June 9, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3012

Libyan Leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi: The Muslims Will Inherit Europe; Turkey will Join the EU as a Trojan Horse

June 9, 2010
Libya, North Africa | Special Dispatch No. 3012

In a recent speech, Libyan leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi said that the Muslims, who currently constitute a minority in Europe, would become a majority and would "inherit the continent," despite attempts by the new imperialism to eradicate the Muslims from the world. Al-Qadhafi told heads of delegations of the Islamic People's Leadership and of Muslims from the Balkans[1] – including scholars, sheikhs, young people, and women's rights activists – that Turkey's joining the European Union would be a Trojan horse.

Following are excerpts from his remarks:[2]

The New Imperialism Is Trying to Eradicate Islam

"We are proud of Europe's Islam and Muslims, particularly in the Balkans, because of the Muslim presence in the heart of the Christian continent – which once attacked Islam on its own lands, in the Middle East and in nearby North Africa, and tried to eradicate Islam from the face of the earth with the Crusades and during the era of the new imperialism...

"In Algeria, millions were killed... by the imperialist invaders, who aimed to annihilate the Muslims there. In Libya, hundreds of thousands were killed in their land by the Italian imperialism. There were [also] massacres in Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, and all the Islamic countries of Africa and Asia. [These reflect] an attempt by the new Western imperialism to eradicate Islam.

"Today, massacres are being perpetrated in Palestine, with the aim of eliminating the Palestinians as a people and the Muslims [in Palestine]. [In Iraq,] the number of victims has exceeded one million... They want to eliminate the Muslims in Iraq. In Afghanistan and in Pakistan [people are being] killed daily in NATO operations, on land that does not belong to NATO... They are trying to kill the Muslims everywhere, by any means possible.

"The Muslims have no choice but to unite to save themselves from these mass murderers who slaughter and massacre on Islamic land – whether by means of missiles, airplanes, cannon, rifles, [and] poison, as was the case with Yasser Arafat and others. They excuse their increasingly fiery war against the Muslims by calling it a war on terror. If terrorism exists, we are all its victims. We are all against terrorism..."

Turkey Will Be a Trojan Horse in the EU

"Allah promised Islam a victory against all the religions... You [Muslims] are a minority in Europe. Allah willing, you will become a majority one day, and you will gain the upper hand... You will be the imams and the heirs of the European continent.

"Turkey's joining the European Union... means that the European continent will no longer be a Crusader or Christian continent. Islam will become a powerful partner on the European continent in terms of territory, people, and actions. We await the day that Turkey will join the EU, so that it will go down in history as a Trojan horse.

"You must act to unite the Muslims in Europe, [joining the Muslims] from Turkey to Bosnia-Herzegovina with the Muslims [in the rest] of Europe. There are millions of Muslims across Europe – from Britain through Greece to Eastern European countries that have joined the European Union and have a Muslim majority."

"No One Can Prohibit Us from Living in Europe – It Was Allah, Not the Europeans, Who Created Europe"

"The statistics on the number of Muslims in Europe are incorrect... [The number] of Muslims [there] is greater than that indicated by the official statistics.

"Fortunately, the Muslims are multiplying, and their number is growing many times faster than those of other religions... This may be proof that Allah ultimately wants the Muslims to be more numerous than the others.

"Even within Palestine, no one can stop this phenomenon. The Palestinian Muslims are multiplying four times faster than the Jews. Ultimately, the Palestinian Muslims will be a majority, even within the so-called Israel...

"Allah created the land for all people; no one can prohibit us from living in Europe. It was Allah, not the Europeans, who created Europe. You [Muslims] are residents of Europe. It is your land. It is inconceivable for you to be humiliated and persecuted there..."


[1] In addition to the Islamic People's Leadership, the delegates were from the Muammar Friendship and Intercommunication Forum in the Balkans and the Gaddafi Youth Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

[2] Al-Shams (Libya), June 8, 2010.


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