August 13, 2009 No.

MEMRI is Now Offering Website and Email Publication Sponsorships/Advertising

For more than a decade, MEMRI has developed a list of over 100,000 direct email subscribers worldwide, and now receives millions of hits to its websites every month. Our growing list of users is made up of the most influential audience in the world: governments (in the U.S. and overseas), military (all branches and ranks), academia (over 500 universities worldwide), leading American and international media, legislatures, foreign policy think tanks, and the public at large – including human rights and women’s rights groups, NGOs, and many others.

MEMRI is now offering opportunities for sponsorship/advertising on MEMRI websites and within MEMRI emails, for organizations and individuals

Your sponsorship and advertising on MEMRI publications will reach MEMRI's vast readership, which includes:

  • More than 100,000 email subscribers
  • Hundreds of thousands of secondary recipients
  • MEMRI TV videos, viewed by millions all over the world and in every mainstream social network and various other platforms
  • MEMRI publications - 10 or more reports per week
  • MEMRI’s publications - translated into nine different languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Hebrew
  • MEMRI’s nine websites, all updated daily

Nowhere else can advertisers gain more repeat exposure through primary marketing platforms, including multimedia websites and direct emails.

As a MEMRI sponsor, your organization will be as visible as MEMRI itself — to media, academia, legislators, and international groups.

Here is what is being said about MEMRI:


MEMRI is utilized by every major American television network and all leading print media throughout the world.

"For anyone interested in what is really happening in the Middle East – what the Arab world is saying to itself – MEMRI is utterly indispensable. It should be read daily by scholars, journalists and policymakers with any interest in this part of the world."

– Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post columnist

"Through its regular, dispassionate, and authoritative dispatches and culling from the Arab press (and from Arab history too), MEMRI has succeeded in breaking the near-monopoly on Washington discourse. No source of information is more reliable. MEMRI has made an enormous mark on the mind of America."

– Martin Peretz, editor of The New Republic


MEMRI has become a vital resource for academia worldwide, and is used daily by professors, researchers, and thousands of students in all 50 U.S. states and in 42 countries on six continents.

As MEMRI Board Member and Princeton University Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies Bernard Lewis recently said, “MEMRI is the single most important development in Middle East studies in the past 25 years.”

Prominent Think Tanks:

MEMRI material is used and relied upon by leading think tanks, both in Washington D.C. and worldwide.

"MEMRI daily translations, analyses, and other materials are read closely by Washington insiders. They have become essential resources for policy-makers, journalists, and opinion leaders who deal with the Middle East and need a comprehensive and realistic understanding of developments in the region."

– Chris Demuth, American Enterprise Institute President

Capitol Hill:

Over the past decade, MEMRI has emerged as an invaluable source to Capitol Hill on all matters relating to the Middle East. Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and their staff rely on MEMRI’s research to draft legislation, be informed on news pertaining to the Middle East, and much more every day.

"… I really appreciate the work that MEMRI contributes to understanding the complexities of the region. My subcommittee relies on MEMRI's bulletins, books, and alerts. We use them for hearing and briefing preparations as well as gaining a more in-depth view of events. Your attention to the nuances of Middle East affairs is important for us as we consider our policy in this most important area."

– Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Ranking Member, House Committee on Foreign Affairs

U.S. Government Agency Officials:

MEMRI material is read by numerous U.S. government agencies and units, including: U.S. Defense Department; U.S. Department of Justice; U.S. State Department; U.S. Department of the Treasury; U.S. Department of Commerce; Transportation Security Administration (TSA); Federal Aviation Administration; U.S. Attorney's Office; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); National Security Council; U.S. Department of the Interior; U.S. Department of Energy-Counterintelligence; and many more.

"MEMRI allows an audience far beyond the Arabic-speaking world to observe the wide variety of Arab voices speaking through the media, schoolbooks, and pulpits to their own people. What one hears is often astonishing, sometimes frightening, and always important. Most importantly, it includes the newly emerging liberal voices of reform and hope, as well as disturbing echoes of ancient hatreds. Without the valuable research of MEMRI, the non-Arabic speaking world would not have this indispensable window."

– Richard Holbrooke, Fmr. Ambassador to the United Nations and MEMRI Board Member

Counterterrorism Agencies:

MEMRI material is read by many counterterrorism agencies of the U.S. government, including: the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security; Customs & Border Protection; Defense Intelligence Agency; United States Special Operations Command; and the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point – all of which utilize MEMRI to develop strategies to fight the War on Terror, as well as for research, training, high-level briefings and more. MEMRI is also read on a daily basis by the counter-terrorism departments and law enforcement agencies on the state and local level of all 50 states.

"MEMRI is the single most important source for understanding what is happening in the Greater Middle East and what we must know to fight effectively the war against terrorism both at home and abroad…"

– James Woolsey, former CIA director and MEMRI Board Member

U.S. Military:

The U.S. Armed Forces regularly uses MEMRI translations and research. MEMRI material is read by all branches of the armed services and their educational institutions.

“Sun Tzu's famous quote ‘Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril’ is the single most important expression of the relative value of MEMRI. The world faces the threat of Islamic radicals who communicate in languages that are not well represented in academia nor in the Defense Department. To know the enemy, one must listen to what is being said. No other source is so comprehensive and culturally informative as MEMRI translations. To fully grasp the nature of the threat, one must have access to timely, accurate, and unbiased information. In lieu of vast military capability in these challenging languages, MEMRI fills a gap.”

– Prof. Jeff Norwitz, John N. Brown, Chair of Counterterrorism at the U.S. Naval War College

“Clearly the products provided by MEMRI are essential research tools unfettered by ideology and political bias. Across the board, your translations from the Middle East press have become important tools in bridging the language gap and deepening Western and international analysis of Middle Eastern events.”

– Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Michael N. Dunn, Fmr. President of the National Defense University

MEMRI has a valued decade-long relationship with a BROAD spectrum of supporters* – all of whom are invited to sponsor MEMRI research. They include:

1) Individual and Corporate Foundations

2) Groups and Organizations

3) Military and Defense Contractors

4) Individual Donors

*MEMRI is a 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations to MEMRI are tax-deductible and kept strictly confidential.

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