March 22, 2022 Special Announcements No. 1183

MEMRI Launches New Website Dedicated To The Russia-Ukraine War – – Covering Its Latest Developments Through Translated Reports, Analysis, And Videos

March 22, 2022
Russia, Ukraine | Special Announcements No. 1183

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 22, 2022 – The Middle East Media Research Institute's new Research On The Russia-Ukraine War page, and its Trending page, both highlight the most recent MEMRI research on the conflict: reports and clips from the MEMRI Russian Media Studies Project (RMSP), as well as content from the MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM), Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM), South Asia Studies Project (SASP), and Chinese Media Studies Project (CMSP) on global reactions to the crisis.

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Since the hostilities began, MEMRI has published 100 reports and 32 videos on this topic, from Russian, Arab, Iranian, and Chinese media and from the MEMRI JTTM and DTTM projects, with multiple reports and clips added daily. Total reports and clips include:

  • From Russian Media: 54

  • From Arab Media: 19

  • From Iranian Media: 8

  • From Chinese Media: 6

  • From South Asian Media: 3

  • From The MEMRI JTTM Project: 26

  • From The MEMRI DTTM Project: 12

  • From The MEMRI Sermons Project: 4

  • Total MEMRI TV clips: 32

  • Clip views: over 4 million.


The following are reports and clips about the war from the various MEMRI projects – the Russia Media Studies Project (RMSP), the Chinese Media Studies Project (CMSP), the Iran Threat Monitor Project (ITMP), the South Asia Studies Project (SASP), the Sermons by Imams in the West Project, the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM), and the Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM).


Special Dispatch No. 9840 - Russian Anti-Liberal Philosopher Dugin: 'The Third Rome [Moscow] Is Putting A Limit To The New Carthage [The West]' - 03/21/22

Special Dispatch No. 9839 - Renowned Russian Expert Lukyanov: 'The New Cold War Will Not End Quickly' - 03/21/22

Special Dispatch No. 9842 - Moscow-Based Syrian Journalist Zain Alabiden Shiban: America Is Using Ukrainian Bio-Labs To Create A Virus That Can Exterminate The Russian Race - 03/21/22

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 369 - An Appeal To The History Books Loses The Plot - 03/21/22

No. 9442 - Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad: The 'Zionist Jew' Zelensky Supports Nazi Collaborators – This Proves That The West Has No Real Values, Only Cares About World Domination, Money - 03/17/22

No. 9441 - Russian Philosopher Alexander Dugin: In Ukraine, Russia Is Fighting The Liberal World Order; This Is A War Of Ideas; If Trump Were In Power, None Of This Would Have Happened; Putin Embodies The Russian State, He Is A Monarch By Popular Demand; If Russia Loses, There Will Be No World, No Humanity - 03/21/22

Special Dispatch No. 9838 - As Sanctions Bite And War Fever Intensifies, Russia Revisits Soviet Concepts - 03/21/22

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1630 - Saudi Arabia, UAE Refuse To Side With U.S. Against Russia Due To U.S. Refusal To Side With Them Against Iran - 03/21/22

No. 9438 - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: Biden Wants A Unipolar World; When The West Comes To Its Senses, We Will Remember That It Cannot Be Trusted; Pentagon Biolabs In Ukraine Develop Plague, Anthrax, And Pathogens That Target Russian Ethnic Groups - 03/18/22

Special Dispatch No. 9837 - Fatwa By Muslim Leaders In Russia: 'Military Operation' In Ukraine Is 'Preventive Strike' Russia Was Forced To Carry Out To Defend Its Citizens Against 'Real Threat Of Use Of Nuclear And Biological Weapons By NATO And Western Countries'; Muslims Killed 'In The Operation' Are Martyrs - 03/18/22

Special Dispatch No. 9834 - Russian Commentators Uncertain Whether China Will Play The Role Of Russia's Economic Savior - 03/17/22

Special Dispatch No. 9833 - Column In Egyptian Daily 'Al-Ahram': The Arabs Must Not Forget The Lessons Of Fighting Other People's Wars In The Current Crisis In Ukraine - 03/16/22

