January 27, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 6759

Khamenei Associate Mehdi Taeb: 'The Jews... Are The Only Ones Who Need Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Order To Rule The World – Because There Are 1.4 Billion Muslims And None Of Them Agree To Jewish Supremacy'

January 27, 2017
Special Dispatch No. 6759

In speeches and lectures that have been uploaded to the Internet in the past year, Mehdi Taeb, who directs the Ammar Strategic Base that advises Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has expressed antisemitic views. In his statements, Taeb has claimed that the Jews aim to control the world and therefore are obligated to kill anyone who is not willing to accept this control, particularly Muslims. He reiterated the antisemitic canard about the Jews controlling the global economy and the media, and stated that they hatch plots and sow division, strife and wars, especially among Muslims, in addition to creating and taking advantage of terrorism worldwide so as to ensure their global dominance. The Jews, he implied, even have power over God Himself. He urged his audience to awaken and act against the Jews, as instructed in the Koran, and to remove the cancerous growth of Israel, as commanded by the father of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

This report will focus on two of Taeb's speeches, a 2011 audio recording[1] and a 2014 video,[2] that in the past few months have been posted online several times. The 2011 recording is part of a series of lectures by Taeb, and the 2014 clip is from a Friday sermon in which he referred to a video of statements by an Israeli rabbi with bogus Farsi subtitles added as "proof" of anti-Shi'ite Jewish plots and terrorist actions aimed at preventing the Mahdi – the Hidden Imam, who is the Shi'ite Messiah – from coming to save the world from the Jews.

Mehdi Taeb (image:

Taeb In "Know Your Enemy" Lectures: "No One In The World Wants To Control It As Badly As The Jew, Who Says 'Either Be My Servant Or Be Destroyed'"

In an hour-long audio recording dated September 23, 2011, which was part of a lecture series titled "Know Your Enemy," Taeb explained why the Koran warned about the Jews and their global role. The Jews, he said, have special capabilities and they are using them to take over the world. To this end, the Jews have divided the world's population into three categories: themselves, destined to control the world; another group, destined to serve the Jews; and a third group, comprising those who oppose Jewish rule, and which the Jews are working to exterminate. The Jews need atom bombs and weapons of mass destruction to destroy those who oppose them – that is, 1.4 billion Muslims – and they did not establish the State of Israel before conducting a nuclear test.

"He added that the Jews were keeping the Mahdi from arriving, saying: "The Koran speaks much of the Jews, and often warns about them... Surat Al-Maida [the fifth Surah of the Koran]... states that the Jews are your worst enemy... This surah says that you will ultimately realize this, whether you like it or not, but that if you are willing [to understand] and to avoid [falling for the Jewish deceit], then you will be saved. However, if you are remiss and are not willing [to understand], then one day they [the Jews] will awaken you. In the end, being remiss regarding [the Jews] will also bring about [your] awakening... but after you awaken, you will find yourselves in a grave already dug [for you] by the Jews... Why does the Koran warn so about the Jews? Why is it said that the world is a pawn in the hands of the Jews? ... The reason the Koran warns so about the Jews is because they have [special] capabilities, and are the most hostile to us [Muslims, more so than] others. The Jews also know how to attack better than anyone else. They are No. 1 in four ways, and that is why Islam states that we must confront them...

"The Jews want the entire world [for themselves], saying 'the whole world belongs to us' and 'God gave it to us and He cannot take it back.' If you think about the Star of David, you will realize that the Jews want... to take over the world in three stages: The first stage is Jerusalem... the second stage is from the Nile to the Euphrates, and the third stage is the whole world. The Star of David has six points. This symbol is meant to shine in the [Jewish] Temple [in Jerusalem]. Its two upper lines symbolize [the territory] from the Nile to the Euphrates, [and once they control that] then the six points of the Star of David will spread across the world and connect up with each other... in controlling the whole world.

"They have divided humanity into three categories... The first class is the Jews, who are supposed to conquer the world... and as long as they do not take over the entire world, God's hands are tied... The second class is those who are not descendants of Jacob, but who agree that the Jews are the first class... These people are entitled to live, but must serve the Children of Israel... The third class is those who are not Children of Israel and who do not agree to the supremacy of the Children of Israel, and reject their rule... The Talmud [of the Jews] states that such people should be killed as cheaply as possible – [that is], if you can kill them with a rock, don't kill him with a sword, because that will dull the blade...

"According to this, under the global Jewish regime, the Muslims need to be killed... Who needs an atom bomb? ... The Jews! They are the only ones who need weapons of mass destruction in order to control the world, because there are 1.4 billion Muslims and none of them agree to Jewish supremacy... In order to control the world, the Jews must kill 1.4 billion Muslims... and therefore need atom bombs... Until the Jews carried out an atomic bomb test, they did not establish the State of Israel... No one in the world wants to control it as badly as the Jew, who says 'Either be my servant or be destroyed'... For 3,000 years, the Jews have been preparing the ground for this. Today, the world's wealth is in Jewish hands... The world hates the Americans because of their relationship with the Zionists...

"The Imam [Khomeini] once said that the Jews say Iran purchased weapons from Israel – because [the Jews] know how lowly they are, and how they are hated, and know that anyone with a connection to Israel will be hated as well. They want Iran to be hated, so they say that it purchased weapons from Israel...

