June 28, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3060

Kuwaiti Columnist: Pro-Gaza Activists Are Nothing but Terrorists

June 28, 2010
Kuwait, The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 3060

In a follow-up to his June 3, 2010 article on the Gaza flotilla [1] Kuwaiti columnist 'Abdallah Al-Hadlaq, who writes in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Watan, published another column on this issue. In it, he contrasted the global interest in what is happening in Gaza with the disregard to other, graver, humanitarian crises across the world. Al-Hadlaq also stated that the activists working to remove the siege on Gaza were not peace activists but terrorists disguised as humanitarians, and that therefore Israel was fully entitled to defend itself from them.

Following are excerpts from his column: [2]

The World Is Obsessed with the Situation in Gaza while It Ignores the Real Tragedies in the World

"The world is endlessly obsessed with a murky strip of coast, of no value whatsoever, the home of some 1.5 million [people] living in Palestinian refugee camps dispersed [throughout it] – that is, the Gaza Strip, which was taken over by a group of terrorists named the Hamas movement.

"[This obsession contrasts with] the terrible silence, lack of consideration, and indifference that has overcome the world... with regard to more important and more valuable [issues] that merit attention far more than this murky piece of land called the Gaza Strip. Let us look together at the following examples:

  • "The Darfur conflict, which broke out in 2003 and which has produced 300,000 dead and 27 million refugees – the handiwork of the Janjaweed units, supported by the Sudanese central government, under the leadership of 'Omar Al-Bashir, who is wanted by the [International Criminal] Court for war crimes.
  • "The Arab Ahwaz province, whose eight million inhabitants are oppressed, repressed, and tyrannized by the totalitarian Persian regime that controls Tehran. The Al-Ahwaz Arabs [are also subjected] daily to the executions of their young men and women among the mujahedeen [movement], who oppose the loathsome Persian occupation. If the brave Arab fighters of Ahwaz received half of the funds given to Fatah and other organizations with the ostensible aim of liberating Palestine, they could have already freed the Arab Ahwaz province from the Persian occupation.
  • "Are not the [three] islands belonging to the UAE that are under the Iranian Persian dictatorship's occupation worthy of more attention than Gaza and its residents?
  • "The spiraling human crisis in Kyrgyzstan and the ethnic violence there that has caused the deaths of some 200 people so far, and is pushing this republic to all-out civil war.
  • "Southern Kordofan province, in Sudan, and the clashes between the rival sides that have caused terrible violence, expulsion, and exodus are more worthy of the world's interest than Gaza, which receives exclusive attention.
  • "The West Bank and its cities, and all that is happening there under international [media] blackout – while the Gaza Strip and the terrorist Hamas are always in the spotlight. Why?"

Humanitarian Efforts Are a Front for Terrorism

"These are just a few mere examples – and there is more proof beyond that. All of it confirms that global attention is indeed directed by many of the defeatists and interested parties that seek to create an illusion among the masses that the situation in Gaza is tragic, and that there is no choice but to remove the siege on it by land, sea, or air... and that there is also no choice but to dispatch flotillas in order to remove the siege and to ease the suffering of Gaza's residents. Some of these defeatists and interested parties are constantly trying to use the slogan 'removal of the siege on Gaza' for political and media [purposes], and to exploit it for the benefit of their own private goals.

"Israel is aware of the truth behind these attempts, which are headed by several supporters of global terrorism; it retains the right [to employ] strategic security means. Like any other country in the world, it is exposed to the danger of global terrorism, and actively fights and confronts it, trying to prove to the world's wise men that it is facing an existential danger and attempting to protect its security, its land, and its people.

"In any event, the global exaggeration, which is headed by some of the defeatists and interested parties attempting to create an illusion among the public that the situation in Gaza is tragic, that the distress is great, and that there is a need for feverish action to remove the siege on it, will be revealed as a tool of fraud, and the events that follow will reveal the [true] intents and goals of the defeatists and the commoners who achieved fame. [Then] these ongoing supposed humanitarian efforts will be diverted from their false goal – that is, 'pacifist global humanist purposes' – [and will show their true colors of] violence, terrorism, extremism, and rigidity.

"[In the meantime,] the Gaza Strip, controlled by the defeated terrorist Hamas movement, will continue to be a fertile womb abounding with terrorism, and a hothouse for budding terrorists and fresh recruits. The Hamas terrorists will continue to control the hundreds of tunnels that reach from Egyptian soil to Gaza, through which they bring into the Terror Strip everything they can think of, [including] ordinary goods, weapons, and goods that are considered contraband all over the world. And where is the ostensible tragic situation and great suffering?"


[1] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 3007, "Kuwaiti Journalist: The Flotilla Was Violent; Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself," June 8, 2010, Kuwaiti Journalist: The Flotilla Was Violent; Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself.

[2] Al-Watan (Kuwait), June 19, 2010.

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