February 21, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3605

Libyan Leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi Expounds on His Color Theory: White (the West) Is Trying to Wipe Out Red (Communism), Green (Islam) and Yellow (Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism)

February 21, 2011
Libya | Special Dispatch No. 3605

Following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Libyan Leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on February 13, 2011.

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"The Name 'Muhammad' Was Written in the Torah and the New Testament – But in the Torah and New Testament That Exist Today, It Does Not Appear"

Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi: "The Torah and the New Testament have been completely altered. I'm sad to say that the Torah and the New Testament that exist today are not the ones that were conveyed to Moses and Jesus. The name 'Muhammad' was written in the Torah and the New Testament but in the Torah and New Testament that exist today it does not appear.

"Jesus appears in the Koran. Why weren't we confused by them? We could have erased the name 'Jesus,' and said that he didn't heal the sick or raise anyone from the dead. But it appears to this day the way Allah said it. We believe in the true religion and they are wrong.

"That's one thing. For another thing, brothers, the Christian West has launched an unbearable campaign against the Prophet Muhammad. Dozens of degrading images of the Prophet Muhammad have been published in the leading European papers. The man who wrote 'The Satanic Verses' received honors and awards. He was received by the U.S. president, by the British prime minister, and by other European heads of state. They met with the man who wrote 'The Satanic Verses.' Why does this man receive such honor from the leaders of superpowers? It's because he vilified the Prophet Muhammad.

"We Say to Scandinavia, Europe, and America That the Prophet Muhammad Is Not Our Prophet Alone – He Is Your Prophet Too"

"We say to Scandinavia, Europe, and America that the Prophet Muhammad is not our prophet alone. He is your prophet too, because Allah sent him to all the people. He is the Seal of the Prophets, who was sent to Scandinavia, to Europe, to America, to Asia, and to Africa. The religion of Allah is Islam.

"After that, a global movement emerged which they called 'international terrorism.' This movement was established by young people from the Islamic nation. This movement has been described as a terrorism movement which kills innocent people, as a movement that acts in an insane manner, a movement that sheds blood and other descriptions attributed to terrorist operations.

"Without relating to its conduct – why did such a movement emerge? According to my analysis, this movement, which they call Al-Qaeda, or terrorism and which is believed to be headed by a man called bin Laden – whether that bin Laden is alive or dead and whether he is responsible for actions carried out anywhere in the world, which I think he knows nothing about. Many things are attributed to Al-Qaeda or to Bin Laden and he may be innocent of them. His name and the name of Al-Qaeda have been exploited."

"I am not afraid to speak candidly. Why did this movement emerge? In my estimate, it emerged as a response to the onslaught against the Islamic nation, as a response to global arrogance toward Islam, as a response to the hegemony over the Islamic world.

"These are external challenges. The [terrorist movement] was also a response to domestic challenges such as the submissiveness of the Islamic rulers in the face of the onslaught against the Islamic nation especially on the part of Europe and America. This is a psychological response." [...]

Viewer's Text Message: "May You End Up Like Mubarak"

"With regard to the terrible attack against the U.S. in…2002, was it?...The attack against the towards of the World Trade Center in New York…"

[Among the viewers' text messages appearing on the screen, presented by Al-Jazeera TV, is the following: "May you end up like Mubarak"]

Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi: If we interpret this attack from a religious perspective, then it is very bad and harmed Islam. In these World Trade Center towers, there were thousands of civilians – including women and even children, people of all religions. There were even Muslims working in those towers. This was not a military target. The Pentagon was a military target but the World Trade Center towers in New York were not a military target, and if it is interpreted as a religious [attack], it harmed Islam.


"If the attack is interpreted from a political perspective, that's something else. If those who carried it out wanted to teach America a lesson, and to show it that they could deal it a strike on its home turf, and that they are able to respond – if it is a political act, a military act – than that is another thing. But if it was done in the name of Islam, it is very shameful.

"I do not think that bin Laden, who is believed to be the head of Al-Qaeda, has taken responsibility for this attack to this day.

"After this strike, an onslaught against Islam began everywhere, with Muslims being persecuted and humiliated."

