September 24, 2013 Special Dispatch No. 5456

List Of Nairobi Attackers, Including Westerners, Published On Social Media

September 24, 2013
Special Dispatch No. 5456

On September 22, 2013, while the standoff between Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen operatives and Kenyan forces at Nairobi's Westgate mall was still in progress, an unofficial Twitter account claiming to be linked to the Al-Qaeda affiliated group released a list of the presumed attackers. The list includes six Americans, a Canadian, a Swede, a Finn and a British national as well as two Syrians, and a Dagestani.

It should be noted that the account, which was since suspended, did not claim to be Al-Shabab's official account, and that the names provided could represent disinformation tactics. Another account associated with Al-Shabab emphasized that the account was bogus.


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