No. 9434 - Muslim Brotherhood Scholar Dr. Yasser Al-Naggar: Muslims Are Allowed To Join Either Side Of The Russia-Ukraine War, In Order To Pit Them Against One Another; They Will Be Rewarded For Killing Infidels, Or Be Killed And Become Martyrs - 03/11/22

No. 9433 - Prominent Russian Philosopher Alexander Dugin On Ukraine War: Russian-Western Relations Are Just Beginning; The West Must Take Us Seriously Now, Engage In Real Dialogue - 03/14/22

No. 9432 - Women Arrested In Moscow For Talking To Reporters About The War In Ukraine - 03/13/22

No. 9431 - Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi Of The Yemeni-Houthi Leadership: Ukraine Is At War Because It Is Led By A Jew; We Are Worried That The Goal Of The War Is To Exhaust Russia - 03/14/22

Special Dispatch No. 9831 - Russian TV Report About Syrian Soldiers Volunteering To Fight Alongside Russia In Ukraine - 03/15/22

Special Dispatch No. 9830 - For Russia, An Accelerated Brain Drain Is Another Cost Of The Ukraine Fighting - 03/15/22

Special Dispatch No. 9829 - Antisemitic Article In Qatari State Daily: Putin Invaded Ukraine To Stop The Corrupt Jews From Establishing A Presence There - 03/15/22

Special Dispatch No. 9827 - U.S.-Ukraine Charter On Strategic Partnership And Zelensky's Speech At The Munich Security Conference - 03/14/22

Special Dispatch No. 9823 - Arab Writers Decry 'Racist', 'Hypocritical' Western Coverage Of Ukraine War: When The Wars And Refugees Were Middle Eastern, The West Kept Silent - 03/14/22

Special Dispatch No. 9826 - Song Performed At Palestinian Wedding: 'Harden Your Heart, Oh Putin; Increase Your Attacks... Banish [Ukrainians] To Palestine And We Will Marry Ukrainian Women... We Say To China: Invade Taiwan [To] Smash The Nose Of The Americans' - 03/14/22

Special Dispatch No. 9825 - Vladimir Putin And Defense Minister Shoigu Endorse Plan To Recruit Middle East 'Volunteers' To Fight Alongside Russia In Ukraine, But Not Everyone Shares Their Enthusiasm - 03/14/22

Special Dispatch No. 9824 - Russian Blogger El-Murid: Russia's Sputtering Ukraine Campaign Is Déjà Vu Of Syria; Russia Failed To Act Quickly Enough In Both Invasions - 03/14/22

No. 9427 - Russian TV Report About Syrian Soldiers Volunteering To Fight Alongside Russia In Ukraine - 03/12/22

No. 9425 - Syrian Analyst Dr. Husam Al-Din Khalasi: Russia Is Protecting Global Interests By Invading Ukraine; COVID, Rabies Were Engineered In Ukrainian Bio-Military Labs Under American Supervision - 03/06/22

Special Dispatch No. 9821 - Russian Columnist Popov: The Ukraine War Will Create A New Elite And Sweep Away Decadent Intellectuals And Oligarchs - 03/11/22

Special Dispatch No. 9820 - Russian Expert On China Kashin: China Is The Big Winner From The Current Fighting, Russia Becomes Economically Dependent On China, And America Must Station Forces In Europe Rather Than In The Pacific - 03/10/22

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 367 - After Ten Years Of Anemic Economic Growth, Russia Faces A Deep Crisis Without Credible Means For Countering It - 03/09/22

Special Dispatch No. 9817 - Russian Baltic Expert Mezhevich Threatens Finland With Ukrainization And Demilitarization Should It Join NATO - 03/09/22

Special Dispatch No. 9816 - Arab Writers On Lessons Of War In Ukraine: U.S. Cannot Be Relied Upon; We Must Unite Into One Independent Political, Economic, Military Force - 03/09/22

