January 26, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2127

From the MEMRI TV Archives- Kuwaiti Islamist Sa'd Al-'Inzi; Homosexuals Should Be Tortured in Public Squares – Death is Too Good For Them

January 26, 2009
Kuwait | Special Dispatch No. 2127

Following are excerpts from an interview with Kuwaiti Islamist Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi, which aired on Al-Rai TV on December 10, 2007:

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"What Are the Secret Acts Performed Behind Closed Doors [of Massage Parlors]?"

Moderator: "Doctors and professionals recommend that people should relax. Modern experiments and studies have proven that the best method of relaxation is massage. No reasonable person would deny this, but some people, who abuse this profession, have done it a great disservice, by turning it from a form of mental and physical relaxation into an immoral and homosexual act, which might lead to the contraction of various STDs.

"What are the secret acts performed behind closed doors? How can we protect our children from such homosexual and foreign acts? What role should the security forces and religious clerics play in the battle against this phenomenon? How can the owners of massage parlors and health centers possibly agree to the turning of their parlors into dens of prostitution and abomination?"


Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "There are private parts that no one is allowed to see — both in the case of men and of women. One must adhere to this from the perspective of Islamic law. Unfortunately, I've been told that some people show up in their 'birthday suits,' and the massage commences. This is forbidden in Islamic law, and should be prohibited by law. Such acts should not be done in Islamic societies." [...]

"Unfortunately, 85-90% of What Happens in These Parlors is Homosexual"

"Unfortunately, 85-90% of what happens in these parlors is homosexual. Very few are the people who adhere to the religious and legal requirements. The basic problem is the foreign workers. Most foreign workers who serve as masseurs are, unfortunately, either 'third gender' or sexually perverse and morally deviant.


"Most of these parlors are full of homosexuals. The people working there are also homosexuals, I'm sad to say.


"Any Kuwaiti who goes to one of these parlors, and sees these homosexuals or encounters very sinful and deviant acts should file a complaint with the security agencies. These people should be held accountable."

Moderator: "If everyone acted this way, we could really eradicate this phenomenon."


Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "A man is not allowed to expose the area between his navel and his knees. Nobody is allowed to see his private parts. Someone who goes to these parlors and exposes this part of his body is, undoubtedly, committing a crime in terms of both shari'a and the law, and he should be punished for this. The same goes for women. I don't know if there are massage parlors for women..."

Moderator: "Yes, there are."

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "Then the catastrophe is even greater, because just like there is a 'third gender,' there might be a 'fourth gender' as well... Imagine that a woman gets undressed, and in walks a butch masseuse, who gets on with it — this might cause many moral problems.


"Below my office, there is a parlor — not a massage parlor — not a massage parlor, but a hair salon. I saw some of the owners when I was driving by — they looked really weird. You couldn't tell whether they were men or women. In addition, what they do there is also perverse. They put up their hair in a very peculiar and queer way..."

Moderator: "Spiky... spiky..."

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "What is it called?"

Moderator: "Spiky."

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "Spiky is one example."


"Article 203 of the Penal Code says: 'Whoever founds an establishment for iniquity or prostitution, or who assists in any way in its foundation or management, will be sentenced to life imprisonment, and if he does it again — he will be sentenced to death.' This is stated in the man-made law. Religious law supports this, because this constitutes 'spreading corruption in the land.'"

Moderator: "True."

Death Is Too Good For [Homosexuals] — They Should Be [Publicly] Flogged And Tortured... They Are an Epidemic Plaguing Society"

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi:
"When a person commits an abominable act, like homosexuality, for example, or lesbianism, in the case of women's parlors — this constitutes 'spreading corruption in the land,' and should be punished by death."


Moderator: "Other than life imprisonment and the death sentence, what can be done?"

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "According to Islamic law, a homosexual should be thrown from a tall building."

Moderator: "What would you do with them?"

Dr. Sa'd Al-'Inzi: "To be honest, death is too good for them. They should be gathered in a public place, to be flogged and tortured, so the truth about these people is made clear and they serve as a lesson to others, because they are an epidemic plaguing society."

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