August 3, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9478

Kentucky Islamic Scholar Omar Zaid: President Biden Is A Mental Case, Wicked, Evil; The U.S. Needs Good Men To Kill The Right People; We Need A Coup, Regionalization Under Military Authority; Hollywood Prophesized Mask Mandates In Zombie Movies

August 3, 2021
United States | Special Dispatch No. 9478

Islamic scholar Omar Zaid, who recently relocated to Liberty, Kentucky, from Thailand, said that U.S. President Joe Biden is a "mental case" and "wicked, evil, and selfish." He made his remarks in an interview with Omar Baloch (see MEMRI TV clips nos. 8966, 7989, 7656, and 7053) on his YouTube channel on July 24, 2021. Zaid further said: "If good men do not pick up the gun and kill the right people, the powers that be are going to force a sort of pseudo civil war." He added that what the U.S. really needs is not a civil war but a coup, with regionalization under military authority.

Zaid also said that people who ignore scientific evidence and enforce mask mandates are like takfiris, "they become zombies," and that Hollywood prophesized this zombie-like behavior in the zombie movies produced over the last two or three decades.

According to his website, Dr. Omar Zaid is a retired emergency room physician from Pennsylvania who converted to Islam from Christianity in 2004 and has dedicated his life to researching the "occult societies" behind the present "World dis-Order." For more about Omar Zaid, see MEMRI TV clip no 8215.

To view the clip of Kentucky Islamic Scholar Omar Zaid click here or below.

People Who Wear Masks Are Like Zombies Who Lost Their Reason And Eat Your Freedom; This Was Prophesizes By Hollywood

Omar Zaid: "When people ignore scientific evidence, and they just blindly obey – this is what taqfiri – they've lost their reason. They've lost their capacity to think independently and individually, and so they become zombies. That's what they're doing. And when someone wearing a mask refuses to allow you a privilege that is yours by divine right then they are eating you. They are eating your privilege. They are eating your freedom, you see. So, you've got a nation of zombies now, and that was prophesized. Hollywood made no qualms about it, they just put it out there now for two decades.


"They've been around for two or three decades, these zombie things, and that's just the next development of vampirism because vampirism is eating the other one in order to survive. That's what it is, and it's the evil entity eating, you know, whatever victim they can get their teeth into. So, that's what zombiehood is doing.


President Biden Is A "Mental Case... Wicked, Evil, And Selfish"

"We've got the worst of the worst, I mean Joe Biden, he's a mental case, this man. He's no longer in his right mind. He hasn't been in his right mind for a number of years. Not only that, he's wicked, evil, and selfish and so is his son, and they're in the seats of power. And Americans have gladly voted them into power, which shows you how mindless the countries become.


Good Men Should "Pick Up The Gun And Kill The Right People"; "We Need A Coup"

"I'm just trying to sum this up with the zombie thing you see, rather than go into all the details. The details would just get lost in there. But what's going to happen is that if good men do not pick up the gun and kill the right people, the powers that be are going to force a sort of pseudo-civil war because – well we don't need a civil war. A civil war is no good for anybody. What we need is a coup, you see. We need a coup, and we need regionalization under a military authority immediately after the coup."

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