Special Dispatch No. 9815 - Friday Sermon By Houthi Mufti Of Yemen Shams Al-Din Sharaf Al-Din: We Ask Allah To Make The Violence In Ukraine Fierce; We Need Weapons, UAVs, Ballistic Missiles To Be Taken Seriously By The West - 03/09/22

Special Dispatch No. 9814 - Palestinian Historian Ghassan Weshah: The War Between Russia And Ukraine Is Small Compared To The 1956 Suez War Which Changed The World Order; This War Will Spell The Collapse Of U.S., Israel - 03/08/22

Special Dispatch No. 9812 - Russian Orthodox Protodeacon Kuraev Slams Moscow Patriarchate For Enflaming Religious Differences In Backing For War - 03/08/22

No. 9418 - Jordan-Based Egyptian Islamic Scholar Zaghloul Al-Naggar: Zelensky Is a Zionist Extremist; Non-Religious World Leaders Are Crazy, Will Use Nuclear Weapons - 03/05/22

No. 9414 - Iraqi Political Analyst Ali Al-Shammari: Crimea And Much Of Ukraine Are Islamic Lands; According To The Shari'a, Muslims Should Strive To Regain Them - 03/06/22

Special Dispatch 9809 - Putin Claims Ukraine 'Special Operation' Will Not Require Draftees And Reservists Or The Imposition Of Martial Law In Russia – 03/07/2022

Special Dispatch No. 9808 - Russian Interview With Political Scientist Solovey — Part II: Putin Is Destroying Everything That Has Been Built Since The Fall Of The Soviet Union, Including His Own Achievements – 03/06/2022

MEMRI Daily Brief No.365 - Lessons Learned By Friend And Foe From Putin's Debacle – 03/02/2022

Special Dispatch No. 9806 - Russian Professor Valery Solovey: Putin's Mistaken Invasion Will Accelerate Processes Leading To His Ouster – 03/04/2022

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 366 - The West Should Not Abandon Central Asia To Russia – 03/03/2022

Special Dispatch No. 9804 - Russian Interview With Parents Of Two MIA Soldiers Sheds Light On Russian Army's Treatment Of Recruits – 03/03/2022

MTV Clip No. 9405 - Russian FM Sergey Lavrov On Al-Jazeera: The West Is Responsible For The Ukraine Crisis – NATO Expanded Eastward, America Placed Bio-Military Labs In Ukraine; Biden Surely Knows That A Third World War Would Be Nuclear – 03/02/2022

Special Dispatch No. 9802 - Russian Blogger 'El Murid' Assesses: 'It Is Already Obvious That The Myth Of A Powerful Russian Army Has Been Dispelled' – 02/02/2022

MTV Clip No. 9403 - Russian Economist Valentin Katasonov: America Besieged Russia By Placing Bio-Labs In Surrounding Countries; The Goal Of Russia's Operation In Ukraine Is To Eliminate These Labs – 02/28/2022

MTV Clip No. 9399 - Russian Ambassador To Egypt Georgiy Borisenko: Ukrainians Are Celebrating The Arrival Of Russian Troops; The 'Neo-Nazi' Zelensky Regime Is Subservient To America, NATO – 02/27/2022

Special Dispatch No. 9799 - Assad Regime Expresses Unreserved Support For Russia In Ukraine War; 'Our Enemy Is The Same' - 03/01/22

MTV Clip No. 9400 - Luna Chebel, Advisor To Syrian President: We Support The Russian Operation; Sanctions Only Hurt The West; Once Russia Wins, The West Will Come Running Back – 02/28/2022

Special Dispatch No. 9800 - Confidential NATO, U.S. Responses To Russian Demand For Security Guarantees, Known As 'Putin's Ultimatum,' Prior To Invasion Of Ukraine – 03/01/2022

No. 9396 - Russian Ambassador To Iraq Elbrus Kutrashev: The U.S. Is Behind All World Crises, Including Ukraine War; Sanctions Prove West's Unwillingness To Use Forceful Measures; Iran Is Our Ally, We Participate In Developing Its Nuclear Project - 02/27/22

Special Dispatch No. 9798 - Columnists In Arab Press: Putin Is Behaving Like Hitler While The West Stands Helplessly By - 02/28/22

