May 16, 2018 Special Announcements No. 616

MEMRI TV Compilation: Gaza "March Of Return [Into Israel]" Clips – Calls For Jihad & Martyrdom, Chants Of Anti-Semitic Slogans And Incitement

May 16, 2018
Palestinians | Special Announcements No. 616

MEMRI has just released a new MEMRI TV compilation on the Hamas-led "March of Return [into Israel]," including rallies, Friday sermons, children's participation, and statements by activists, scholars, and others.



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MEMRI TV Clips In The Video Include:

MEMRI TV Clip No. 6575: Hamas Political Bureau Member Salah Al-Bardawil: 50 of the Martyrs Killed in Gaza were from Hamas, 12 Regular People

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Hamas political bureau member Salah Al-Bardawil said that of the 62 people killed in clashes along the Gaza border on May 14, 50 were from Hamas. Al-Bardawil, speaking on May 16 on Baladna TV, which broadcasts from Gaza, stressed that this was the official figure.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6573: Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar on Gaza Protests: This Is Not Peaceful Resistance, It Is Supported by Our Weapons

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Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahhar said that Hamas was employing "peaceful resistance bolstered by a military force and by security agencies, and enjoying tremendous popular support." Speaking on Al-Jazeera on May 13, Al-Zahhar, former foreign minister in the Hamas government, said that the option of armed struggle has not diminished. "On the contrary, it is growing and developing," he said.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6570: Amid Antisemitic and "Death to Israel" Chants, Hamas Political Bureau Chairman Ismail Haniyeh Vows: We Shall Never Recognize Israel - Scenes from Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]"

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On May 11, Hamas political bureau chairman Ismail Haniyeh spoke at one of the venues of the Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]," as the crowd chanted antisemitic slogans, such as "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return," and cried "Death to Israel," Haniyeh vowed that "we shall never forget Palestine from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River" and "we shall never recognize Israel!"


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6547: At Gaza Rally Held By "Tire-Burning Unit," Demonstrators Brandish Wire-Cutters, Chant Antisemitic Slogans – Scenes From Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]"

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In footage from a rally held in Gaza, posted on the Internet on April 28, demonstrators shout slogans such as "Oh Jews, you women" and "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, Muhammad's army has started to return!" The banner held by the protesters identifies them as the "Tire-Burning Unit." Some of the protesters can be seen brandishing wire-cutters, used in recent days by Palestinians trying to breach Israel's border fence.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6545: Members Of Gaza "Fence Cutters' Unit" Proclaims: Victory Or Martyrdom! – Scenes From Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]"

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On April 27, Al-Aqsa TV aired footage of the "Fence Cutters' Unit" in Gaza. In it, masked members of the unit stood brandishing wire cutters and chanted: "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad has begun to return." One of the members proclaimed, "Today, we cut the Zionist enemy's main barbed wire fence on the Gaza border," and declared that "this enemy is destined for perdition." Warning Israeli settlers to "leave immediately, before it is too late," he said that "the Palestinian revolution will not cease until victory or martyrdom!"


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6532: Gaza Activists Use "Firebomb Kites" To Set Fire To Israeli Fields And Houses: Hundreds Of Kites Will Be Flown Toward The Enemies

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Various sources reported on the activity of the "Sons of Zouari" unit, which flies burning kites over the border to set fire to Israeli fields. In an April 18 report, Al-Jazeera interviewed an activist in a Guy Fawkes mask who threatened: "Not dozens but hundreds of kites will be flown toward the enemies, burning their crops, and causing them confusion and panic, Allah willing." The Wattan News Agency, in an April 20 report, interviewed a masked activist, who explained how they prepared the kites, which are "just like the ones kids fly on the beach," but used "for something more important – as a Molotov cocktail." The report included footage showing the activists set fire to and fly the kites, as people, including children, milled around. Mohamed Zouari was a Tunisian engineer with the Al-Qassam Brigades, who supervised the unmanned aircraft manufacturing program of Hamas, before his assassination in December 2016 in Sfax, Tunisia.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6506: In Friday Sermon, Imam Chants Antisemitic Slogans, Adds: We Have Come Here to Execute the Decision of Allah and the Resolution of the U.N. – Scenes from Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]"

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In a Friday sermon held east of Khan Yunis, at one of the "March of Return [into Israel]" camps, Imam Muhammad Salah, "Abu Raab," led the congregation in chanting "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad is here." Imam Salah declared that "the herds of plundering Jews will leave Palestine," and told the worshippers that their goal was "to execute the decision of Allah," as manifest in the Quran, "as well as UNGA Resolution 194." He later attributed the quote "the old will die and the young will forget" to former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, to whom he referred as an "old bag," and said that "the young swept Sharon and the Zionists out of Gaza and today, they are doing it again." Imam Salah later stressed that the Palestinians have the right to bear arms "to protect the honor of our women and our land." The sermon was delivered on March 30 and was posted on YouTube a few days later.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6499: Gaza Tribal Dignitary On Hamas TV: We Shall Liberate Our Land With Martyrs, Women And Children, Take Down The Border With The Fingernails Of Our Children