"America is not severing ties with Israel because 80% of American wealth belongs to Israel... Wherever there is fire and fighting in the world, such as in India and Pakistan, the reason for it should be investigated among the Jews. The same goes for Africa...

"Because three years ago Jacques Chirac supported Hizbullah, the Jews are causing chaos in France, so as to make trouble for him... If you Muslims want the Imam Mahdi to arrive, you must remove this stumbling block [to his arrival] – that is, the Jews... In order to control the world, the Jews create chaos...That is why it is said that the world is a pawn in the hands of the Jews...

"In order for you Muslims to attain world domination, you must remove this cancerous growth... That is why the Imam Khomeini said that Israel should be removed from the map of the world...

"The Koran said that the Jews must pay the jizya [poll tax], must deliver it with both hands, and must also present themselves [to the Muslim authorities] every week – because if you leave the Jews alone, they will scheme."

Taeb On Video Of Israeli Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak And "The Jewish Deceit": "This Is The First Time A Clip Of A Jewish Rabbi In A Jewish Synagogue Was Leaked... He Says That [The Jews] Should Do Something So That They [The Shi'ites] Cannot Bring Their Imam Mahdi"

A video dated July 18, 2014 and posted online several times in recent months shows Taeb giving a Friday sermon in which he refers to a July 8, 2014 video of Israeli rabbi Amnon Yitzhak giving a speech to a Jewish audience. Although in the video the rabbi is discussing the biblical story of Abraham's hospitality to three visitors in Chapter 18 of Genesis, the Farsi subtitles show him talking about Jewish plans to sow divisions among the Shi'ites so as to delay the arrival of the Mahdi. Taeb says that the rabbi's statements prove that a Jewish trick is preventing the arrival of the Mahdi.

Following are Taeb's statements to his audience of worshippers about what he claims the rabbi is saying:

"The Koran states that the worst hostility towards the [Muslim] believers comes from the Jews... That is, if the Imam Mahdi cannot arrive, it is because of them. 'Go break his [the Jew's] hands'...

"This is the first time a clip of a Jewish rabbi in a Jewish synagogue has been leaked. He gives a speech, and [in it] says that [the Jews] should do something so that they [the Shi'ites] are not able to bring their Imam Mahdi [because the Jews fear]... that if their Imam Mahdi arrives, he will dismantle our entire [Jewish] enterprise...

"[This rabbi says:] We [Jews] created Sarkhi[3] so that [the Shi'ites] would be preoccupied. We promote world soccer, so do something in order for them [the Shi'ites] to be preoccupied with soccer, sports, and the like. Do something so that they fail and turn on each other...

"This [speech by the rabbi] reveals that they [the Jews] created ISIS so that we are preoccupied with each other and so that the coming of the Imam Mahdi will be delayed. These are the explicit statements by that Jewish rabbi."

To watch the video, click the player below. For the translation of the Farsi subtitles, see Appendix A; for a translation of Amnon Yitzhak's actual statements in the relevant segment, see Appendix B.

APPENDIX A: Translation Of Farsi Subtitles Added To July 8, 2014 Clip Of Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak

"It is absolutely necessary to distance the Shi'a in Iraq from extremist elements, as well as from thoughts of assisting their co-religionists [elsewhere], as well as from the faith written in their books, and from their Imam Mahdi who [is supposed] to fight us – so that they [the Shi'ites] cannot help him [the Mahdi] in the end times.

"Therefore, a source [of religious guidance] must be created, in order to divert them [the Shi'ites] from their religion and faith, and keep them preoccupied with games, and lead them in the direction of sporting events. [Exploiting] their love of soccer is very important right now.

"Mahmud Al-Sarkhi, our agent in Iraq, whose projects we generally rely on – after Mahmoud Al-Sarkhi was assassinated, his brother became our agent, and we made him a mirror image of his brother. And his stupid friends confirmed that he was [indeed Sarkhi] himself, after we trained him, and now he attacks everyone to create division.

"I ask you to log onto Facebook, spread his words and attacks, and become his disciples."

APPENDIX B: Translation Of Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak's Statements

"It's possible to enjoy this world and live a good and happy life, even in materialistic terms, but with blessings. You can eat delicious food and say a blessing over it, drink a delicious beverage and say a blessing over it. You can have fun, dance and celebrate – but always with a blessing, while [following the] religious commandments. Everything, even the most material things, can be [used as a chance to follow the] religious commandments. When our father Abraham hosted [the three visitors], he stood there, 99 years old, in the heat of the day, after his circumcision. It was the third day after the circumcision, which is the most painful. To make him go back into his tent [God] made the sun come out [and shine hot], but [Abraham] did not go back in. He sees three Arabians, who were [really] angels, approaching him. They looked like heathen Arabians to him, [yet] he invited into his home. He ran over to his cattle, slaughtered [a calf], did everything to be hospitable. He showed them charity, that is the Jewish [way]. What did he feed them? Three tongues of oxen in mustard. He took tongues from three oxen. [He could have] taken one tongue and divided it into three, because it is large, [but] no, he was 100% charitable. You know what was happening at the time? When those Arabians arrived, the Lord was with [Abraham]. 'The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent.'"



[1], September 23, 2011; translation starts at 26:00.

[2], July 18, 2014.

[3] Apparently a reference to Mahmud Al-Hasani al-Sarkhi, an Iraqi Shia cleric in Iraq whose followers attacked the Iranian consulate in Basra in protest over criticism of their leader that was broadcast on Iranian television.

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