Special Dispatch No. 9797 - Editor Of Saudi Daily: In Light Of The Western Policy In The Current Crisis, Ukraine Can Be Forgiven For Thinking, 'With Friends Like These – Who Needs Enemies?' - 02/28/22

Special Dispatch No. 9796 - Russian Opposition To The Ukraine War: The Expected And The Unexpected - 02/28/22

No. 9393 – Hizbullah Officials On Russia-Ukraine War: American Minions In Lebanon Should Learn This Lesson – America Abandons Those Who Cooperate With It – 02/25/22

No. 9390 – Former Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin on Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Russia’s Goal is to Demilitarize Ukraine and “Remove Nazism” – 02/27/22

No. 9389 – Protestors Against War With Ukraine Arrested In Moscow: Woman Arrested For Throwing Molotov Cocktail – 02/25/22

Special Dispatch No. 9795 – Putin's Critics Both Motivated And Chastened By Threat Of Nuclear Weapons In Current Crisis – 02/27/22

No. 9387 – Moscow Demonstrations Against War In Ukraine: "No To The War!" – 02/24/22

Special Dispatch No. 9794 – Anti-Liberal Russian Philosopher Dugin: It Is Not Just About 'Restoring The Territorial Integrity' Of The Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) And Luhansk People's Republic (LPR), It Is About 'Ukraine's Liberation' – 02/25/22

Special Dispatch No. 9793 – Arab Press Cartoons On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine – 02/25/22

Special Dispatch No. 9791 – Russia Contemplates The Price Of Its Ukraine Policy – 02/25/22

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1628 – Ukrainian Crisis: The Russian Point Of View – 02/24/22

Special Dispatch No. 9790 – Ukrainian President Zelensky: 'Russia Treacherously And Self-Destructively Attacked Our State... Just Like Nazi Germany Did During WWII' – 02/24/22

Special Dispatch No. 9789 – Putin's 'Special Operation' Makes It Clear That NATO, Rather Than Donetsk, Is The Issue – 02/24/22

Special Dispatch No. 9788 – Russian Academic Vitaly Naumkin: We Can Withstand Any Western Sanctions; Syria Is Free To Liberate The Golan Heights, Russia Will Not Do So On Its Behalf – 02/24/22

Special Dispatch No. 9786 – Anti-Liberal Russian Philosopher Dugin: 'Glory To Novorossiya! The Second Great Slavic Reconquista Has Begun' – 02/23/22

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 363 – Mister Hemedti Goes To Moscow – 02/23/22

Special Dispatch No. 9781 – Russian Recognition Of Breakaway Republics Has Numerous Drawbacks; Is Putin Hunting For Bigger Game? – 02/22/22

MEMRI Daily Brief No. 362 – An Independent And European Ukraine Is A Humiliation For Putin – 02/21/22

Special Dispatch No. 9779 – Russia Publicly Exhorts Europe To Form A Foreign Policy Independent Of The U.S., But The Russian Attitude Towards Europe Is Condescending And Disrespectful – 02/21/22

Special Dispatch No. 9777 – Russian Daily 'Kommersant': Russia's Gains From The Current Crisis Are Mostly On Paper, The Adverse Effects Are Of An Immediate Practical Nature – 02/17/22

Special Dispatch No. 9772 – Ultraconservative Retired Russian General Opposes War With Ukraine That Will Make Russia And Ukraine Enemies Forever – 02/15/22

Special Dispatch No. 9769 – Putin On Ukraine: Our Security Is Our Priority; NATO Expansion Is Unacceptable, An Attempt To Divide Russia; How Would America React If We Put Missiles On Its Border With Canada? – 02/14/22

No. 9385 – Russian Diplomat Andrey Baklanov: German Defense Minister Should Not Lecture Russia, We Were the Victims of Nazi Germany; “Fascist” Ukrainian Regime Is a Threat to Russia Because It Is Seeking to Obtain Nuclear Weapons – 02/24/22

