March 17, 2003 Special Alerts No. 9

Message From Bin Laden

March 17, 2003
Special Alerts No. 9

A message from Osama bin Laden was delivered by one of his associates to another Al-Qa'ida member referred to as "Thauban," who in turn, delivered the message to a number of Islamist websites. [1] The following is the text of the message:

"My brother Thauban, someone from the brothers who are close to Sheikh bin Laden, contacted me and [told me] that Shiekh Osama and his two sons are well, praise to Allah, and so are those close to him [as well as] the high command of Al-Qa'ida."

"However, they are in an absolutely bad situation because of the American's violent pursuit of him, may Allah annihilate them [i.e. the Americans] and their Pakistani collaborators, traitors, and slaves to the dollar."

"He also said arrests amongst brother Mujahedeen did take place, however [there] were not [as many as] the American enemies have claimed and wished. Nor were they in the way they have claimed. Nor is their claim true that they have arrested the Sheikh or his two sons, or the
command of Al-Qa'ida."

"Sheikh Osama asks Muslims to do supplications for him in prayer."

"This is what I got, Allah is my witness to the truth of what I say and will ask me about it in the Day of Judgment."

[1], March 16, 2003.

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