September 12, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 7089

Marking 9/11 Anniversary, IRGC-Affiliated Iranian Daily States: 'No Need To Fear The Roar Of A Paper Tiger'

September 12, 2017
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 7089

The September 11, 2017 editorial of the Javan daily, which is affiliated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), focused on the 9/11 attacks 16 years ago. The following are the main points of the editorial.

"Sixteen years have passed since that summery evening, Iran time, when the entire world, including Iran, watched on television the frightening images of the airplanes [crashing into] the Twin Towers in New York...

"From the first instant, the White House blamed the Muslims [for the attack] and launched a strong wave of Islamophobia.

"Then-U.S. President [George] Bush announced to the entire world on those first days that the attacks on New York and on Washington were a declaration of war against America, and that the latter would respond in equal measure. Congress authorized these positions, allowing Bush to wage, as necessary, a military campaign against all the countries, organizations, and individuals involved or suspected of involvement in the 9/11 terror operation, wherever in the world they are.

"The military machines of the arrogant [the U.S.] invaded the Middle East, and Iran was also in the sights of the threat. Less than a year previously, then-president of Iran [Mohammad Khatami] had designated 2001 the Year Of Dialogue Among Civilizations, and [President] Bush called the 'lovers of Washington' in Tehran [i.e. the reformers and those calling for reconciliation with the U.S.] 'The Axis of Evil.'

"Following this event [9/11], 'those [in Iran] who yearn for the West' carried out symbolic activities, such as lighting candles and signing a memorial [petition] at the office of the United States Interests Section [of the Embassy Of Switzerland] in Tehran so as to express solidarity with the residents of the White House...

"Prominent figures in the reformist camp began to instill fear [in the Iranian public of a U.S. response]... This 'Americaphobia' was aimed at convincing the people [in Iran] that no one can stand up to America... even some of the most revolutionary [figures in Iran] began to fear [America] and, for example, slogans like 'Death to America' were [no longer ] evident at Friday sermons.

"Only one man did not surrender to the nightmare scenario vis-à-vis the arrogant [i.e. the U.S.]. [Supreme] Leader [Ali] Khamenei stood up to the servants of the West who sowed fear [of the U.S. in Iran], and also rejected the American request to join the so-called 'anti-terror' coalition; thus he uprooted the new scenario proposed by those seeking peace with the arrogance. He clearly stated: 'Everyone should know that Iran will not be a party to any measure led by America...'

"Sixteen years have elapsed since September 11, 2001, and during those years the Americans have not implemented the threat of their military option against Iran... Had [they] had the opportunity to implement a military option against Iran, Washington's leaders would not hesitate for a moment before doing so. The experience from 9/11 and what followed shows that there is no need to fear the roar of a paper tiger."[1]


[1] Javan (Iran), September 11, 2017.

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