No. 9376 – Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Miqdad Comes Out In Support Of Russia: The Crisis In Ukraine Is Western Escalation Against Russia In An Attempt To Prevent It from Fulfilling Its Role In Constructing Global Policies – 02/20/22

No. 9364 – Russian TV Host Dmitry Kiselyov Compares Ukraine-Russia Tensions To Leadup To 2008 Georgia-Russia War: Provocations From Ukraine May Come At Any Moment – 01/30/22



No. 9419 - Popular Chinese Pundit Sima Nan: The West's "Fancy Tricks" against Russia in Ukraine May Eventually Be Used in Taiwan against China; Foreign Volunteers Might Just Be NATO Soldiers Fighting as "Mercenaries" - 03/01/22

No. 9416 - Chinese Journalist Li Gang On Arabic-Language Chinese Network: If Taiwan Fails To Learn From America's Betrayal Of Ukraine And Afghanistan, It Will Become Cannon Fodder For U.S. Policy In The Region - 03/08/22

No. 9397 - Prominent Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin On Ukraine War: Putin Must Remember He Cannot Defeat The West And The West Must Remember Russia Is A Nuclear Power – It Would Be Unwise For Either Side To Seek Absolute Victory - 02/28/22

No. 9392 – Chinese FM Spokesperson Hua Chunying On Ukraine, U.S., And Taiwan: U.S. Is The Culprit Behind Ukraine Conflict, Must Not Harm Chinese Interests In Handling The Issue; Taiwan Cannot Be Compared To Ukraine – 02/25/22

Special Dispatch No. 9783 – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi: 'Sovereignty, Independence And Territorial Integrity... Should Be Respected... And That Applies Equally To Ukraine'; 'Russia's Reasonable Security Concerns Should Be Taken Seriously' – 02/23/22

No. 9375 – Chinese Journalist Li Gang On Arabic-Language CGTN Network: U.S. Does Not Want To Resolve Russia-Ukraine Crisis, But To Drive A Wedge Between Russia And Europe – 02/18/22



Special Reports - Iranian-Backed Group: U.S. And NATO Recruitment Of Locals In Iraq And Syria To Fight In Ukraine Will Encounter Lethal Force If It Doesn't Stop - 03/14/22 [subscribers only]

Special Dispatch 9807 - Reactions In Iran To Russia-Ukraine War – Supreme Leader Khamenei: "The Root Of The Crisis Is America"; Majlis Members: The War Shows 'We Must Insist On The Nuclear Rights Of The Iranian People… So Iran Will Be Strong, With Military And Nuclear Might' – 03/07/2022

MTV No. 9410 - Iranian International Affairs Expert Farshid Bagherian: Russia Has A Hit List Of 14,000 Ukrainian Nazi Terrorists — Getting Rid Of Them Has Not Been An Easy Task; They Are Real Nazis, Not Mere Neo-Nazis – 03/03/2022

Special Reports - Telegram Outlet Affiliated With Iran-Backed Militias: May "Mother Russia" Destroy NATO's "Militias" - 02/28/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Hizbullah Brigades: One Should Not Support Either Side In The Ukraine War; It Will Take A Miracle For Russia To Win – 02/28/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – On Telegram, Channels Supporting Iran-Backed Militias Capitalize On Russian Invasion Of Ukraine To Criticize U.S. Foreign Policy – 02/25/22 [subscribers only]

No. 9391 – Friday Sermon in Garmeh, Iran, by Abolghasem Tatari: Ukraine Had Trusted the West, Agreed to Nuclear Disarmament and Oversight, but Did Not Receive the Protection Promised by U.S., Europe – 02/25/22

Special Reports – Houthi Ansar Allah Movement Supports Russian Recognition Of Independence Of Separatist Regions In Ukraine; Iran-Backed Militias: We Support Putin, U.S. Abandoned Ukraine As It Does All Its Agents – 02/22/22 [subscribers only]



Taliban Jihadi Organization 'Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan' Calls For 'Restraint By Both Parties' In Ukraine War – 02/25/22

Special Reports – Egyptian Author Who Writes For Afghan Taliban Magazine Accuses Israel Of Staging The War On Ukraine To Manipulate The Global Energy Market – 02/24/22

