July 10, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4825

Lebanese Columnist In Egyptian Daily: Netanyahu Is As Dangerous As Hitler

July 10, 2012
Special Dispatch No. 4825

Lebanese intellectual Dr. Muhammad Al-Sammak, secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian National Dialogue Committee in Lebanon and a columnist for the independent Egyptian daily Al-Shurouq, published a column on May 13, 2012 titled "Israel – from a Zionist [State] to a Jewish [State]," in which he compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolph Hitler, claiming that Netanyahu is just as dangerous as the Nazi leader.

The following are excerpts from the article:[1]

"With Israel's swift transition from a Zionist [state] to a Jewish one, it seems that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to become the most dangerous man in the Middle East – not just for the Palestinians, but for the Israelis as well. A measured study of his positions – on expanding and accelerating Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank and annexing them to Israel, on expelling the Arabs, both Christians and Muslims, from the Jewish state, and on obstructing deals based on the two-state solution – reminds one of the first impression [given by] Adolph Hitler, before he became leader of Germany and the most dangerous man in Europe and the world. This comparison might seem surprising, but this is what happened when Hitler began [revealing] his budding racist views in Munich, Germany, in the mid-1920s.

"Karl von Wifferd, a writer for the American Hearst newspaper [sic],[2] was the first American journalist to interview Hitler. The interview, which was published in the November-December 1922 issue, described him as 'a magnetic speaker having also exceptional organizing genius' whose 'apostolic fervor' was winning him many followers. He concluded that Hitler might one day declare himself dictator of Bavaria. Despite that, very few Americans and Europeans, including Germans, took Hitler seriously. They mocked his behavior, his actions, and his words, and, due to his extreme positions, saw him as a political clown. The same descriptions apply to Netanyahu today...

"Hitler spoke of establishing greater Germany and Netanyahu speaks today of greater Israel. Hitler raised the banner of 'Germany for the Germans' and Netanyahu raises the banner of 'Israel for the Jews.' Hitler spoke of eliminating what he called 'internal enemies,' referring mainly to the Jews. Netanyahu speaks similarly about Arab Palestinians, whom he claims are a demographic time bomb threatening Israel's identity and security.

"Hitler began implementing his plans by annexing Austria to Germany in 1938. Netanyahu began [implementing] his plans by annexing the Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank to Israel. Hitler shocked the world when he invaded Poland and sparked the Second World War. How will Netanyahu shock the world? Will it be with a disastrous attack on the Al-Aqsa mosque, in advance of annexing eastern Jerusalem and forcefully expelling its Arab residents?

"It is possible that Hitler saw the hostility between Communism, represented by the Soviet Union, and Capitalism, represented by the U.S., as an historic chance to carry out his racist plan. Perhaps Netanyahu sees the conflicts between the Arab [states] and their neighboring countries, especially Iran, as well as the intra-Arab schisms, which are racial, religious, and sectarian… – as an historic chance to [realize his own plans].

"Just as Hitler found the proper opportunity – in terms of his domestic and foreign [circumstances] – to pounce on Poland, Netanyahu will see the rise of Jewish fundamentalism and the withdrawal of secular Zionism [in Israel], as well as the Arab schism and the lack of a unified resolution [outside of Israel], as the proper opportunity to pounce on Jerusalem...

"Sixty four years passed since the declaration of Israel, during which the Middle East has been [experiencing] armistices between wars. Perhaps Netanyahu feels that now is the time to start the war to end all wars, just as Hitler felt at the time. But what was the result [then]?"


[1] Al-Shurouq (Egypt), May 13, 2012.

[2] The reference is to Karl von Wiegand, who was a correspondent for the Hearst newspapers.

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