October 20, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6192

Kuwaiti Columnist: Israel Has The Right To Defend Itself Against Palestinian Knife Terrorism

October 20, 2015
Kuwait, Palestine | Special Dispatch No. 6192

On October 18, 2015, Kuwaiti journalist 'Abdallah Al-Hadlaq published an unusual article in the official Kuwaiti daily Al-Watan harshly condemning the "Palestinian knife terrorism" and the "incitement" by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud 'Abbas. Israel, he stated, has the right to defend itself and also to kill the Palestinian assailants, even if they are women and children. Al-Hadlaq also attacked the international community for not taking Israel's side and for failing to support this right. He concluded his article with the promise that the Israeli truth would eventually win out and overcome the Palestinian lie. However, following highly negative reactions, Al-Watan was forced to remove the article from its website.

This is not the first time that Al-Hadlaq has expressed support for Israel. Previously, he published several articles supportive of Israel and sharply critical of Iran and Hamas. For this reason, he was included in the 2009 blacklist of Arab writers who support Israel and oppose the resistance axis that was published by pro-resistance axis Arab newspapers and websites.[1]

Below is a translation of Al-Hadlaq's article:

Al-Hadlaq's article on the Al-Watan website prior to its removal

"Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas must stop the incitement to hatred and condemn the attacks targeting Israelis. [He must do] this given the upsurge in stabbing incidents against Israelis in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities.

"As Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said, the Palestinian knife terrorism will not vanquish Israel.

"In view of the intensification of the crimes carried out by the Palestinians - their knife terrorism against Israeli soldiers and attempts to seize their weapons, as well as crimes against innocent civilians - Israel has a right to defend itself and kill the Palestinian terrorists, whatever their age, whether they are children, adolescents, men, or women.

"It is embarrassing that the international community remains silent, like the dead, in confronting Palestinian crimes against Israelis, the continued series of stabbings against them, and the escalation of Palestinian knife terrorism. This same international community denies Israel's legitimate right to defend itself, its people, and its citizens.

"The State of Israel will continue to exist, and the Palestinian knife terrorism will not frighten it; the scattered Palestinian refugee camps are temporary. [This is because] despite the international community's negligence [in that it does not] support Israel's [right] to defend itself, its people, and its army, we are talking about the Palestinian lie versus the clear, open, Israeli truth.

"Thus, the Israeli truth will win, although only a few support it, and the Palestinian lie will be defeated, even though many cheer it."


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