Special Dispatch No. 9785 – Reactions In Indian And Pakistani Newspapers About Russia's Escalation Of The Ukrainian Crisis And The Stakes For South Asian Countries – 02/23/22



No. 9421 - Friday Sermon By DC Imam Abdul Alim Musa: Russia's Ukraine Invasion Is Justified, They Are Fighting Nazis; It Is A Western Lie That China Is Committing Genocide Against Muslims; Taiwan Belongs To China - 02/25/22

Special Dispatch No. 9818 - Texas Imam Yasir Qadhi: Why Is A Ukrainian Soldier Who Blew Himself Up To Prevent Russians from Crossing A Bridge Presented As A 'Martyr' By The Media? In Any Other Circumstances He Would Be Portrayed As A Suicide Bomber - 03/09/22

No. 9388 – Michigan Friday Sermon By Shi'ite-American Imam Hassan Qazwini: The West, U.S. Are Hypocrites — They Condemn Russian Human Rights Violations In Ukraine, But Not Israeli, Saudi Violations In Palestine, Yemen – 02/25/22



Special Reports - Syrian Jihadi Writer: Muslims Are Prohibited From Participating In War In Ukraine Unless Their Activity "Directly Serves The Interests Of The Islamic Nation" - 03/20/22

Special Reports - Jihadi Reactions To Ukraine War: Celebration, Hopes For Escalation, Disagreements Over Which Side To Support, Recommendations To Exploit The Conflict To Wage Jihad - 03/16/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - ISIS Supporters Celebrate The Suffering Of Ukrainians: Enmity Among Europeans Is Divine Retribution For The Killing Of Muslims - 03/15/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - Syrian Jihadi Magazine Accuses Rebel Leaders In Syria Of Betrayal For Not Capitalizing On Russia's Entanglement In Ukraine To Advance Revolution - 03/13/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - Pro-Al-Qaeda Jihadi Ideologue Criticizes Calls From Muslim World To Halt Ukraine War, Hopes The Two Sides Destroy Each Other - 03/08/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - HTS Cleric Calls On Ukrainian Muslims To Form Political Body To Fight Russia, Safeguard Muslim Interests In Post-War Ukraine - 03/07/22 [subscribers only]

Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Media Publishes Poster Accusing The West Of Double Standards For Allowing Foreign Fighters To Support Ukraine - 03/07/22 [subscribers only]

In Interview With American Jihadi Reporter Bilal Abdul Kareem, Former Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Moazzam Begg Accuses UK Of Labeling Muslims Who Fight Occupying Forces As Terrorists While Allowing Its Non-Muslim Citizens To Fight In Ukraine – 03/04/2022 [subscribers only]

ISIS Editorial: Russia-Ukraine War Is An Internal Christian War, A Manifestation Of Allah's Will – 03/04/2022 [subscribers only]

Jihadis Discuss Ruling On Deploying Mujahideen To Fight Russia In Ukraine – 03/03/2022 [subscribers only]

Russian Consulate In Basra Thanks Iraqis Who Applied To Join Fight In Ukraine Alongside Russian Forces; Pro-Iran Media Outlet Celebrates Pro-Putin Billboard In Baghdad – 03/03/2022 [subscribers only]

Article On Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram Channel: Unlike The U.S., Russia Isn't Waging A Religious War Against The Muslims; It's In The Muslim Interest For The War To Continue For A Long Time – 03/03/2022 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - British Pro-ISIS Preacher Lambasts West For Having Double Standards In Supporting Ukrainian Resistance But Ignoring Palestinian, Muslim Plight - 02/28/22 [subscribers only]

Hizbullah-Affiliated Website: In Upcoming War On Israel, The Resistance Axis Should Follow Russia's Tactics For Invading Ukraine – 03/01/2022

Lebanese Hizbullah-Owned News Site: U.S. Manufactured Ukraine Crisis To Trap Russia And Create Tension Between Russia And Iran – 03/01/2022 [you must be subscribed to read]

