April 4, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 7985

Lebanese Girl Donates Savings To Hizbullah, Rewarded With A Hijab And Copy Of The Quran Signed By Nasrallah

April 4, 2019
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 7985

On April 1, 2019, Al-Jadeed/New TV (Lebanon) aired a report and hosted a show featuring Hawra Nada, a young Lebanese girl who donated money she saved to Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. The report showed Hawra removing money from a penny bank. Hawra said that she loves Hassan Nasrallah, that her life is dedicated to him, and that she gave him the money she saved up so that he could "get a missile and fight the enemies" like she saw him do on TV. Addressing Israel, Hawra said: "If you kill little children, Hassan Nasrallah will kill you." After the report, Hawra was shown in the studio wearing a hijab, which she had not been wearing in the video of the report. The show host explained that Hawra started wearing hijab after she was given a hijab, a copy of the Quran signed by Hassan Nasrallah, and other gifts during an appearance on Al-Manar TV because of her donation to Nasrallah.

To view the clip of Hawra Nada on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"I Dedicate My Life – Not Only My Money – To Hassan Nasrallah"

Hawra Nada: "In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Hassan Nasrallah, let me cut to the chase: Take my money and get a missile. I want my mother to give me 25,000 Lebanese pounds. As soon as I get them I will give them to you. I love you, Hassan Nasrallah. Hawra. I saw Hassan Nasrallah on TV fighting the enemies. I saved some money in order to give it to him, so he could get a missile and fight the enemies with it."

Zaynab Ali Qilqas (Hawra's Mother): "Since she is a little girl, she is very active. She is familiar with the situation in Syria. She knows that young people are going to [fight] in Syria. She knows that there is a war there. She knows that they fight ISIS and that there are martyrs."


Hawra Nada: "I say this to the Israelis: If you kill little children, Hassan Nasrallah will kill you. They are killing them for no reason. I would like to see you, Hassan Nasrallah, so I could give you the money I saved. I dedicate my life – not only my money – to Hassan Nasrallah."

Host: "Hawra Nada, good evening."

Hawra Nada: "Good evening."

"She Started Wearing The Hijab After The Filming, When She Received A Copy Of The Quran At A Special Show On Al-Manar TV"

Host: "What was our agreement? We had an agreement that you must not be shy, right? Zaynab Ali Qilqas, Hawra's mother, good evening.


"When we were filming Hawra in her home, she was not wearing a hijab. This is why we saw Hawra without the hijab. She started wearing the hijab after the filming, when she received a copy of the Quran at a special show on Al-Manar TV.

"Al-Manar TV surprised her and dressed her with the hijab.


"Let's see what happened when Hawra was on Al-Manar TV."

Woman (In Clip): "This is Hawra wearing the beautiful ceremonial clothes."

Man 1 (In Clip): "This is a gift from Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. Congratulations."

Man 2 (In Clip): "Kiss it, kiss it…"

Woman (In Clip): "This is a copy of the Quran signed by Hassan Nasrallah."

Man 1 (In Clip): "This is in addition to many things Hawra will receive, like clothes and more."


Woman (In Clip): "How happy are you now?"

Hawra Nada (In Clip): "Very happy."

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