April 14, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 2908

Kuwaiti Columnist: The Zionist Mosquito Is Sucking the Blood of the Arabs, Americans, and Europeans

April 14, 2010
Special Dispatch No. 2908

In a follow-up to his article "The Zionist Cockroach,"[1] Kuwaiti columnist Fakhri Hashem Al-Sayyed Rajab compared Zionists to bloodsucking mosquitoes. He claimed that they indiscriminately kill innocent people using illegal means of warfare, that they control world politics, and that they maintain a global espionage network.

Following are excerpts from the follow-up article:[2]

"In continuation of our previous article about the Zionist cockroach, which met with fierce antagonism from Jewish Zionist websites that translated it into English under the title 'Zionist Cockroach,' today we will discuss the Zionist mosquito.

"The mosquito possesses a unique trait: sucking [the] blood of a specific blood group. The female mosquito is the expert at this. It has 100 eyes, 48 teeth, three hearts, and six stinger-like knives. It has three pairs of wings, and can use infrared beams to identify its prey. When it sinks [in] its teeth, it secretes a fluid that anesthetizes the area [of the bite] and encourages circulation of the blood, making it easier to suck.

"I equate the mosquito with the Zionist: The Zionist [too] sucks blood – not just the blood of Arabs, but also of tax-paying Americans and Europeans. He permits the murder of innocent people on the pretext that all of humanity was created for the sake of serving [the Zionists]. The mosquito does not distinguish between old and young, just like the Jew, for whom there is no difference between killing a five-year-old child and a 100-year-old man, since the child will [grow up to] be a fighter, and the old man will be witness to history.

"The mosquito helped spread malaria by transferring the disease from one person to another; likewise, the Zionists spread crimes against humanity from one country to another by controlling these countries' politics for their own benefit.

"As for the trait of having 100 eyes – the Jews have covert observation posts in 100 countries for intelligence and espionage [purposes]. And as for the six knives, [the Jews] have an array of armaments: cluster and phosphorus bombs, nuclear [war]heads, and other types of lethal weapons, [which are used] against the Palestinians. Regarding the 48 teeth, they have 48 types of torture [that they use] against Arab prisoners. And as far as the three [pairs of] wings and the infrared beams are concerned, these are [their] planes that mercilessly blow up innocent civilians using state-of-the-art technology, such as infrared beams.

"It is lamentable that the entire world watches indifferently [as Israel] massacres women and children and demolishes homes over the heads of their owners, while they [i.e., the rest of the world] smile and laugh. And no one demands that Israel account [for these deeds], nor is anyone able to do so, for fear of the mosquito's poisonous bite…"


[2] Al-Qabas (Kuwait), April 1, 2010.

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