March 19, 2009 Special Dispatch No. 2270

Lebanese Liberal 'Uqab Saqr Fails to Persuade Self-Proclaimed Extremist Yasser Qechlaq to Refrain from Antisemitic Incitement

March 19, 2009
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 2270

Following are excerpts from a debate between Lebanese intellectuals Yasser Qechlaq and 'Uqab Saqr, which aired on ANB TV on February 16, 2009.

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"I Refuse to Acknowledge Any Jew... as a Human Being... He Is an Abject, Filthy, And Usurping Terrorist"

Yasser Qechlaq, owner of "We are facing a society that believes in nothing but force, violence, crimes, and the killing of our children and women."

'Uqab Saqr: "They also believe in rationality."

Yasser Qechlaq: "Hold on. I refuse to acknowledge any Jew, whoever he may be. I do not acknowledge his holy books or holy places, nor do I acknowledge this Jew as a human being. I acknowledge just one thing: That he is an abject, filthy, and usurping terrorist, and I curse him..."

'Uqab Saqr: "This serves Israel..."

Yasser Qechlaq: "No, no..."

"This Kind Of Talk Serves Israel - There Are Jews Who Defend the Palestinian Cause More Than Some Palestinians"

'Uqab Saqr: "This kind of talk serves Israel. There are Jews who defend the Palestinian cause more than some Palestinians."

Yasser Qechlaq: "I refuse to acknowledge any Jew in the world, because he refuses to acknowledge my existence as a Palestinian."

'Uqab Saqr: "Neturei Karta is the most important Jewish group and they do not recognize Israel."

Yasser Qechlaq: "Give me a break. Just because some Jewish activists do not recognize Israel, you want to convince me that there is a moderate camp to make peace with?"

'Uqab Saqr: "All I ask is that you draw a distinction between the Jews and the Israelis."

"I Am A Palestinian Extremist... Israel is a European-American Project... Planted In My Region; This Cancer Must Be Uprooted... America is the No. 1 Dictatorship"

Yasser Qechlaq: "I do not acknowledge the Jewish religion. I am a Palestinian extremist. I am an extremist for my land."


'Uqab Saqr: "The Koran respects the monotheistic religions."

Yasser Qechlaq: "Nevertheless, I do not acknowledge [them]."

'Uqab Saqr: "You are doing Israel a service without realizing it.


"When it’s a case of Muslims against Jews, the Jews win Western public opinion, whereas when it’s a case if Palestinians and Israelis, the West supports the Palestinians."

Yasser Qechlaq: 'You tell me that we should embarrass Israel. Do you think Israel can be embarrassed in the West? Israel humiliates France, the EU, and America. Israel is a European-American project which was planted in my region. This cancer must be uprooted.


"America is the number one dictatorship in the world. Look at the torture in their prisons. Where are human rights?"

'Uqab Saqr: "Who are they doing all this to?"

Yasser Qechlaq: "To us."

'Uqab Saqr: "Give me a break. If only we would treat our own people..."

Yasser Qechlaq: "Why should we borrow these concepts from them? They export democracy to us. You criticized Muntazer Al-Zaidi for throwing his shoes at this democracy..."

'Uqab Saqr: "I wasn’t criticizing. I merely said that in America..."

Yasser Qechlaq: "You criticized this shoe, which is a manifestation of this failed democracy. I welcome any dictatorship that allows me to wage resistance, in order to restore my rights and my honor. I welcome any dictatorship in the world."

"If You Establish A 'Dictatorship' Like Israel Or America Here - I Will Kiss Your Hands"

'Uqab Saqr: "It is ridiculous that we call America a dictatorship because of Abu Ghuraib. In the Arab world, there are 100,000 Abu Ghuraibs, which the rulers use against their own peoples.


"I hope that all Arab regimes, starting with our Syrian neighbor, will treat their peoples like Israel and America treat their own peoples. If you establish a 'dictatorship' like Israel or America here, I will kiss your hands. "

Yasser Qechlaq: "We don't want it."

'Uqab Saqr: "Maybe you don't want it, but I do." [...]

Al-Qaeda Is "A Jewish Organization with Jewish Roots And Culture"

Yasser Qechlaq: "If you go to America and defend Al-Qaeda, even though it is a Jewish organization with Jewish roots and culture... If you defend it, you will go to jail."

'Uqab Saqr: "You will be treated according to the law. You might go to jail, but at least your family will know where you are."

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