February 23, 2023 Special Announcements No. 1317

The MEMRI Weekly: February 17-24, 2023

February 23, 2023
Special Announcements No. 1317

The following are links to reports from MEMRI's Special Dispatch Series and Inquiry and Analysis Series, as well as to transcripts from the MEMRI TV Project, released during the past week.


Special Dispatch No. 10505 – Iran-Germany Diplomatic Tension Following Iran's Death Sentence For Dual Iranian-German Citizen, February 24, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10504 – IRGC Commanders On Eve Of Anniversary Of Iran's Islamic Revolution: 'With The Revolution's Victory, A New Identity Was Created In The Islamic World, With Iran At Its Center'; 'We Have Triumphed Over America For 44 Years And Will Continue To Do So', February 23, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10503 – Chinese Military Website Article From 2020: Airship-Borne Hypersonic Vehicles Can Be the Next Generation of Air Weapons – Similar To The U.S. Cold-War Era 'Rods From God', February 23, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10502 – PLO Member And PFLP Official Comes Out Against Participation Of Children In Terrorist Attacks: 'Our Children Were Born To Live'; Death Must Not Be Their Goal, February 22, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10501 – Russian Commentators Debate Whether Biden Visit To Ukraine Was A PR Stunt Or A Signal, February 22, 2023

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 459 – MEMRI Executive Director Op-Ed In 'Wall Street Journal': Keep ISIS Off Twitter, February 21, 2023

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 458 – Three Kings And One Joker: The 'Return' Of Arab Diplomacy, February 21, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10500 – Leading Russian Economist Nikolayev: Russia Burning Through Its Finances At Alarming Rate, May Soon Have To Take Money From Citizens, February 21, 2023

Special Dispatch No. 10499 – Palestinian Terrorist Leila Khaled: Late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri Transferred PFLP Weapons To Europe; The KGB Provided Us With Equipment, Weapons, February 21, 2022



MEMRI TV Clip No. 10136 – Jordanian Islamic Scholar Dr. Ahmad Al-Shahrouri On Hamas TV: The Islamic Nation Spends Too Much On Tourism, Too Little On Jihad; The Zionists Rejoiced Over The Earthquake In Turkey And Syria, But Their Days Are Numbered, Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10135 – Hizbullah Official Abdullah Kassir: Your Motivation For Getting Married And Having Children Should Be To Produce Soldiers For The Imam Mahdi, Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10134 – Egyptian Researcher Islam Behery: Mainstream Islamic Scholarship Is Radical, Leads To Terrorism – It Seeks To Wage Jihad, Spread Islam, Sky News Arabia (UAE)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10133 – Video Footage Of Hizbullah's Elite Unit Radwan Force Training, Simulating Invasion Of Northern Israel, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10132 – Molavi Abdul Ghaffar Naqshbandi, Sunni Leader In Iran's Baluchestan: We Will Not Rest Until We Avenge The Blood Of Our Children, The Victims Of The Zahedan Massacre, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10131 – Senior Al-Azhar Official Sheikh Muhammad Al-Duwaini At Arab League's 'Jerusalem Summit': Allah Has Promised That Jerusalem, Palestine Will Be Liberated; The Zionists Falsified History; International Institutions Recognize Al-Aqsa Is Ours, Yet Nobody Lifts A Finger Against Israel, Palestinian Authority TV

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10130 – Rached Ghannouchi, Leader Of Tunisia's Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Ennahda Movement, Congratulates Iran On 44th Anniversary Of The Islamic Revolution: It Played A Major Role In The Global Islamic Revival, Alghadeer TV (Iraq)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10129 – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi On Chinese Official Broadcaster: 'Some Countries' Don't Want To See A Strong, Independent Iran Or China; The U.S., Europe Are Inciting Unrest On The Streets Of Iran, Manipulating Iranian People, CGTN Network (China)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10128 – Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: The Earthquake In Turkey And Syria Is A 'Small Thing' Compared To Political Issues Like Palestine Or American Interference In The Region, Channel 1 (Iran)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10127 – At Weekly Anti-Regime Protests In Iran's Baluchestan, Demonstrators Demand Freedom For Political Prisoners, Chant: Death To Khamenei! Death To The IRGC! The People Want The Leadership Of Sunni Spiritual Leader Molavi Abdolhamid!, The Internet

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10126 – Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Resumes Threats To Israel Over Offshore Gas Drill, Adds: Obama Acknowledged The U.S. Uses Disinformation To Topple Middle East Regimes; U.S. Earthquake Response Demonstrated Its Criminality And Barbarity, Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

MEMRI TV Clip No. 10125 – Iranian Regime Shoots Hundreds Of Donkeys Used By Residents Of Sistan And Baluchistan For Fuel Trade Across Pakistan Border, The Internet


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