August 18, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3178

Leading Sunni Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi Curse the Jews, Calls Peace a 'Joke,' States: 'What Was Taken By the Sword Will Not Be Restored By the Pen...'; 'Only Through Resistance Can We Restore Our Rights'; 'We Used To Say That We Would Struggle, Fight, And Wage Jihad...'

August 18, 2010
Qatar, The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 3178

The following excerpts are from a sermon by leading Sunni scholar Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, which aired on Qatar TV on May 14, 2010.

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"This Is How Insolent the [Jews] Are, May Allah Curse Them"

Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: "Allah has certainly heard the saying of those who said: 'Surely Allah is poor and we are rich.' This was said by the Jews, who affronted Allah. 'The Jews said: Allah’s hands are bound. May their own hands be bound, and may they be cursed for saying so.' They said: 'Allah is poor and we are rich, because He wants to borrow from us, when He says: "Who will lend Allah a goodly loan."' They say: 'We lend money to Allah, and whoever borrows money is poor, while whoever lends money is rich. We lend money to Allah, and therefore, we are rich and He is poor.' This is how insolent the [Jews] are, may Allah curse them." [...]

"What Was Taken By the Sword Will Not Be Restored By the Pen... We Have Abandoned [Jihad]... Some Of Us Are Still Panting After That Joke Of Peace"

"We used to say that we would struggle, fight, and wage Jihad, until we regain our rights, because what was taken by force will only be restored by force, and what was taken by the sword will not be restored by the pen or the word. Unfortunately, however, we have abandoned this, and we have taken the path of the so-called 'peaceful solution.' We have made one concession after another.


"Some of us are still panting after that joke of peace, that mirage of peace, or that peaceful mirage. What have we gotten from this joke, from this lengthy process of negotiations, which fail and are resumed time and again? The negotiations are resumed under different names: 'Indirect negotiations,' 'direct negotiations,' 'mediated negotiations,' 'unmediated negotiations,' the “two-state solution,' 'the Roadmap' – you name it. It is all utter nonsense. Only through resistance can we restore our rights."

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