June 1, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10642

Libyan TV Show Host Afaf Abdel Mohsen Praises Palestinians For Having Many Children, Pushing Them To Become Martyrs; Palestinian Journalist Muhammad Abd Al-Haqq: They Have Nuclear Bombs, We Have 'Offspring Bombs'

June 1, 2023
Libya, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10642

In a May 19, 2023 show on Libya Mostakbal TV, Libyan show host Afaf Abdel Mohsen praised the Palestinian people for having so many children in order to "push" them towards death and martyrdom. She said that Palestinian mothers raise their children on resistance and the "honor of returning to this land, using their blood, by sacrificing them." Palestinian journalist Muhammad Abd Al-Haqq, who also appeared on the show, said that his grandfather used to say: "They have nuclear bombs, and we have 'offspring bombs.'"

To view the clip of the Libyan TV show click here or below:

"[Palestinians] Give Birth To So Many [Children] So That We Can Push Them To Death, To Martyrdom"

Afaf Abdel Mohsen: "Why do [the Palestinians] give birth to so many boys and girls? I heard a beautiful answer to this question: 'We give birth to so many [children] so that we can push them to death, to martyrdom.'"

"They Have Nuclear Bombs And We Have Offspring Bombs"

Muhammad Abd Al-Haqq: "Let me tell you an anecdote about my late grandfather. Before he would agree to marry off anyone from the family, he would say: 'Will there be grandchildren?' The guy would say: 'Inshallah, Hajj.' But my grandfather would say: 'No! They have nuclear bombs and we have offspring bombs.' We have good offspring..."

Mohsen: "Allah! Allah!"

"[Palestinians] Use [Their Children] For Their Resistance; They Sacrifice Them For Martyrdom"

Al-Haqq: "The issue of giving birth is very important. Just like they say hat in Benghazi they give birth to many children, in Palestine, in Haifa, and in Jafa, and the Palestinians, wherever they may be, ascribe much importance to the issue of their offspring."

Mohsen: "They use them for their resistance, Allah be praised. They sacrifice them for martyrdom. When a mother says: I give birth to many children, so I can raise them on resistance, the love of their homeland, and the honor of returning to this land, using their blood, by sacrificing them..."

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