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A dignitary from the Al-Sawarka tribe in Gaza declared that "the Palestinian people shall liberate its land with blood, with martyrs, with women, and with children" and that "we shall come and take down that [border] fence with the fingernails of our children." His statements aired on March 29 by the Hamas Al-Aqsa TV channel, which did not provide his name.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6543: Friday Sermon By Gaza Cleric Musa Abu Jleidan: The "March of Return [into Israel]" Goes Hand In Hand With Jihad By The Sword; The Jews Are The Philosophers Of Terrorism And Crime

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In a Friday sermon, Gaza cleric Sheikh Musa Abu Jleidan said that the "Great March of Return" is a "form of Jihad" that "does not eliminate the need for Jihad by the sword, by missiles, and by rockets." "They go hand in hand," he said. Speaking at Masjid Al-Abrar, Rafah, on April 27, Sheikh Abu Jleidan further said that the Jews "are the philosophers of terrorism and crime, people of treachery and deceit, who slayed the prophets of Allah." The sermon was posted on Sheikh Abu Jleidan's YouTube channel.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6500: Friday Sermon At Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]": Our Blessed Land Is Being Trampled By The Accursed Descendants Of Apes And Pigs

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During a Friday sermon delivered in East Jabalya, Gaza, on March 30, at the venue of the "March of Return [into Israel]," the preacher said that the "blessed land" was being "trampled by the accursed descendants of apes and pigs, the remnants of the brutal, savage, and barbaric colonialism." The sermon was broadcast by Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6537: Gaza Scholar Morshid At "March of Return [into Israel]": Brandish Sword Of Jihad, Fight The Jews; "The Prophet's Treatment Of Jews... [Was] Violence And Force... This Is What All Muslims Should Know"

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Standing at the "March of Return [into Israel]" venue, Gaza scholar Khaled Hany Morshid said that "one of the greatest duties, and one of the best forms of worship in our day, is to fight those Jews." Calling upon all Muslims to "carry out glorious deeds" against them, he said that "the Jews will never stop this enmity unless the sword of Jihad for the sake of Allah is brandished, and they are made an example of, as was done by the Prophet Muhammad." Morshid posted the video of himself on his social media channels on April 14.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6566: Gaza Friday Sermon: Allah Has Chosen Us To Fight The "Corrupt And Corrupting" Jews, Slayers Of The Prophets – Scenes From Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]"

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In a Friday sermon delivered at one of the venues of the Gaza "March of Return [into Israel]" on May 11, Sheikh As'ad Abu Shari'a, Secretary-General of the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement, said that the Jews were "behind all corruption upon the land" and called them prophet slayers and violators of agreements. "Whoever fights them will be redeemed," he said, adding that "unless they stop being corrupt and corrupting others, we will meet them only in places of terror and battle, where that state will be annihilated." The sermon was broadcast by the Lebanese Al-Quds TV channel.


MEMRI TV Clip 6533: Al-Jazeera TV Host Jamal Rayyan Supports Hamas, Islamic Jihad: The Foreigners Will Go Back to Where They Came From

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Al-Jazeera TV host Jamal Rayyan said that "the Zionist entity is a foreign body on Palestinian and Arab land" and that like the sea, Palestine "will spew out that which is foreign." "They will go back to where they came from," he said. Rayyan posted the video of his statements on YouTube on March 27.


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6551: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: Holocaust, Massacres of European Jews Due to Their Function in Society as Usurers; Hitler Struck a Deal with the Jews

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that the massacres to which European Jews were subjected, from the 11th century until the Holocaust, were not because they were Jews, but because of their function in society. "The anti-Jewish [sentiment] was not because of their religion, but because of their function in society, which had to do with usury, banks, and so on," he said in his speech at the Palestinian National Council in Ramallah on April 30. Abbas further said that Hitler had struck a deal with the Jewish Anglo-Palestine Bank in Jerusalem to facilitate emigration of German Jews to Palestine. "Their narrative about coming to this country because of their longing for Zion, or whatever – we're tired of hearing this," he said. "The truth is that this is a colonialist enterprise, aimed at planting a foreign body in this region."


MEMRI TV Clip No. 6542: Palestinian Authority Friday Sermon By Abbas Advisor Mahmoud Habbash: Hamas Leaders Are Reckless Gamblers, Sacrificing Gaza Women And Children

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In a Friday sermon, Mahmoud Habbash, advisor to PA President Abbas, slammed Hamas for "sending children to be killed or lose a limb, while [its] leaders are having a good time." Speaking on April 27 in a sermon that was attended by President Abbas and was broadcast on the official PA TV channel, Habbash called Hamas "agenda-driven and reckless gamblers," whose "only job is to go to funerals and to visit mourning tents," and he urged Gazans to keep their actions peaceful.


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