August 4, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 547

King Faysal University Professor: Jews Consider Iraq Part of Greater Israel

August 4, 2003
Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 547

On July 19, 2003, the Saudi daily Al-Watan published an article by Dr. Umayma Ahmad Al-Jalahma, [1]who is described by the paper as a professor at King Faysal University. The following are excerpts from the article, titled "The Jewish Agency Scenario Repeats Itself:" [2]

'The Jewish Agency Scenario Repeats Itself'

"…Let the facts speak for themselves. The Jewish rabbis recently issued a Fatwa [sic] stating that 'Iraq is part of Greater Israel.' The authors of that Fatwa issued calls to the Jewish troops annexed to the American and British forces, whose number barely exceeds 2,000, to recite a special prayer whenever they begin to erect a tent or build anything on Iraqi soil west of the Euphrates, specifically, because such regions are in their view part of the land of Greater Israel. This clarification was made by Rabbi Nahima Hahuri [3] [sic] and it is incumbent upon these [Jewish] soldiers, when they see Babylon, [to act] according to the ruling of the Jewish religion and say: 'Blessed are Thou, Oh Lord, King of the Universe, who demolished the evil Babylon.'"

"I do not believe that these rituals, which are carried out by the Jewish soldiers, who were ordered to carry them out by their clerics, are compatible with Sharon's ridiculous call for the immigration of 50 Iraqi Jews who have preferred (and Allah knows best), to remain under the despotic rule of Saddam rather than emigrate to the [Palestinian] occupied territories."

"Indeed, the Jewish Agency, which sets as one of its main goals the provision of material and all other kinds of support to the Jews of the world, is currently striving, even before security is fully established in Iraq, that Jews be present in occupied Iraq, with the aim of anticipating the realization of the hope of Greater Israel. It [i.e. the Jewish Agency] has made efforts to organize tourist groups for Jews to visit Iraq, even before the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, and more precisely, before the actual beginning of the fighting. [These visits], as was emphasized by analysts, were for the purpose of taking control of Iraqi territory, especially since the miserable human condition of Iraqi citizens - who can barely find their daily bread - leaves the way open for the realization of expansionist Zionist goals."

'Suspicious Zionist Moves on Iraqi Soil'

"This has been underlined by current events: There have been suspicious Zionist moves on Iraqi soil, and especially in Baghdad. Recently, a Zionist family of Iraqi origin arrived [in Iraq] with the support of the Jewish Agency – and it was noticed by the people of Iraq that it was not a tourist visit, as they [i.e. the Jews] claimed. They immediately applied themselves to buying up dozens of buildings and large lots, in various parts of Iraq, especially such places which, as they claim, have Jewish traces. For this purpose they spend, what according to specialists in the sale of Iraqi real estate, are astronomical sums."

"The strange thing about this [Jewish] trend is that these [real estate] transactions took place despite the fact that the government departments of land registration in Iraq were not functioning. So here we have a nagging question, which is related to the substance of the reasons behind the insistence of the Jewish Agency for the Jewish purchasing of Iraqi real estate, and under what conditions, and in these unofficial ways."

"What is going on today on Iraqi soil reminds us of the Zionist Jewish scenario in occupied Palestine with poor Palestinians, under the protection of the British occupation, in the early 20th century, before the setback of 1948 – namely, their [i.e. the Jews'] purchasing of Arab land at prices that appeared tempting to its Arab owners who unfortunately at that time were unaware of the fundamental goal behind the Jewish zeal to settle in the Palestinian lands."

"It is this policy which is now undoubtedly [being carried out] by the Jewish Agency and by those who follow the same course. This is what they have actually undertaken, on a greater scale, in Iraq. Implementing it today in occupied Iraq is no more difficult than it was yesterday in occupied Palestine, because Palestine was, at that time, occupied by the preferred ally of the Jews – Britain, the empire on which the sun never sets. Today the Jews have found an ally superior in power and tyranny to the ally of yesterday, having rid themselves of yesterday's ally, whose power was exhausted and whose body was worn down by age, after it had become totally controlled by them [the Jews], devoid of free will."

'Awaken… Before We Discover That Dirty Hands Have Already Strangled Us'

"Yes, they strive to purchase Iraqi land from its owners, and they intend to deepen the roots of Jewish settlement in Iraqi soil, under the American flag. I fear that they will actually realize this goal by freely giving money to the impoverished, destitute people of Iraq, who cannot find a way to end the days of famine, the days of misery and poverty, which have consumed everything."

[1] Dr. Al-Jalahma first received attention for a blood libel article written by her which was published bythe Saudi daily Al-Riyadh in March 2002. See:

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[2] Al-Watan (Saudi Arabia), July 19, 2003.

[3] Most likely an erroneous transcription of Nehemya Tehori.

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