Special Reports - On Facebook And Twitter, Jihadis In The West React To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine; Michigan-Based Jihadi Cleric Ahmad Musa Jibril States: 'Both Ukraine & Russia Have Muslim Blood On Their Hands, May Allah Destroy Both' - 02/28/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Salafi-Jihadis Urge Muslims In Ukraine, Russia To Exploit Conflict To Wage Jihad And Kill "Crusaders" – 02/28/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Opponents Of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS): Ukraine War Disproves HTS Claim That Russian Army Is Powerful, Which It Used To Justify Its Treachery – 02/28/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Syria-Based Jihadi Clerics Side With Ukraine Against Russia, Pray For Russia's Defeat – 02/28/22 [subscribers only]

Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Cleric Accuses West Of Hypocrisy For Permitting Foreign Fighters To Come To Aid Of Ukraine – 02/27/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – British Pro-ISIS Preacher Condemns Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine: Solution Is Not In NATO Or With Russia But Rather In Islam – 02/25/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Pro-Al-Qaeda Jihadi Ideologue Denounces Chechen Fighters Allegedly Participating In Russian Invasion Of Ukraine, Warns Against Supporting 'Putin The Tyrant,' Or 'Zelensky The Jewish-Israeli Tyrant' – 02/25/22

Special Reports – Salafi-Jihadis Celebrate Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine, Describe It As A Golden Opportunity For Mujahideen Worldwide, Particularly In Syria – 02/24/22

Special Reports – Online Jihadis: European Position On Russia-Ukraine Crisis Is Shaped By Shared Economic Interests With Russia, U.S. 'Defeat' In Afghanistan – 02/22/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Syria-Based Jihadi Clerics Predict Russian Military Involvement In Syria Will Escalate Following Invasion Of Eastern Ukraine, Hope Mujahideen In Syria Will Defeat Russian Forces – 02/22/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Jihadis On Social Media Call For Non-Western Muslims To Exploit U.S. Involvement In Russia-Ukraine Crisis To Topple Regimes, Cause U.S. Collapse – 02/15/22



Special Reports - White Supremacist Terrorist Group Attend Pro-Russia Rally In Serbia - 03/18/22

Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor – Account Review (DTTM-AR): International Neo-Nazi Group, With Youth Based Around The World Express Desire To Carry Out Terrorist Attacks; Members Train With Firearms, Reveal Eagerness To Infiltrate The Military - 03/16/22 [subscribers only]

French Holocaust Denier Publishes About The War In Ukraine - 03/15/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists Around The World Laud Vladimir Putin And Russia, Incite Violence At Home, Call For Nuclear War; Vilify Ukraine, NATO, And The U.S. - 03/10/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - Neo-Nazi Paramilitaries In Ukraine Call For Donations Via Cash And Cryptocurrency, White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis Globally Spread Donation Calls And Start Their Own Crowdfunding Campaigns - 03/08/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports - Russian Neo-Nazi Group Releases Recruitment Call - 03/08/22 [subscribers only]

American, Canadian, European, And Australian Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists Among Foreign Volunteers Joining Ukrainian Paramilitary Groups To Fight Russian Forces – 03/02/2022 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Scandinavian Neo-Nazi Social Media Account Promotes Fundraiser For Ukrainian Ultranationalist, Neo-Nazi Group – 02/25/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Polish Neo-Fascist Group Publishes Interview With Ultranationalist Who Calls For Polish-Ukrainian Coordination Against Russia – 02/25/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Neo-Nazi 'Wagner Group' Of Russian Mercenaries Claim To Be Fighting In Ukraine – 02/25/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – Antisemitic Pro-Ukrainian, Pro-Azov Battalion Social Media Account Seeks Donations Via Bank Transfer, Shares Group's Military Actions – 02/25/22 [subscribers only]

Special Reports – International Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists React To Russia-Ukraine Tensions, Claiming The Conflict Is Orchestrated By Jews; Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Recruit Foreign Fighters, Offer Combat Training To Civilians In Preparation For Resisting Russian Invasion – 02/16/22 [subscribers only]

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