November 25, 2004 Special Dispatch No. 819

MEMRI TV Project: Mothers of Hizbullah Martyrs: We are Very Happy and Want to Sacrifice More Children

November 25, 2004
Special Dispatch No. 819

On the occasion of "Martyrs Day," Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV recently broadcast statements from the mothers of several martyrs, including an interview with Umm Said ("Mother of Said"). The mothers expressed pride and joy for the actions of their sons. The show was translated by MEMRI's TV Monitor Project; to view a segment from the show, visit: For more MEMRI TV clips from Al-Manar, visit The following are excerpts: [1]

Umm Said: 'This is a Blessed Day, the Day My Son Gave Me Reason to Hold my Head High'

Interviewer: "In addition to your being the mother of a martyr, it so happened that your son said was martyred on this very day - 'Martyr's Day.' Let's begin with a few words from you to all our viewers today. What are the feelings and emotions of a martyr's mother every year on this day?"

Umm Said: "In the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful, Allah be praised for granting my son to me, on this blessed day. I can not begin to explain what this day means to me, how great and significant it is for me and for all martyrs' mothers. I am talking about the martyrs' mothers and all mothers in Lebanon. Whatever I could say about them would not be enough, especially since they paid the price in blood, liberated southern Lebanon, and brought us closer to victory. They granted us a great reward.

"It is enough that they granted us paradise, the greatest thing in this world. I wish a good year to all the martyrs' mothers and our children, may Allah honor them. Allah be praised for having granted us our sons. Allah be praised."

Interviewer: "Do you feel that as a martyr's mother you have a special status that is different from that of mothers who don't have martyred sons?"

Umm Said: "Definitely, Definitely…"

Interviewer: "How do you cope with this?"

Umm Said: "If I'm in the company of others, I can sense the respect and the pride. They say, 'She's a martyr's mother.' What does this name mean? For me, it's very meaningful. I walk about with my head high. Allah be praised, Allah be praised, every hour and every minute."

Interviewer: "Can you tell us how martyrs are commemorated among their families, brothers, and relatives? What do they leave behind? When martyrs are gone – is that it? Do they stop to exist, even in if only in thought and spirit? Or is it the opposite and they are felt even more?"

Umm Said: "On the contrary, their presence is even greater and their memory is engraved upon our hearts. We sat down to feast in the month of Ramadan – may we all have a good year. When we sit down to feast in Ramadan, I gaze upon his picture like this. Everyone thinks that I'm about to recite the blessing of 'In the name of Allah the Merciful and the Compassionate,' so as to begin the meal that breaks the fast. I look at him and say, 'I wish my day had come before yours, Allah bless you. I wish you could be here with us.' That's how I talk to him when I sit down to eat."

Interviewer: "What do his brothers, children, and others say to you? Allah willing, you will always be a model of steadfastness and patience."

Umm Said: "Allah be praised. On the contrary, I am very happy, especially on this occasion."

Interviewer: "… Of course, the reward of Umm Said and of all martyrs' mothers is not in vain. The patience, the strength to bear the pain and the example we draw from them. Not only locally, this is an experience that is now shared by all societies. We always say – as you mentioned earlier – that Allah will give you strength and patience. I would like you to close on an optimistic note."

Umm Said: "Allah be praised, I am very happy. On the contrary, I am crying out of happiness. This is a blessed day, the day my son gave me reason to hold my head high..."

Mothers of Other Martyrs Praise Their Sons' Acts

Martyr's mother #2: "We cherish the memory of the martyrs' blood. I'm proud of my son's martyrdom."

Martyr's mother #3: "I am prepared to sacrifice my life. All I want is martyrdom. I'm willing for all my children to become martyrs. May my husband also become a martyr, and Allah willing, may I die as a martyr."

Martyr's mother #4: "Compared to others, what I sacrificed is nothing. It's true I sacrificed a son, but others have sacrificed two or three. I hope more of my sons will become martyrs."

Martyr's mother #5: "Allah be praised. I thank Allah for all the good He has bestowed upon us. He has blessed us with martyrdom. Allah willing, we too will be martyred, just as they did."

[1] Al-Manar TV (Lebanon), November 11, 2004.

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