Egyptian TV Host Amr Adib On Qatar FIFA World Cup LGBT Rights Debate: I Don't Understand What Gay Rights Are; Is It The Right Of Homosexuals To Come To An Arab Country?

Iranian Protestors Celebrate Iran’s Defeat to England at the 2022 FIFA World Cup: Death to the Dictator!

In Qatar During FIFA World Cup, Prominent Islamic Proselytizers Malaysia-Based Indian Scholar Zakir Naik And UAE-Based Egyptian Scholar Omar Abdelkafy Discuss Dawa Campaign

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup CEO Nasser Al-Khater: Criticism Of Qatar – Yellow Journalism, Motivated By Racism And Political Agendas; Number Of Workers Killed During Stadiums Construction Is Three, Not 6,500

MEMRI Reports:

Editor Of Indian Media Outlet Calls Qatar-Based Al-Jazeera 'Orwellian,' Accuses It Of Applying 'Double Standards,' Ignoring Human Rights Violations At FIFA World Cup And Qatar's Support For Islamists

Article In Pakistan's Islamist Newspaper 'Roznama Islam' Examines Arabs' Hatred Of Israel At FIFA World Cup Tournament In Qatar

Qataris Rejoice Over Germany's Elimination From World Cup: 'The European Trash Is Out Of The Tournament'

On Twitter, Muslim Council Of Hong Kong (MCHK) Lauds Qatar's Proselytization Of Islam At FIFA World Cup, Conversion Of Non-Muslim Soccer Fans

Articles In Pakistan's Islamist Urdu Dailies On Qatar's Hosting Of FIFA World Cup: 'The West, Especially The European Union, Is Running A Campaign Against Qatar'; 'Without Doubt... On The Occasion Of World Cup, Qatar Is Openly Propagating Islamic Tenets'

Saudi Journalist: It Is Wrong To Attack Israeli Reporters Covering The World Cup In Qatar

On Twitter, Regime-Affiliated Soccer Fans Call On Iranian Team To Beat U.S. In FIFA World Cup To Avenge Killing Of IRGC Quds Force Commander Qassim Soleimani

In Viral Animated Video, Iranian-Led 'Resistance' Soccer Squad Beats U.S.-Led 'Human Rights' Team Consisting Of Trump, Bush, Obama, Bin Laden, Netanyahu, And ISIS; World Cup Match Ends With Execution Of Trump

Saudi Media Rallies To Qatar's Support: West Must Not Impose Its Abominations On Us; Homosexuality Is Not Legitimate - 11/29/22

Qatari Journalist: The Quranic Verse In The World Cup Opening Ceremony Was A Qatari Message Against Homosexuality

Qatar Promotes Islam To FIFA World Cup Attendees In Comprehensive Da'wa Campaign Entailing Interactive Islamic Exhibition, Guest Centers, Information Booklet In Multiple Languages

Cartoons In Gulf Press Celebrate Saudi Arabia's World Cup Win Over Argentina

World Cup: A Call To The U.S. Team To Show Solidarity With The Iranian People In The Upcoming Match Against Iran

Qatar Welcomes India's Wanted Radical Islamist Preacher Dr. Zakir Naik At FIFA World Cup, Taking Advantage Of Tournament To Proselytize For Islam

Pro-Taliban Urdu-Language Daily Reveals Qatar's Plans To Invite FIFA World Cup Attendees To Islam: 'Training Of 2,000 Volunteers For Invitation Of The Religion At The Mega Event Has Been Completed Who Will Deliver The Message Of Truth To The Spectators'

In Qatar On The Eve Of The World Cup, Continuing Expressions Of Homophobia And Disgust Over LGBTQ+ Visitors To The Country

In Advance Of World Cup, Qatari Press Cartoons Slam West For Its Criticism Of Qatar

Ahead Of The FIFA 2022 World Cup In Qatar, The Indian Express Investigates Qatar's Rights Abuses And Indian Migrant Workers Returning 'In Coffins'; Indian Ambassador In Doha Refuses To Respond

Qatari Writer Offers Suggestions On Promoting Islam To Visitors During FIFA 2022 World Cup

In Qatar On Eve Of FIFA World Cup, Condemnation Of LGBTQ Community Continues

Qataris, Pro-Qatar Twitter Users Launch Campaign Condemning Denmark For Planning To Highlight Qatar’s Human Rights Violations During FIFA World Cup

JTTM Reports:

Chief Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Cleric Celebrates Morocco's Win Over Spain At FIFA World Cup, Encourages Sports As Preparation For Jihad

Al-Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Poster Lists FIFA World Cup Evils: Presence Of Jews, Christians, LGBTQ+ On Arabian Peninsula; Urges Condemnation, Raising Awareness, Preaching

Afghan Taliban Leaders Celebrate Qatar's Hosting Of FIFA World Cup, Tweet: 'All The Enemy Organizations Are Upset And Regret Allowing Qatar To Host The Cup'; Hizbut Tahrir Afghanistan Terms It 'A Historic Shame' For Qatar: 'This Level Of [Expenditure] Is Enough To Eliminate Poverty From The World Permanently'

Pro-ISIS Video Mocks FIFA World Cup: Real Men Act In The Arenas Of Jihad, Not Soccer

WARNING: GRAPHIC - Posters By Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Media Group Illustrate ISIS Call For Jihad On Backdrop Of FIFA Qatar Tournament With Beheading Image

Pro-ISIS Poster: FIFA World Cup Is A Tool Used By 'Infidels' To Distract Muslims From Jihad

During FIFA World Cup In Qatar, Islamic State Weekly Urges Muslims To Behead 'Unbelievers,' Rid Arabian Peninsula Of 'Polytheists'

Telegram Outlet Linked To Iraqi Militias Criticizes Deal Signed By Saudi Real Estate Company And Trump Organization, Mocks Saudi Win In FIFA World Cup

Jihadi Clerics In Syria And Gaza Praise The Return Of 'The Jihadi Actions In Palestine' Similar To Those Of Twenty Years Ago; In The Spirit Of The World Cup, They Liken Them To Goals Scored Against The 'Zionists'

Telegram Outlets Linked To Iraqi Militias Politicize England-Iran FIFA World Cup Match, Blame Iran's Defeat On Sanctions, Question Iranian Players' Loyalty, Ridicule England's Win

Al-Qaeda Affiliate In Yemen Calls On Muslims To Boycott World Cup: It Promotes Homosexuality And Alcohol Use, Sows Division In Muslim Ummah

Jihadi Outlet: Soccer Tournament Inspired By FIFA World Cup In HTS-Run Idlib Encourages Youth To Represent 'Crusader' Nations

British Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Preacher Publishes Booklet Describing Why World Cup Violates Islamic Law, Condemning 'Qatar's Crimes Against Allah'

Member Of UK-Based Hizb ut-Tahrir Condemns Qatar For Hosting FIFA World Cup, Accuses Doha Rulers Of Abandoning Their Islamic Identity In Pursue Of Western Culture

Pro-Al-Qaeda Cleric Mocks 'Brothers Of Devils' Ruling Qatar For Spending $200 Billion On World Cup; Syrian Jihadi Journalist Accuses Qatar Of Promoting Homosexuality

Al-Qaeda-Associated Writer: Qatar Promotes Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol, Prostitution In FIFA World Cup

Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram Channels Celebrate Police Stabber In Brussels As 'Wolf,' Writing: 'Our World Cup Began Early'

Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Threatens Attacks At FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Encourages Biological Attacks, Provides Telegram Account To Contact To Obtain Biological Substances

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