"There Are Four Colors on Earth: White, Red, Green and Yellow"

"There are four colors on Earth: white, red, green and yellow. These four colors coexisted on the face of the Earth. The color white, as we know full well, is the enemy of the other colors, because they taint it. Anything you put on white stands out, taints it. But if you put a green dot on a black one or a red dot on a yellow one, they will have no effect.

The color white abhors the other colors. It wants to be the sole ruler, to be the only color. The color white is clearly represented by Western Europe and the U.S. This color has decided to wipe out the other three colors, which it views as its enemies, even in painting…not religion… The color white is against the other colors. If it mixes with the other colors, it is destroyed. It is the same in politics, in the military, in religion and so on. Western Europe, in particular, and the U.S. are the color white, which has decided to erase the three other colors.

The first color it managed to erase was the color red, which is represented by Communism – the former Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact, and Eastern Europe. The color white overcame the color red and erased it.

"Now they are confronting the color green, which is represented by Islam. The attack is now taking place in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iraq, in Libya, in Algeria, in Somalia, in Iran, in Gaza, against Hizbullah… The current onslaught is to destroy the color green, in order to wipe it off the map, just like they erased the color red. The current campaign is against the color green. The entire world needs to understand this, the Islamic nation need to understand this, and all the Muslims and the Arabs need to understand this.

"If the color green is wiped out, the final confrontation will be between the color white, which wants to overcome all the other colors, and the color yellow, which is represented by the Buddhist culture, the Confucian culture, from Japan to China and India. This is the color yellow – the Confucian, Buddhist, and Hindu cultures.


"Ultimately, the confrontation will be between the colors white and yellow. If we had the capacity to think and analyze, we would realize that the color yellow should align itself with the color green, because they have a common enemy.


"There are U.S. military bases that occupy Arab and Islamic land, but nobody is fighting against them, and we do not hear any sermons in mosques or any jurisprudents spurring people to wage Jihad and attack these bases. I’m sad to say this. We hear them inciting to revolutions in places where there are no U.S. bases, no American occupation, and no ties that serve and nurture the Zionist entity.


"The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon should march unarmed toward Palestine, with olive branches, with women and children, and if they are prevented from entering, they should set up camps on the border of occupied Palestine. The Palestinian refugees in Syria should leave their refugee camps and march toward Palestine, from which they were driven out. If the Israeli enemy stops them, they should set up camps on the border. They should establish facts on the group for the world to see – for UNRWA and for the UN, which would have to support them and give them food and water. The Palestinians throughout the Arab world…

"There are 30,000 Palestinian refugees in Libya. They should go, through Egypt or via the sea, to Palestine, and should set up camps on the border, if they are prevented entrance. The refugees in Egypt should do the same. 40% of the Jordanian people are Palestinians. 40% of the Jordanian people should march on the West Bank, without arms, without fighting. No. It is our land, and we will return to it, with olive branches. We should generate a crisis, a problem, and reality on the ground for the world, until it recognizes our rights, the rights of the Palestinian people, the rights of the millions of people who have been deported.

"This is not a call for war. It is a call for peace. In order for there to be peace- if you don’t want war – you should accept the other, you should accept the Palestinian people.

"It is a crime for an Arab and Islamic country to form relations with the Israeli entity before the Palestinian people returns to regain its rights. This is a crime. This is heresy. They are not Arabs, not Muslims. They are cowards, collaborators, ignorant people, naïve people, idiots, junk, garbage.

"The millions of Palestinians who were deported in 1948 and 1967 should load their children, their families, and themselves on ships, and sail and anchor on the shore of Palestine. Four or five million Palestinians should said aboard ships, not in order to bring aid to Gaza, but in order to return to Palestine, which was occupied in 1948. It is their land, their homes, their rights. Allah gave it to them. There should be convoys of ships bringing the Palestinian people to Palestine. They should anchor at sea and camp on land, so that the world takes action. We should create a world crisis. Let there be ships filled with children and displaced Palestinian families. Let them throw nuclear bombs on them. So be it. They will reveal who they really are. They will annihilate human beings." […]

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