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As a valued reader of MEMRI, you are familiar with our continuing efforts to monitor more media sources in more countries, research more subjects, translate into more languages, and expand our reach. So far in 2016, MEMRI has sent 464 emails and published 45 Inquiry and Analysis papers, 263 Special Dispatch reports, 36 Special Announcements, 26 Daily Briefs, 511 MEMRI Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) reports, and 269 Cyber & Jihad Lab reports, as well as 316 translated TV clips. MEMRI has accomplished this only because of the generosity of our donors.

You also know that in order to sustain these efforts, tremendous resources are required.

MEMRI's unique and timely research is a critical part of the discussion about the Middle East among governments, the media, militaries, academia, and the general public. MEMRI is a resource for international law enforcement and intelligence agencies; it is the only organization worldwide that is constantly monitoring, translating, analyzing, and making available to Western audiences content from hundreds of Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Hindi, Urdu, Pashtu, Turkish, and Russian newspapers, magazines, television shows, and online outlets, including social media. Just last Tuesday, MEMRI President Yigal Carmon and Vice President Alberto Fernandez testified separately before Congressional committees - in the U.S. House on Palestinian Authority stipends to terrorists and their families and in the U.S. Senate on ISIS online propaganda and recruitment, respectively.


At this time, MEMRI research is more critical than ever. We are constantly monitoring the following issues:

· Jihadi threats to the West - As demonstrated most recently by the Nice and Orlando terror attacks, jihadis continue to recruit and radicalize followers and to inspire and direct "lone-wolf" attacks in the West from online platforms - and an increasing number of those platforms are encrypted. MEMRI continues to monitor and analyze up-to-the-minute efforts at online and cyber jihad, and daily assists U.S. and European counterterrorism efforts.

· Iranian threats to the region and beyond - While Iran expands its military involvement in Syria and Iraq, including via local Shi'ite militias, it accuses the U.S. of plotting against those countries, and, following the nuclear deal with the West, boasts of its increased influence in the region and the world.

· ISIS continues its slaughter and destruction across the region and in the West - Extremists across Africa, Asia, and elsewhere are pledging allegiance to ISIS, even as the group loses ground in the Middle East. In the West, ISIS and its supporters take credit for gruesome terror attacks on civilians.

· Arab and Muslim reform - Voices from the region condemn jihadi attacks, speak out against conspiracy theories, and urge countries in the region to find common ground with the West in order to advance Arab interests and promote women's rights.

· Antisemitism, anti-U.S., and anti-West incitement - MEMRI continues to monitor antisemitic, anti-U.S., and anti-West content, including Holocaust denial, blood libels, and conspiracy theories, in the Arab and Iranian media and in sermons in the Middle East and Europe.


· MEMRI TV - Monitoring and translating nearly 100 Arab and Iranian channels around the clock. This project is a major resource for researchers from government, academia, legislatures, and media, providing a much deeper understanding of complex situations than can be obtained from other sources. MEMRI TV clips have had over 100 million views to date.

· The Tom Lantos Archives on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial - The Archives focus on antisemitism and Holocaust denial across the Arab and Muslim world, culminating in an annual event on Capitol Hill marking the release of its annual report. Last year's speakers included Sen. John McCain, French reformist Imam Hassen Chalghoumi, and Charlie Hebdo contributor Caroline Fourest.

· Iran Studies Project - Monitoring Iranian statements about its nuclear and missile programs, Iran's growing regional status, power struggles between its ideological and pragmatic camps, and more.

· Jihad & Terrorism Studies - Examining trends in jihadi tactics, including cyber warfare, and methods, as well as the use of major social media platforms for recruiting, indoctrination, and encouraging lone-wolf attacks.

· Cyber & Jihad Lab - Researching and translating cyber jihad content originating in the Middle East, Iran, South Asia, and Africa.

· Reform Project - Monitoring the still-reverberating impact of the Arab Spring, the Reform Project identifies and amplifies brave voices of reform in the region.

· Russian Media Studies Project - Assisting Western authorities in understanding Russia's political discourse, vision, aims, and political scene, as well as the implications of its increased involvement in the Middle East.

· South Asia Studies Project - Regional and local regional authorities struggle to cope as jihadism, including ISIS, continues to spread across South Asia, with the latest attack in Dhaka.


Because of your generosity, MEMRI is continuing to assist the U.S. and other Western countries in the day-to-day fight against extremism, benefitting troops in the battlefield and policymakers at home. Your support for MEMRI allows us, on a daily basis, to assist:

· U.S. Armed Forces - The highest echelons of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

· U.S. Congress - MEMRI briefs both sides of the political aisle in Congress, including Majority and Minority staff of numerous influential committees in the Senate and House of Representatives.

· Federal agencies - such as the White House, the State Department, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the TSA, and more.

· State and local law enforcement authorities - in all 50 states.

· Western government agencies - which continue to use MEMRI research on a daily basis.

· Academia - over 500 universities, colleges, and other institutes of higher education worldwide.

· Top print and television media outlets - including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, and others who request our research.

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