October 11, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8313

Kurdish Writer: With His Decision To Allow Turkey To Operate In Syria Against The Kurds, Trump, The 'Avaricious Merchant' And The 'Megalomaniac,' Is Sacrificing His Kurdish Allies

October 11, 2019
Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 8313

Responding to the decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw U.S. forces from northeast Syria, following which Turkey launched a military operation against the Kurds who were allies of the U.S. in the fight against ISIS, Kurdish writer Sarbast Bamarni penned a scathing attack on President Trump and his decision. In his column on the reformist website, Bamarni accused the president of "unbalanced" behavior that had turned the U.S. into a paper tiger. Warning that not just the Kurdish people would be harmed by his decision but that the entire world would be as well, he said that it "reopens the door to the return of global terror," allowing it to again "dispatch its suicide squads to Europe."

The Turkish people, he said, will pay the price for Turkish President Erdogan's dream of wiping out the Kurdish people and restoring the Ottoman Empire, and the U.S. would forfeit its global credibility entirely. He went on to stress that the Kurdish nation will "fight tooth and nail to defend its existence and its country."[1] 

Sarbast Bamarni (Image: April 13, 2016)

Below are excerpts from Bamarni's column:

"Anyone thinking that the people in Kurdistan will be the only loser because of the flaccid decision by the American president to withdraw from western Kurdistan and hand it over to Turkish President Erdogan is mistaken. The losers due to this foolish decision will be the entire civilized world and the international anti-terror coalition, as it reopens the door to the return of global terror that will recover and return to action, and will once again impose its hegemony on the region and dispatch its suicide squads to Europe. The biggest loser will be the U.S. itself, for by the very act of taking this decision, it loses the last fig leaf of its credibility... and henceforth no one will count on her and her false claims regarding [the importance] of democracy and human rights.

"Another [party] that will lose is the Turkish people, beset by a disaster in the shape of Erdogan, who seeks to push his people into the quagmire of interminable war against the Kurdish people. [This,] in order to run away from the domestic problems that enfeeble his absolute rule, to accomplish his racist, fantastical, and sick dreams to wipe out the Kurdish people and alter the national reality by settling three million Syrian refugees [there], and to expand regionally, restore the Ottoman Sultanate, and check the democratic experience in the Kurdistan-Iraq region, before they [the Turks] are rid of him. This man [Erdogan] does not hide the fact that he is an enemy to the Kurds wherever they may be, at a time that the Turkish public suffers under his [absolute] rule and dictatorship [while] he eliminates his opponents with utmost cruelty, and the country sinks deeper and deeper into the shifting sands of the approaching economic disaster.

"Undoubtedly, the Kurdish people – aware that since the accursed Sykes-Picot Treaty they [have become] a legitimate target for murder and extermination by their country's occupiers, who have sacrificed thousands of victims and righteous martyrs in south and west Kurdistan, and who have saved the world from the most evil terror – will fight tooth and nail to defend their existence and their country. It is plausible that Kurdistan will become a second Vietnam for the invading aggressor forces... Every racist attack will come at a high cost [for the Turks], but will [also] threaten regional peace and security, and will destroy international efforts to solve its [the region's] problems.

"What is truly saddening is that the U.S. is headed by a president like Trump, an avaricious merchant is unfamiliar with history who thinks that the national problem of four million Kurds consists of fighting between their tribes and the Turks and nothing more. This man excels as a megalomaniac – in [expressing] contradictory and ill-considered positions, in sacrificing his country's allies on the altar of his interminable profit-seeking ambitions, and in hurling puerile accusations with unparalleled impudence at the Kurds who are fighting terror... [He does this] instead of voicing respect for their heroic and major role in the struggle against global terror. All [these] positions by the American president and others like them have turned the U.S. into a true paper tiger, despite its nuclear claws...

"Kurdistan has people experienced in struggles against crazed waves of extermination, and they will defend their country. It will be to everyone's benefit if matters do not develop into all-out war –for a war against the people of Kurdistan is not [just] another picnic."


[1], October 10, 2019.

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